Rules of Engagement

Rules of engagement

Rules of Engagement (ROE) are rules or directives to military forces (including individuals) that define the circumstances, conditions, degree, and manner in which force, or actions which might be construed as provocative, may be applied. They provide authorization for and/or limits on, among other things, the use of force and the employment of certain specific capabilities. In some nations, ROE have the status of guidance to military forces, while in other nations, ROE are lawful commands. Rules of Engagement do not normally dictate how a result is to be achieved but will indicate what measures may be unacceptable. Wikipedia (2014)

The first thing necessary to be addressed when considering Rules of Engagement (ROE) is that they have been around since OOG picked up a stick and brained TROGG. ROEs state the political correctness of any potential combat action whether in the military or the civil realm such as law enforcement. It’s the last ditch effort of politicians to control the force perceived in the incident and to present it to any judicial review after the fact so as to assure the best face is placed on the response to the incident. In no sense are we to believe legislators and policy wonks have any idea of what combat involves or the dangers resident to our combat personnel.

There are differentiations between law enforcement and the military making it seem combat is somehow different under the umbrella of defensive/offensive actions. It’s only the perception differs. A bullet doesn’t care which participant it penetrates or the possibility the actions of an aggressor (such as using human shields) and hiding behind the innocents may place the First Responder in peril. The only thing the policy wonks care about is how it looks in the white paper published days, weeks, months and possibly years after the event.

Some people are genuinely upset that ROEs seem to hamper the First Responder and cause inordinate numbers of injuries and deaths because “our people aren’t allowed to shoot back”. While there are restrictions concerning the saturation of the field of fire with ordnance and small arms fire there is still the right of the individual First Responder to defend by returning fire. It’s only after the fact the First Responder/combatant must justify his/her actions during the fight. This is in direct contradiction of American Jurisprudence because it requires the accused to defend when in other circumstances the accuser must prove malice and refusal to obey the ROEs.

Lt. Colonel David Bolgiano (USAF) said: “The confusion over the inherent right to self-defense doesn’t come from the written word. It doesn’t come from the law… The confusion over the inherent right of self-defense comes from assessing judgment-based shootings after the fact, in the clear vision of 20/20 hindsight, may not appear to be reasonable when in fact and by tactics they were.” ( 2008)

The disparity of thought comes into play when the individual must make a “snap” judgment based on the evidence available (and which is known from training, practice and experience as well as extant, immediate circumstances allows the First Responder to make the personal judgment as to the “Positive Identification”(PID) of a hostile combatant individual. This will be judged by those not there when the action took place.

Gary Solis, Adjunct Professor at Georgetown Law School and a retired Marine said this: “The Rules of Engagement are much more general than, most people realize. They are not tactical instructions. They don’t and can’t cover all situations.” Additionally Solis pointed out: “PID…is as the term implies; before you can fire on an individual, you must positively identify that individual as representing a threat to you or your fellow Marines or soldiers. And if you cannot do that, then you are not supposed to fire on him or her.” Solis then closed with: “…it’s an objective assessment, but it’s also a subjective assessment… That’s why one person may say yes; another person may say no. The question is, what did the shooter feel?” ( 2008)

Rules of Engagement aren’t designed to protect or hurt individual combatants. There’s an antagonistic element where “troops are trained to defend themselves and that they have the absolute right to engage a target if they feel that their life is in danger. That is up against the idea that it is of vital importance to protect civilians from being engaged” as Josh White, Military Affairs Correspondent for the Washington Post wrote.
American Combat Operators are constantly and consistently up against insurgent forces and indigenous combatant personnel NOT wearing uniforms. The guerrillas they face are as shapeless and faceless as any in history. The enemy combatants have NO restrictions, they have NO ROEs. They have NO problem with using innocents as human shields. They have no conscience or scruples and don’t adhere to the niceties of political confetti such as the Geneva Convention or the tenets of the World Judiciary centered at The Hague. Their goal is to kill those they perceive as infidels. They have no concept of western culture being acceptable in their world view.

It’s we, the politically correct, prim and proper theorists making judgments and casting aspersions from the safety of our parlors and over polite dinner conversation on the actions of young people in the thick of combat. We feel superior in our role of disengagement as we restrict our valiant young warriors’ right to self-defense by injecting doubt from far and away.

We should be ashamed. You fight a war to win. If there are innocents killed maybe the Human Being should think about NOT making war.

