Interesting times

Interesting times

Every morning I, like you, arise and start the day. We conduct our daily routines and start the trek to work or set about our chores around the house as I do because I’m retired and my avocation is writing on matters political both foreign and domestic. Because of this I have a diverse reading list allowing for interesting observations about how nations and people viewed the actions occurring in their lives. Their actions make them who they are and how they’re seen in history.

There’s an old Asian saying specifically warns us with its cryptic irony: “May you live in interesting times.” We must understand this has come true. We live in “interesting times”.

They’re made interesting by the fact we’re seeing a once powerful and conscientious nation has been pulled down from within by people who said they were going to pull it down: and the American people have done nothing. Hell! Some people even applauded the actions taken by fascistic players in our system and surreptitiously fostered by alleged conservatives more progressive than not.
There’s a commercial airing on TV now makes mention of people going “nose blind” because they’ve become inured by the constant and continual experience of offensive odors to the point they don’t notice they exist. It’s like having a cat litter box in your house and no longer noticing it needs changing because you’re accustomed to it being there.

America’s gone “nose blind”. It can’t smell the odor of its necrotizing ideals, values and standards of national principles. Americans placed their governing bodies on auto-pilot and expected it to develop a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI would be all-knowing and cognizant of the wishes, drives and desires of people put it in place every two to six years.

There’s a new element of computer science developing AI. But government isn’t a machine. It’s conducted by human individuals brought together to direct governmental policy and procedure so people benefit. But, we’ve seen it’s a select few benefiting from the conduct of government. Special interests, Non-Governmental Operations (NGO); friends and family of Representatives and Senators and other Bureaucrats have contracts pushed their way. Everybody gets a piece of this turkey we call government.

The bad part is this turkey is rotted from within. The meat’s tainted, but the flavor’s acceptable to a point because of the “seasoning” these amateur sous-chefs serve in a delightfully artistic presentation. The presentation’s designed to whet the appetite of the uninvolved and bring them to the table. Tell a man often enough he’s a gourmand because he hungrily gobbles the dish from his hunger for better representation at the table, and you change his perception of himself from merely being hungry to misperceiving himself as a connoisseur of fine foods.

But you do create an avid follower. And his progeny, if allowed a place at this diseased banquet will follow his mentor’s example. He’ll ingest what he’s taught to believe and advance it to his progeny and you get to the “interesting times” we endure now.

Our so called leaders, men and women with personal agendas are acting as “servers”. They shovel the pigswill they feel we’re only deserving of because so many accept it as sustenance after awhile. What we become accustomed to is what we come to expect and accept, rather than protest and be removed from the trough.

Yes; we live in interesting times. Obama wants a legacy. He sees capitulation and submission to any and all former and present nations who are antagonistic to our national interests as a way to change America. The problem resides in the fact the changes he sees as beneficial are totally and completely antithetical to the design, structure and future existence of the main democratic republic on the planet. Every action this man commits is a crime against the designs and efforts to maintain freedom and conduction of the American Song meant to be sung by a free people executing control over their government.

Yes. We live in “interesting times”. But are those times good for us? It only says “interesting”; never does it reference it as being good.
Thanks for listening

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TRy to have a good day…

Try to have a good day…

As this is written an American held captive by Cuba has been released from prison. He’s in the United States and safe from any more privations executed against him by the Communist Regime held their own people in captivity since 1959. We say “welcome home”. We wish Mr. Alan Gross a speedy recovery from his imprisonment and a more speedy recovery from his health issues.

To Mr. Obama, who’s been noted by Senator Marco Rubio(D-Florida) as possibly the worst negotiator conducting foreign policy since Jimmy Carter (and possibly the history of the nation) has already given up three spies for the one citizen. Now, as I sit in the comfort of my home, clad only in my pajamas, I hear we’ll (read Obama unilaterally) will seek to “normalize” relations with the communist state of Cuba. Raoul Castro and by association with his brother Fidel, has won their particular chapter of the Cold War; finally.

Is it just me or has anybody else noted Obama is kissing the collective a$$es of any and all enemies of the United States? He kowtows to the Saudi King. He sends his human equivalent to the Disney character Goofy© to appeal to the kinder, gentler side of Iran’s Ayatollah to play nice; to stop declaring fatwas against his fat a$$ and play nice in the Arabian sandbox with Israel. Obama has ceded de facto control of the Crimean area of Ukraine and in general placed in question if he has any cojones at all.

It’s apparent he has no particular acumen for foreign policy other than to follow the golden rule: look at what your predecessors did and then do exactly the opposite. Because of this, America has its lowest approval ratings among civilized countries since 1774. Burundi and Lesotho feel they have greater respect than we.

Obama was resoundingly criticized for giving away five (5) high-level Al Qaeda operatives for one (1) alleged American deserter. This was after Obama learned the alleged deserters’ parents were converts to Islam, the religio/political gang known hilariously as Obama’s “religion of peace”.
Now, we have this.

My fear is this dip wad will eventually declare the Constitution null & void and then deny the Declaration of Independence as not valid so he may give back all lands and titles formerly the property of the King and people of the United Kingdom. With what this jerk has done to America closely resembles what he’s allowed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pull out before the job is done and leave the arena; you got what you wanted, even though it was a premature pull-out. No wonder Michelle looks so chapped all the time; the guy never hangs around long enough to properly finish anything.
“Ride it hard, put it up wet and give it lots of cold water to drink until it’s full!” This is a really fast and cruel way to kill a horse in the heat of the day. And as we’re in the heat of the day (metaphorically and politically speaking) Obama seems to be ready to accomplish his goal of transforming America. He’s damned near at the point of destroying it as we know it today.

This will be a short column today. I have to stop or the verbiage will prove unprintable and unpublishable outside of a Democrat Party hand-out written by Nancy Pelosi and issued by hand by Harry Reid.

Try to have a good day. Stay safe and mourn the soon to be passing of the American Sugar Industry. That’ll be the next thing to die if Obama normalizes relations with Cuba.
Thanks for listening

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Failure to communicate

Failure to communicate

Recently I attended a meeting of a conservative political group and was astounded by the debate conducted by the participants. As I’ve recently gotten a set of hearing aids to prevent that non-communicative and almost hostile exclamation of “HANH!?” whenever I couldn’t understand what was just said; it was a pain in the a@# to have everybody apparently shouting at each other. I say “apparently” because I still haven’t gotten used to the volume control of these things. Up, down, up, down. It’s comical I’m sure to see me tapping myself in the side of my head while muttering oaths to and promises I’ll use a sandblaster to clean the wax out of the cavernous reaches of my cranium.

In any event it was a spirited conversation with one of our number wanting to call out everybody who voted for the “CRomnibus” Bill they said would prevent the government from shutting down. This government shutdown would cause no great problem because government does little to nothing when it comes right down to it. Don’t believe it? Look at recent history and remember the overwhelming nothingness executed under Obama’s direction to assure veterans couldn’t go to open-air memorials, business was conducted on auto-pilot and politicians screamed as though stabbed in the gut with a sharpened stick. Republicans protested; Democrats pointed their fingers with glee and indicated it was the Republican’s fault and America sat back and said: “WTF? Again?”

It meant nothing then. I means more now because the House and Senate; Republicans and Democrats alike have saddled us with another 1.1 Trillion dollar operating budget to be tacked onto our debt of 18 Trillion dollars. Now, some know-it-all will make a statement that it was the GDP or the CIA or the Las Vegas Men’s Glee Club (LVMGC) or some other adulteration of political double-speak indicating the responsibility shift for payment onto our progeny over the next 15 thousand years of social misdirection and it wasn’t National Debt.

I don’t care. The Republican Party was in cahoots with the Democrats and we got screwed again: finished business; that’s my final answer.
One of the guys wanted to call the offending personnel, people who were endorsed and advanced as fiscal conservatives before the people: traitors. He said they were traitors and liars and he wanted the offending political hacks labeled as such and excoriated for their villainy. Another respected member wanted to remember people don’t like being called names and that the “brand” of the group we were attendant at was already known as being nothing but whack-jobs, nutcases and racist, nasty, old white guys petulantly shaking their fists at those they found unappreciative of their efforts to save the nation. He felt, because treason is a capital crime worthy of a death sentence when accomplished during war, the term “traitor” shouldn’t be used. He believed it would hurt the “brand” more than anything else.

As the group is already “branded” I ask: what’s it matter? The group is noted for loudly protesting the status quo and rejecting the Politically Correct as being not only disingenuous (fancy-schmancy verbiage for a lie) but it can be used actively to conceal agendas and advance them. If you spend all of your time being sure you offend nobody you actively offend decency and integrity in your thoughts and actions.

I agree with the man wanted to call them traitors. These people are acting contradictory to their stated oaths of office to support and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. While some would say that’s not treason it does make them frauds and liars. They fraudulently took and stated an oath, they lied under that oath and they work assiduously and constantly to undermine the base tenets of that great document. They betrayed us in favor of self-service and political chicanery.

All of the honeyed and reasoned speeches, explanations and plaintive begging for understanding there’s a greater strategy which can’t be disclosed right now, if we’ll only trust their better judgment leads us to spit their ignominy in the pigsty where they need to be thrown.