It’s just a thought.
Thanks for listening

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Adios Mutha

Adios Mutha

I’m stunned. I believed I was living under sanctions by my God and higher power. But now, I have hope for my forgiveness.
Eric Holder will resign as Attorney General of the United States of America. There’s no more wonderful news other than his lord and savior Beaurat Obama has had a major case of the scours.

I’m jubilant. Only finding out Joan Rivers was right about Michelle could make me feel giddier. Only determining Beaurat himself is a flaming something-or-other could make me giggle more. But then if he admitted to having been born, not in Hawaii but rather in the Yukon where he was ignored and dismissed in the winter covering of snow white expanse as just another Buffalo chip could make me roll on the floor laughing harder.
Holder has done more in the relatively short, yet seemingly interminable timeframe of six years to, destroy the Constitution with his willful avoidance of its principles, his rejection of its tenets and his dismissal of the rule of law in America under his watch.

He’s a man of accomplishment. He’s the first Attorney General to be found in contempt of Congress. He’s alienated a voter base by rejecting the fact ANYBODY: white, black, Asian, Hispanic or whatever can be capable of criminality. He’s pandered for the political purpose of enlisting minorities such as illegally immigrant Hispanic people in the Democrat Party by overlooking and REJECTING THE ENFORCEMENT OF UNITED STATES IMMIGRATION LAW.
He’s denigrated the law enforcement community as a whole with his statements and attitudes of “distrusting the police”. With the poor attitude and comportment he’s shown because of his attitude attracting the police to do their job; and the fact he thinks because he’s a lawyer (poor and unqualified as he seems to be by what we’ve seen so far) he thinks being stopped for a traffic violation is in every instance a case of racial profiling. In fact he thinks anytime a cop stops anybody other than a Caucasian is an act of overt racism.

Mr. Holder: get over it stupid you aren’t that damned important for a cop to risk a civil rights violation just because you don’t like being bothered. And on the subject of Civil Rights violations I’d ask: just why were the intimidating tactics of the New Black Panthers electioneering outside of a polling center not a civil rights violation. If Caucasians did it you’d be looking for hoods and sheets all over the place. But because the malefactors wore berets and black leather they’re leading a global cause for good.

Holder has used the power of the Department of Justice to intimidate the news media for seeking the truth is further evidence he doesn’t have a clue what America is about. We don’t allow petty bureaucrats, no matter the elegance of their title, to threaten our citizens for exercising rights guaranteed under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We don’t allow misdirected and fraudulently acquired Search Warrants to obtain e-mails and surreptitiously obtained subpoenas to invade the privacy of those with whom we disagree. We don’t allow arrogant politically debased subordinates to pervert our system of justice for their personal gain as they seek to make you smile.

Holder’s radicalization of the Department of Justice has corrupted a once noble cabinet position to be degraded to the point of being a second rate Gestapo or a third rate KGB wannabee.

I haven’t even addressed Holder’s obvious interference and obstruction of justice in the matters of Fast and Furious (the gun running scandal) and the Benghazi Investigations seeking to discover if political interference caused the deaths of four civil servants and warriors seeking to protect United States’ interests. Or the fact he’s allowed his unqualified boss to break, bend, mutilate, ignore or fail to enforce the laws protecting the people from a de facto invasion of illegal aliens, drug cartel operatives and gang-related people.

Holder: you’re a blatant racist and divisive and derisive and destructive in your deportment and lack of character. Seeing you leave office will be one of my greatest thrills.
Thanks for listening

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Shakespeare was a visionary

Shakespeare was a visionary

William Makepeace Thackeray said and to which I make an addition: The world is a looking glass and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face unless he defines beauty to his own benediction. (my emphasis and addition)

Obama is falling flat on his face while addressing the UN General Assembly. It seems these people have come to recognize he’s a ruptured versus a lame duck. They also don’t look as though they know how to “put their hands together” in applause. He’s waiting for affirmation of his position on things. It isn’t happening.

He’s talking about dismantling this “network of death” and is working with a “broad coalition” while making sure he doesn’t commit troops to the region. It almost appears as though the headsets worn by the member representatives are broadcasting classical music or mood rhythms soothing them. They look asleep as Obama lectures the assembly on his thoughts concerning what God allows and what he doesn’t. Like God consults with him on anything.

Nobody is impressed. More’s the point; they appear disinterested and aloof.

This is a point needs understanding: as Obama has presented himself as the next “great communicator” he’s done so based only on the shallowness of his words and not the depth and strength of his character as did Reagan. The more Obama speaks the less we see done. He’s great at saying a lot of words meaning less than nothing because he doesn’t have the spine to stand on the power of his conviction because he has NO convictions.
The lack of assent and concurrence with his stated ideals comes from the fact he doesn’t even believe in the ideals he espouses. He doesn’t have a platform on which to base a foreign policy except the one looking more like a gallows for the dearth of articulable leadership he’s shown on the global stage. It’s arguable his appearance before the UN is an embarrassment more than a PR effort winning over the world. Nobody seems invested in the idea of following a man having no idea where he’s going other than down the yellow brick road to OZ.

ISIS/ISIL must be recognized as the threat it is. It must be banded against and hunted down as the animals they are. The must be recognized as Islamic Radicals, not hijacking a religion but more propelling it in a fundamentalist interpretation of a malignant ideology more a political statement than a religious dogma. ISIS/ISIL is being supplanted in the media by a new group: Khorasan.

This newly recognized group, only known because of their newest appellation shows something Obama doesn’t want to recognize: this Islamic Terrorist program is a like a cancer metastasizing, spreading throughout the global body. This latest entity; whether an off-shoot of ISIS/ISIL or al Qaeda or the Arab League or the Muslim Brotherhood indicates the deadly illness terrorism is and can worsen with time. Simply refusing to accept the diagnosis because it’s unacceptable and somehow politically incorrect is delaying the treatment necessary to save the patient.

This is where our greatest jeopardy resides: inside the fecklessness and irresolution of our chief executive having no desire to strengthen the world’s immunity against the disease terrorism is and always will be. His refusal to attack before this, his drive to assure the world Islam is a “religion of peace” when all evidence is to the contrary, his overblown reliance on baseless rhetoric to conceal his inability to direct and his incompetence in what little actions he takes has placed us in the crosshairs of a vile, violent and virulent terror operation camouflaged by the screen of religiosity concealing the weaponry hate is at times.

It’s expected Obama will herald his impotent performance before the UN as a triumph seeking placement into history’s governance. It should be buried in history’s archival dust bin and registered as another attempt by a witless charlatan no more than: “a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing”.

Who knew Shakespeare was such a visionary?
Thanks for listening

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Mondays suck.

Over the weekend we see a dearth of reportable, recordable information occurring because legislators and civic leaders go to the house and start sipping on a cold one. The other problem to consider is this is the day when these nimrods return to work gumming up the process and trying like the dickens to maintain their cushy jobs doing no more than talking to each other, posturing before microphones and in general being of little to no good to the people paying their exorbitant salaries.

We pay $172 Thousand dollars for a Representative or Senator serving their first term! Really? How anybody can earn this amount of money for competing in a “beauty pageant” is beyond me. Oh damn! I remember! They get together and attach their pay to civil servants and military pay raises and inflate their salaries. They legislate their privileges and make them law. They live far and away from their constituencies in many cases. They remain out of touch with those constituencies. They do what they want, when they want and with no caring about what you want.

It’s one thing to be viewed through a jaundiced eye. It’s another to realize the jaundiced eye is the result of a debilitating disease killing a major organism. Local politics is equivalent to the organ filters and purifies the life blood of this American organism. But that organ is sick.
American government is severely stratified. It lies in layer upon layer of ignored responsibilities growing less and less effective in the governance of the people. Instead of people regularly requiring each lower level of government holding the next higher level accountable for its actions; the lower lies ignorant of its power to draw attention to the needs of the people supporting this structure.

Village, town and city government don’t hold state representative’s or senator’s feet to the fire when those representatives and senators sponsor legislation detrimental to the people though beneficial to the state and bureaucracy. Nobody stands in the septic waste and screams: “ENOUGH!”
Throughout history people have placed an inordinate amount of trust in those with honeyed tongues, glib and superficial stances on issues and persuasive rhetoric to gain control of the people may actually control the society by force of arms. Be they tribal leaders or presidents and potentates, they seek control by wresting it from the people with self-serving duplicity and chicanery.

It’s for the individuals closest to the people to draw attention to the problem. It goes beyond developing alliances may help the politician move ahead to bigger and better salaries and benefits; that politician must be the protector and bullhorn screaming the facts affecting the people lower down.
Political activism is essential in this day and age. This present presidential administration showed social media can get the voters to the polls; it can engage and energize their base to the point of electoral victory. It’s a fact a president isn’t elected by the people. He’s elected by the majority of the minority voting. And for that reason, historically the lazy and disaffected not voting are the ones propel scalawags and scurrilous hustlers into prominent office.