Occasionally, when you have children just don’t listen; you need to get their attention. In the words of the warden in Cool Hand Luke ©: “What we’ve got here is… failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it… well, he gets it. I don’t like it any more than you men”.

Some men you just can’t reach. So it’s time to call them what they are no matter how badly it makes some people feel.
Thanks for listening

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The immorality of war

The immorality of war

I don’t understand the so-called immorality of fighting a war with the same intensity and conviction as those who’d wage war against us. This call to stand on a “higher, more moral Plain” and conduct as a nation really disturbs me. I guess it’s because I’ve witnessed man’s barbarism against his fellow man for no better reason than he doesn’t like the way you pray, who you pray to and what you want to result from those prayers. Morality is a concept susceptible to the interpretation of the individual and/or his tribe. Islam differs greatly from Christianity but both have moral codes.
We have journalists asking presidential talking heads to explain their moral authority to wage war using specific tactics while merely paying lip-service to the tactics our enemies use to direct terrorism induced fear and revulsion. Why is a drone strike or waterboarding (Enhanced Interrogation Techniques – EIT) morally reprehensible where the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, Boko Haram (and the many subsets of terrorist organization) aren’t allowed to be addressed with the same ferocity and dedication. The leaders make indignant protests that are self-serving and disingenuous at best and a lie in reality.

Throughout history, people have taken Jesus Christ’s statement in Mathew 5:39: “But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also” and used it as a convenient excuse to place themselves on that higher plain when they personally are in no jeopardy of being slapped.

But for those living under the threat of and within the historic and present reality of conflict and murder, where they witness the killing of their children and communities, it’s a very real and different situation. The personal sting of a slap in the face pales in the presence of your child’s corpse, the death of thousands of innocents killed for no other reason they can’t recite a Qu’ranic tract because it’s unknown to them and the understanding you remain in jeopardy only because you still live is devastating. It creates a desire for vengeance because violence directed at your enemies that matches the ferocity of their attack teaches many they don’t want a repeat of an attack may prove costly to them.

Fools like Obama, Feinstein, Pelosi, Reid and any other Republican based sob-sisters agreeing with them, need to understand there are those in this world want to test their moral high ground. They want to assault those vaunted heights and tear apart the community they take shelter in. It’s a shelter won’t stop a bullet or prevent a letter bomb from exploding or a jihadist exploding a bomb beneath a school bus someplace. You can’t negotiate with a person about to decapitate you.

Ghandi and Martin Luther King (and so many others truly believing in the pacifist way of addressing violence in the world) have suffered the murderous, vile, nasty responses leading to their martyrdom. The pacifists, those wanting to disarm the planet and ensure the safety of the human race from its own villainy don’t understand Man is an animal and as such will kill to survive. But unlike any other genus in the animal kingdom, Man will kill to subsist; and he’ll also kill for pleasure. He’ll kill for monetary gain and an elevated position in his tribe or society. He’ll kill to possess what his fellow possesses no matter the perception of gain beyond others. He will kill for the tainted dogma directs his faith. And he will kill to prevent the death of him and his.

The first weapon wasn’t a rock or a club. It was the dawning of murderous intent in the burgeoning but still diminished capacity of pre-historic man. It was the reality of thought being born where this proto-humanity started as man allegedly, (about 5–7 million years ago) evolved into Homo sapiens after “splitting off from their common ancestor the chimpanzee, several species and subspecies of Homo evolved and slowly but surely became man, this man was similar to how we are today all the other subspecies of Homo became extinct”…
(The Stages and Ages of Man on Earth by Johnny Dod)

Chimps and other primates have been studied for years and have been shown to be cannibalistic, killers of their young and destroyers of their communities in efforts to prove survival of the fittest. It’s logical to expect the gene for violence is hard-wired into our genome and nobody’s going to change that. No matter the extent of your sanctimony.

We can aspire to be above the other animals in the kingdom, but there’ll always be an individual will band with others of like thinking and they’ll seek our destruction. We can only stop their efforts by assuring they either don’t want to attack again or ensure they won’t attack again because they’re destroyed as they would destroy others.

It’s a lie to expect anything else from man.

Thanks for listening

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Doing no real good

Doing no real good

The Democrats have slipped another shiny object into the mix for the Republicans and the Press to fixate on. Diane Feinstein (D-California), Chairwoman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, has exposed to the world the inner workings of the CIA as it pertains to their alleged use of torture in gaining intelligence after 9/11. This in itself is an example of the Democrats’ cynicism because, with only a month until the turn-over of the reins of government to the Republican Party, Feinstein feels the need to neuter a government agency ticked her off by hacking her computer systems against the law. This issuance of the report should have been in private or had names redacted and identities of foreign operatives shielded to ensure their safety. It’s blown apart the trust and faith our individual covert, allies had we’d keep their identities secret to prevent their deaths; NOT Senatorial sanctions, but the death of their families and them personally.