The responsibility of developing government and government policy is that of the people: not of those they elect. The politician trips the lever casts a vote. The citizen is the one tells the politician what lever the people want tripped. It’s like having a child. If you leave a child to do as it pleases the child will get into mischief, eat foods not good for its young system and toddle full-bore into jeopardy in the street it seeks to explore.

But, if you take the child’s hand and guide him through life, teaching and leading and influencing them until good habits and civic involvement is a responsibility and duty of service to his/her fellow citizens, you develop a leader worthy of your trust. In that person the people may know good service as opposed to self-service.

County/Parish officials need to demand town hall meetings on at least a quarterly basis to learn the will of the constituencies. The state reps and senators need to do the same. The national representatives need to accomplish greater efforts to learn the will of the people and not that of their political parties. They don’t get paid by the party: they are paid by you.

Don’t ignore them and hope for the best. Command them and lead them.
Thanks for listening

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Boots on the ground

Boots on the ground

Scotland is still in the United Kingdom. That means Texas must admit the Free Texas Republic probably won’t be able to secede. Shucks! Additionally, it indicates the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations can breathe a little easier knowing the drive to declare them a parking lot for Massachusetts and Connecticut probably will go no further. (As “L’il Rhody” is my home state I feel no problem with stating the obvious.)

ISIS/ISIL is THE topic du jour and news readers are debating presidential press secretaries as to who in the Arab sector will drop some boots on the ground in the soon to be continual combat against Radical Islam. As was so astutely observed by Shepard Smith on FOXNEWS, the Saudis may pump oil based profits into the conflict in the way of supplies and comestibles (foodstuffs such as burned sheep entrails, housefly pate’ and clabbered goats’ milk in their version of MREs (Meals Refused by Ethiopians); but they sure aren’t going to put Saudis in boots either on the ground or toes up after combat.

Jordon says they’ll take refugees so it’s obvious they don’t want to tick off ISIL/ISIS any more than is necessary. Christian and Shia refugees attract these vultures faster than a road-killed “possum on the half shell” (that’s an Armadillo to y’all non-southerners). (Oh, yeah! My southern dialect is protective coloration lest I be evicted from the Sportsmen’s Paradise because I was born a Yankee.)

But I digress. Jordon is arguably the most secular Arab nation. The king shops in the best clothiers on the planet and speaks English better than people from Rhode Island (they have a “special”, “earthy” dialect all their own; sort of a grafting of Bostonian Brahman, Bronx cheer and Jersey Wiseguy.) But again I digress. Jordon and Qatar and Dubai and all of those peachy keen nations pushing the sand back into the Persian Gulf with Ski Chalets and Ocean Surf generators in the desert, don’t want a generalized uprising or insurgency of ISIS/ISIL infiltrators cutting the indigenous populations’ heads off for turning their backs on the Qu’ran, Mohammed and Allah. It wouldn’t be good for their portfolios.

Then there’s the rest of the Arab Coalition Obama says will help combat Radical Islam: Palestine, Cyprus, Lebanon and Southern Turkey.

Palestine was pretty much bombed back into the Stone Age by the Israelis, a particularly tenacious group of people accepting NO combat actions as anything but an invitation to beat the hell out of the attacker. Lebanon, to my knowledge is alive though they bear a tragic moral resemblance to Palestine after Hezbollah, Hamas and their buddies started shipping terror across the region. It isn’t likely they’ll start a conscription process to violate the tenets of the Qu’ran stating you WILL NOT kill another Muslim although they might sacrifice the Christians in the group.

Syria’s a moral wasteland (at the presidential level) in Bashar al-Assad and physically after he bombed and beat the landscape with artillery fire designed to kill as many people as possible. Assad’s theory is “kill ‘em all, we’ll retrain survivors”. No matter what happens; if the US sends supplies to the dissidents fighting to escape Assad’s regime or if we bomb ISIS/ISIL troops for those dissidents, our own munitions will eventually be used against us, no matter who wins.

Cyprus is located in the Mediterranean. It has no dog in this hunt. It’s like L’il Rhody again. It’s there, but who cares? It has no effect on the problem one way or another.

Turkey? What can you say about a country named after the guest of honor at a Thanksgiving dinner? They have the Kurds fighting ISIL/ISIS but there’s NO real all-out effort extended by Ankara. They have their own problems in the region and probably won’t get any more involved than they need to outside of letting bombing missions originate from US supported (bribes guaranteed through foreign aid) bases already extant.
So; for a day didn’t offer much hope for a coherent column it seems there’s something to talk about.