But let’s face facts. This issuance is trying to redirect the media’s gaze from Benghazi, Grubergate, ObamaCare and a plethora of other nasty little politically intriguing sub-committee hearings and investigations into the actions of the Obama administration. It appears the American public, in spite of Jonathon Gruber’s assertion we’re all stupid, won’t accept this anymore.

All of this remains as concentric rings displayed as a bulls-eye on the Democrats’ backs.

But, in deference to the possibility this is really all so damned confusing, it has to be said CIA abuses of the Senator’s committee computer files must not be allowed. We must look at a community tasked with intelligence gathering and thus, the safety of the American people and secretly control its direction. In doing this we have to question why the Intelligence community finds it necessary to intrude into the records and communications of the oversight committee allegedly controls their actions and their funding.

To do that is bureaucratically suicidal. If you threaten a person with a bigger set of cojones than you, you’re going to get your head handed to you. Feinstein has shown she’s got a bigger set than John Brennan. The problem is John Brennan is a transient actor; a John Wilkes Boothe stalking the pre-Civil War stages of the frontier before his notoriety as Lincoln’s assassin. But, as with Boothe, the everlasting effects of Brennan’s and his colleagues’ actions will reverberate through history and extend into the future conduct of their clandestine business.

I can’t judge the impact of the alleged torture of these Jihadist Terrorists and the granting of American Civil Rights during interrogation. They planned and executed attacks against the American people. They declared Jihad, a campaign waged by Muslims in defense of the Islamic faith against people, organizations, or countries regarded as hostile to Islam, against us. They executed their acts of war against us with a savagery killing innocents with impunity and without mercy. Now the bleeding hearts in Congress and abroad are whining about the savagery of our response and the immorality of our interrogation of known mass murderers and combatant provocateurs.

Feinstein says the use of water-boarding did nothing and served no purpose in developing leads in the pursuit of these animals. Then how does she explain the development of intelligence leading to Osama bin Laden being taken down? How does she explain the capture, control and imprisonment of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed? This information came from the Tooth Fairy? Or did it come from people who are willing to do the nasty, tough and violently necessary actions to protect America?

If water boarding brought us the aforementioned criminals to justice then I say go for it. And start on finding the Caliph of ISIS/ISIL; Abu Bake a Camel-Cookie. Let’s find him and float his boogers for a while in memory of all those children, women and innocents his hyenas heartlessly murdered.
War is a merciless enterprise enacted and promoted by politicians, fought by professionals who’ve suffered the ignominy of combative attacks and suffered by the innocents caught in the neutral ground as warring factions fire through the innocents’ ranks seeking escape. Nitwits like Feinstein seeking to conduct a misdirection of media attention purely for retribution against those insulted her privacy need not try to conceal the fact it’s they who allowed the Intelligence community of at least 18 different organizations tasked with Intelligence gathering in America to escape control.
Feinstein pulled the curtain open with a partisan flourish exposing the inner workings of the CIA and with no more justification than the pique she feels for being abused by those she defended before this. Unfortunately, the transient elements, the Directors of the CIA, the NSA, the DIA and others who’ve outright lied to Congress and the American people, deserve to be sanctioned, unemployed and tried for their lies to their overseers, will escape justice. They’ll retire, write memoirs and make millions.

But, you might consider trying and convicting Feinstein for giving aid and comfort to the enemy after all of this. You simply don’t “out” your intelligence sources and sign their death warrants with the act. It’s idiotic and criminal in fact.

She surely hasn’t done America any real good in what she’s done in the way and manner she’s done it.
Thanks for listening

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Time to stand…

Time to stand…

Yesterday, “Tortured Language” was written to point out the comedy of errors Congress is in the fact they allowed a massively expensive boondoggle like the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the first place and now so many of them are “pig-piling” on Jonathan Grubber as being the villain in this mess. Make no mistake, he is a villain. But the real villainy is in the way Congress, both Democrat and Republican uses their particular form of sleight of hand to get things done and hoodwink us as voters.

Everybody is dancing around the facts of this case. Issa and his Republicans want to point out there was a major misrepresentation executed in the way the ACA was passed as legislation. It was foisted on the American people as an unnecessary activity wasting time and/or money, especially when undertaken for the personal or political gain of the sponsors of the bill. Nobody wants to call the spade a spade when it’s easier to call it a shovel.

But, the spade doesn’t get the hole dug better because a shade isn’t a shovel except in the interpretation of the individual. Both have long handles, but spades usually have a “D” at the top for gripping. They both … move earth and materials, but the shovel is better for “scooping and lifting” and the flat edge of the spade is better for “cutting and scraping”. (Sow and Dipity website)

Everybody involved in this farce we know as “Congressional Fact Finding” is bound by a Code of Ethics or behavior. You’re not allowed to look an opponent in the eye and call him a liar on the floor of the Congress. The appearance of politeness and propriety must be endured lest truth appears to kill the mold growing on the legislators’ integrity and we get to see past the patina of civility and recognize the erosion of their character. What they put out must be “scooped and lifted” as is any fecal discharge.

Elijah Cummings is a good little trouper; somebody who’s conscientious, dependable, and selfless in his efforts to progress the partisan policies of his party over the needs of his constituents. Make no mistake, Darrell Issa is no better. None of the “Congressional Fact Finding” is being conducted to gain the truth. It’s all being done to score points for the respective parties and their agendas. It’s a surety they joust and spar regularly and almost give the appearance of being more than they are. They’re actors working for a salary of over $170 thousand dollars a year (and the power that goes with it) and they’ll damned well perform any act necessary to keep them in power.

So far, throughout the period of time encompassing years now, nobody has said upfront AND unarguably, the bill is garbage and was advanced under the auspices of liars and cheats seeking to advance a socialist takeover of healthcare in America. Nobody has said it was specifically planned, expedited and left unread so we would “have to pass it to see what’s in it away from the controversy” as one of the prime movers said. This statement was telling and indicative of the “tortured language” used to get the damned thing NOT read but passed in the hurry exhibited when it was placed before the Congress. The force of advancement put the lie to Obama’s proclamation that “the public will have 5 days to look at every bill that lands on my desk.”

The admittedly extended length (it’s frequently noted that Obamacare is 2,400 pages long [possibly longer] implies overly complex law the lawmakers couldn’t possibly have read and understood before voting on it. Obama didn’t even read it though he endorsed it as factually sound and foundationally strong. He denied any of the complaints and protests of those who did read it and knew of major, controversial elements of the “tortured language”.

The ultimate productivity of the liars’ craft is now being exposed as Jonathan Gruber soils his “tighty-whities” in the hollow halls of Congress. It’s not expected anybody will step to the front of the army and call out liars as liars; so I’ll do it for them.
In my opinion, Obama’s a liar. Pelosi’s a liar. Harry Reid’s a liar. John Boehner and his sock puppet, Eric Cantor lied. They’re all complicit is the foisting of this political boondoggle on the American people because they’re all Progressives, covert Socialist and some are Communists in Congress. None of them said what needs to be said; that it’s all a lie.

So folks, I can only suggest to you that your continually electing people who hold the greatest disdain for you individually, and as a herd, will only set loose their hounds against you to continually direct you as the sheep they think you to be; until you put your foot down on their necks and make it understood you’re not to be disrespected.

It’s time to stand and be counted.

Thanks for listening

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Tortured language

Tortured language

And so the circus comes to town. As I write this Darrel Issa, Elijah Cummings and the assorted members of the United States Congress, House of Representatives are gathered to say much and do nothing. With great fanfare and an organizational ability only Congress is noted for, the testimony concerning the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Jonathon Gruber’s statements concerning the “stupidity of the American voter” will now play out as low theater and high comedy.

We begin with Issa speaking ad nauseum concerning what we already know. Elijah Cummings then exited the Clown Car and started his diatribe concerning the 29 Congressional hearings conducted prior to this and the fact he believes the entire investigation is a partisan and vituperative waste of time designed to bring about the demise of the ACA. The perimeters of the Three Rings are now covered by the Big Top the Congress is.
Gruber apologized for his “inexcusable and insulting” statements. But he’s never apologized for the fact he believes them. He’s a self-absorbed and egotistical ass in an expensive suit. He’s politically connected as evidenced by the fact he was chosen to help construct “models” used to create the roller-coaster ACA has become. He’s blatantly stupid in the fact he’s always said what he meant before the eye of a video-camera and in public so it could be recorded; and his disdain for the American public as a voting entity is not only apparent but holds Americans in the lowest of esteem.

As is normal for this type of “commedia delle arte” or “comedy of the craft of improvisation”, the lines are crafted and the actors are ready to issue improvisations to further the cause of entertainment. They’ll secure the applause of their audience. La Commedia sallies forth and the audience is expected to understand the subtleties of the performance.
And some of us do.

Gruber is a modern American scholar. He’s been schooled in an academic cauldron specific seasoned with liberal, socialist leanings and intellectual elitism making him believe he’s actually BETTER than the average man or woman not sharing his academic curriculum vitae or resume’. His haughty, definitive, straight forward disdain for anybody he feels beneath him is evident. He’s in good company when testifying before Congressmen and women sharing his disdain for American voters and carefully wearing the masks of the Commedia as they seek to suspend our sense of disbelief.
Gruber made mention of making his statements before academic and professional audiences. His jocular approach to his explanations is obvious and drips the acidic self-possession showing he believes he had the biggest brain in the group. Does that NOT sound like a Senator or a Congressman?
Now, as we see testimony unfold, the language of the actors is crafted to a point of exquisite sharpness approaching the fine edge of a scalpel. Economic terms are flashed around and understanding is threatened by the fact a sharpened blade can cut, at times, without obvious pain. Jargon concerning any professional discussion is dangerous in its exclusivity. You must be a member of the elite to understand the code spoken. The damage comes as time passes and the body bleeds out terminally.

The language of these people is designed to appear elucidating or clarifying, but in reality it’s a “tortured” language laboring under the weight of words thrown about to hide and obscure the true meaning of the tract. It’s awkward and cumbersome and as such is expected to bore and distress the reader for the need to be understood and to have the definitions of obfuscating words sought for the chance to clarify the true intent of the obfuscation.

(Okay. I know that paragraph sucks. But, it’s being used on purpose to show the manner language is used to get over on us when legislators want to appear “transparent”. In reality they’re just plain lying to us. It really means they want you to be bored, stop reading and accept they’re doing this for our best interests. They take simple language, make it intricate and arcane and artfully misdirect our attention away from their true intent: appearing to do something/anything of value while doing nothing. Making people stop to get a dictionary is a pain. I know. I occasionally do it unintentionally. The bad part is legislators do it on purpose to get over on us. Gruber has said as much.)
I urge you to watch these hearings as much as you can before the Christmas Recess. It could be the most important gift you give yourself; a better understanding of how government has gotten away from your control and into the hands of charlatans and pimps prostituting their privilege as people’s representatives in favor of their Progressive manipulations.

Thanks for listening

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Eagles or Buzzards

Eagles or Buzzards?

I went dark years ago. Going dark means a couple of different things. Some denote a lack of presence; others denote a sense of depression. In my case I simply decided to not get involved with a bunch of hackneyed and clichéd, moronic promises from politicians expecting us to believe every bit of manure they shovel in our direction doesn’t stink and we have to appreciate the fact they’ll produce roses where cactus thrives.
Mary Landrieu lost her position Gruber’s assessment of the American vo0ting public is true. in the Senate to Bill Cassidy. There’s a certain aspect of personal pleasure in the fact another Progressive political “femme de nuit” has been driven from the inner sanctum of the brothel Washington D.C. has become and will remain. I have no respect for those who tell me they’ll be better than the last batch of dung slung at us in an attempt to prove Jonathan Gruber isn’t a symptom of the problem in Congress’ relationship with us.

Politics today is a mish-mash of Progressive ideals. Progressivism is defined by the Heritage Foundation as: “The Progressives were reformers in the late 19th and early 20th century who believed that in order to address modern problems, America needed to abandon the old ideas of the Founding in favor of a new expansive conception of the role of government. Progressives paved the way for modern liberalism and politics, and their core ideas are still the mainstay of today’s liberalism.

Some Progressives were prominent journalists such as Herbert Croly (co-founder of The New Republic), some were distinguished professors such as John Dewey and Woodrow Wilson (president of Princeton before he was President of the U.S.), and many were political leaders such as Theodore Roosevelt and Robert La Follette. Progressives could be found in both political parties: Wilson was a Democrat, Roosevelt was a Republican.

The Progressives were united in their contempt for what they called the “individualism” of the Founding. Instead of a government that protects natural rights through limited, decentralized powers, they envisioned an expansive government, a “living” and evolving Constitution, and the rule of “experts” in nationally centralized administrative agencies.

The key element of this statement as definition is in: “Progressives could be found in both political parties: Wilson was a Democrat, Roosevelt (Theodore) was a Republican.” While it’s framed in the past tense, it’s obvious Progressives still direct both parties. The only difference to be noted is Democrats want to change America to the epitome of their delight by “re-distributing” everybody else’s wealth while ensuring theirs doesn’t get touched and they want to do it NOW!. Republicans are stealthier in the realization of their goals. They’re willing to accept the Democrats goals but take more time to get the job done. This would allow so the American public doesn’t fight an apparent robbery when it can be better done as pocket picking.

As Americans, we are regularly promised the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. This was until Obama and his stooges in the Congress basically disbanded NASA, the entity tasked with space exploration. It’s with the power of a pen stroked over expensive stationary, the will and wishes of the American people can be bypassed. It’s done with promises it will be temporary and the understanding temporary governmental acts, policies and procedures will be permanent if they can keep the public distracted from the memory of what they did last week.
Obama and his gang are noted for this by following the chaos theory through to its logical ending: wide-spread chaos and the need for the Central Government to take control forcefully rather than conscientiously.

Bill Cassidy won election to the Senate. That firmly places the government under the Republican wing. But is that the wing of the American Bald Eagle indicating the majestic depth and breadth of citizen control over government? Or is a Turkey Buzzard soaring in circles, wings outstretched in a regal display of over-arching masquerade ready to pick the American people’s bones clean when the body finally, from exhaustion ceases movement?

I don’t need to answer that question. Boehner’s already circling the subject of “Immigration Reform”.

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In Cicero’s Shadow

In Cicero’s Shadow

The Catiline Orations were speeches given in 63 BC by Marcus Tullius Cicero, Consul of Rome, exposing to the Roman Senate the plot of Lucius Sergius Catilina and his allies to overthrow the Roman government. (Wikipedia 2014)

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) offered a paraphrasing of the famed and classic orations of his predecessor and was published by THE BLAZE (a Glenn Beck publication and referenced on 11-20-2014) Now I offer it to those people who don’t subscribe to THE BLAZE, because what Cruz has done is priceless in its transcendence of time and circumstances to point out the nefarious acts unfolding today confirm the fact politics is a snake biting its own tail for all time.

Please take a moment to read Cruz’s abbreviated re-telling of Cicero’s oratory, an oratory carrying so great an impact as to be undeniable.

Thank you.

When, President Obama, do you mean to cease abusing our patience? How long is that madness of yours still to mock us? When is there to be an end to that unbridled audacity of yours, swaggering about as it does now? Do not the nightly guards placed on the border—do not the watches posted throughout the city—does not the alarm of the people, and the union of all good men and women—does not the precaution taken of assembling the senate in this most defensible place—do not the looks and countenances of this venerable body here present, have any effect upon you? Do you not feel that your plans are detected? Do you not see that your conspiracy is already arrested and rendered powerless by the knowledge that everyone here possesses of it? What is there that you did last night, what the night before—where is it that you were—who was there that you summoned to meet you—what design was there which was adopted by you, with which you think that any one of us is unacquainted?
Shame on the age and its lost principles! The senate is aware of these things; the senate sees them; and yet this man dictates by his pen, and his phone. Dictates! Ah, he won’t even come into the senate. He will not take part in the public deliberations; he ignores every individual among us. And we, gallant men and women, think that we are doing our duty to the republic if we keep out of the way of his frenzied attacks.
You ought, President Obama, long ago have been led to defeat by your own disdain for the people. That destruction which you have been long plotting ought to have already fallen.
What shall we, who are the senate, tolerate President Obama, openly desirous to destroy the Constitution and this republic? For I pass over older instances, such as how the IRS plotted to silence American citizens. There was—there was once such virtue in this republic that brave men would repress mischievous citizens with severer chastisement than the most bitter enemy. For we have a resolution of the senate, a formidable and authoritative decree against you, Mr. President; the wisdom of the republic is not at fault, nor the dignity of this senatorial body. We, we alone—I say it openly,—we, the senate, are waiting in our duty to stop this lawless administration and its unconstitutional amnesty.

If you read the entire oratory which is only one of several you come to the passage which I have taken liberty to paraphrase as Ted Cruz did:

For what is there, Obama, that you can still expect, if night is not able to veil your nefarious meetings in darkness, and if private houses cannot conceal the voice of your conspiracy within their walls—if everything is seen and displayed? Change your mind: trust me: forget the slaughter and conflagration you are meditating. You are hemmed in on all sides; all your plans are clearer than the day to us; let me remind you of them. Do you recollect that in 2013 you spoke to the people and said: ‘I’m not the emperor of the United States … I am not a king”…

I say also that you had sought in so many ways and at so many times been fixated on the destruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights when many chief men of the senate had left Washington, for the sake of saving themselves and not checking your designs. Can you deny you were so hemmed in by the vigilance of the people you couldn’t cause to stir one finger against the republic; when you said that you would be content with the flight of the rest and the neutering of us who remained? What did you; when you made plans to seize the government by surreptitious attacks and craven efforts to abort the juris prudence of this land? Do you not find this land has fortified itself through recognition of your designs, by the garrison fortified by its right to carefully watch, pay heed and act against your ignominy? You do nothing, you plan nothing, you think of nothing which I not only do not hear, but which I do not see and know every particular of.
You are known in the naked ugliness of your craven ambition to cause this republic’s downfall.

I make no claim to be the oratorical equal of Cicero or Cruz. But, the facts are facts and Obama’s designs are evident to all with eyes that see, ears that hear and the integrity to look past the dogma and designs of anti-American Progressives steering OUR ship of state onto the shoals of self-indulgent power hunger.

Thanks for listening

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What is up with that?

What’s up with that?

The issue at hand revolves around the fact the United States of America is a government controlled by a system of Checks and Balances. That means no one part of the government separated into three constituent elements: the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary, shall hold ascendancy and power to negate the powers attributed to the others. This isn’t an idea. It’s not an ideal.

It’s a fact.

And nothing Obama says will change that. No Executive Order he may issue based on his limited understanding of the Constitution developed while a secondarily, part-time employed adjunct instructor will change that fact. There’s a strange culture of elitism in the hierarchy of our nation strikes me as dangerous and, it goes back to the point where the nation was first established post-Revolution.

The Founding Fathers (which is getting to be a tired cliché denoting the paternalistic nature of the elite directing development of this country) decided in a wisdom that must now be questioned; that the Executive Branch and the Legislative should be elected and as such restricted in their powers. They in turn allowed, after argument and debate that the Supreme Court and collaterally ALL Federal Appellate and District Judges should hold lifetime appointments. You can’t get rid of them. It was lawyers protecting lawyers.


If you look at the photos of the Supreme Court you find an assemblage of people noted more for their impending decrepitude than you can assume is a heightened level of Constitutional expertise. While I appreciate they all have enough age between them to reach backward to the Munroe Administration, we’re stuck at sword-point when the president selects one of his cronies to climb the steps to be anointed as one of the greatest solons to decide the course of justice.

That bothers me more than it makes me feel safe in their hands. This is because the court is populated by people selected for the fact they can lock and goose-step to the tune played by the administration selects them and offers them up for the job. These people on the court are all members of a crew set to decide the prolongation and adoption of dogma, doctrine and agenda decided by political parties having no greater spectrum of diversity other than the differential between their names: Democrats and Republicans.

Democrats are more or less Socialist in their leanings in the fact they want to solve perceived social injustice immediately and Republicans want to do the same thing in a slower, more incremental way. They both want to redistribute your wealth some just want to do it slower than others.
And where the problem comes about is the way the people misperceive their wealth. It doesn’t as much involve their money and personal holdings as much as it does their legacy they’re allowing to be squandered and cast aside with virtual impunity. The people are allowing these politicians to redistribute the wealth that is their freedom to control their government. One party wants to deny you that freedom immediately and the other wants to do it slowly so you can’t see the left hand stealing from the right.

Now, as Obama announces his plan to supersede the Congress and establish Immigration Policy directly from his desk, we’ll see the potential for the issue to be placed before the Supreme Court, a court heavily stacked by the likes of Kagan, Sotomayor, Ginsberg, Breyer and potentially Kennedy who regularly vote in the liberal camp. They have a responsibility to pay attention to the agendas of those who supported them in their appointments to the court. There’s no expectation the justices won’t vote for the agendas brought them to the post in the beginning.

The following represents a breakdown of most liberal to most conservative justices on the Supreme Court: Ruth Bader Ginsberg: very liberal, consistently votes against conservatives. Sonia Sotomayor: consistently votes with Progressives. Elena Kagan: consistently votes with the liberal bloc since joining the bench. Stephen G. Breyer: usually votes liberal. Anthony Kennedy is the swing vote sometimes voting with the liberal faction.

Samuel A. Alito is consistently conservative. Chief Justice John G. Roberts is consistently conservative. Antonin Scalia: extremely conservative as is Clarence Thomas. None of the above liberals is beyond finding in favor of government growth over the rights of the people.

As an example of the aforementioned decrepitude of the court we find Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a noted proponent of the South African Constitution and using it to replace the American Constitution. She looks like a decaying doll clad in the black crepe indicating her potential demise and will be used to cover her funerary bier. Her stridency in commentary is epic. Elena Kagan is a product of liberal, Progressive education and elite employment in government under the present administration. Sonia Sotomayor admitted her prejudice concerning Hispanic issues and her superior suitability for the position when she said: “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

The representatives of Americans on the Supreme Court should be wise “AMERICANS “ and not people seeking to advance the causes of specific social and racial strata.

Obama’s trying to “create law” by his singular interpretation of the Constitution. The Supreme Court will probably be called upon to decide whether or not he holds the power to do so unilaterally. With at least two of the justices owing fealty to Obama and their personal agendas as they apply to the Progressive element of American social progress, there’s a potential for a tectonic shift in the way we’re protected by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Understand; where Obama’s a major problem; the Liberal, Progressive construct of the Supreme Court will test the integrity of the Constitution and America as a whole.
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