But I still can’t get away from being a Rhode Island native. (Sheesh! Cringe!)
Thanks for listening

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Grasping at Sawgrass

Grasping at Sawgrass

grasping at straws: to depend on something that is useless; to make a futile attempt at something. 2. trying to find some way to succeed when nothing you choose is likely to work 3. trying to find reasons to feel hopeful about a bad situation Free Dictionary by Farlex

Sawgrass (Cladium jamaicense) isn’t a “true” grass. It’s a member of the sedge family, characterized by sharp teeth along the edges of each blade.

Obama is noted for hornswoggling the American public for the better part of two terms as what he best approximates to a presidency (read Dismal Failure). His latest dose of verbal incontinence shows he’s trying to appear presidential, resolute and strong when his bowels are evacuating like a calf with scours.

There will be no combat role for American heroes in Iraq. This is true; for now. But, remember the guy plays basketball. This is another case of him trying to run out the shot-clock and leave this mess in The Levant for his successor. The Levant consists of Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and part of southern Turkey.

“There will be no boots on the ground!” So what do you think you’ll do without the “boots on the ground”; you surely won’t win a guerrilla war without boots on the ground, dug in and ready to stop the encroachment of the enemy. Technology is cool. It’s all glitzy and shiny and has a place in conducting military operations. But a missile launched from a drone 10, 000 feet up will only create a crater. It won’t unmask a covert (ununiformed) combatant and bring him to justice. As learned in Vietnam, and now in Israel, you must root them out of tunnels, destroy their habitats and either convert them or kill them. If one fails you must go to the other because fanatics never change their fanaticism and they don’t accept negotiations because they see themselves as being always right. (Now you decide if I’m talking about ISIS/ISIL or Obama.)

Nobody likes war. Anybody does needs a head-check and some rehab in a controlled environment. But ISIS/ISIL started this crap. We’re addressing them, their barbarous conduct and drive to take over the world.

This war is a part of our present reality because a religion morphed into a political horror story. It devolved from a man wanting recognition of the monotheistic system he believed was the true faith but paralleled Judaism. When Judaism rejected him and his “holy word”, he got a bee in his bonnet (turban) and went off his rocker. He retreated to the desert and started teaching his “one true word” at sword point. Some of the revelations are scary as hell’s fire and hell’s fire is the promise revealed for those not converting to Islam.

All you must do to understand it is read the Qu’ran. It’s all there and taught to every Muslim child from birth. It’s not a matter can be debated. Its “holy word” is inviolate and unarguable; period.

That’s what we’re up against. Millions of people accept it, they live it and they’ll die for it.

So Obama speaking about “no boots on the ground”, turning the sacrifice of our heroes into a cliché is a matter formerly called: “Grasping at straws”. It’s a desperate attempt at looking as though you’re doing something when all you’re doing is delaying the inevitable. Obama should fear his base will grant him the legacy he deserves, that of becoming the next P.B.S Pinchback, the first African American Governor of Louisiana (for 15 days); a man relegated to the dustbin of historical trivia. (He was a Republican by the way.)

So, that’s why the cliché changed from “grasping at straws” to “grasping at Sawgrass”. If you grab Sawgrass because you’re sinking in the marsh muck you stirred up, you’ll shred your soft, tender hands and release it. Then you’ll grab and release over and over again until you sink into the mire.

Good luck with that Obama. You, as a lame duck, are sinking into the mire no matter how tightly you grasp the Sawgrass. It’s no more than a bloody mess.

Thanks for listening

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Recognizing the enemy

Recognizing the enemy

This is another exercise in free writing indicating the same old stuff if cluttering the world and it almost appears there’s nothing to new to talk about.

So be it. We’re stuck with wars we’re instructed to believe aren’t wars and a logistics question posed to the United States military: just how do you send people to deal with people seeking to kill us without putting “boots on the ground”? Has the military developed combat house-slippers? Or will the “International Community” contribute Swiss Yodelers wearing Dutch Clogs (wooden shoes) to advise people as to how you run in desert sands in the practical equivalent of Crocs for Jocks?

It should be interesting.

The thing I find comical is how our “diplomats” want to debate, in public, what they see as important. Then we must listen to them beat around the bush (that’s bush with a little ‘b’ [not beating up] on George W. Bush. Thank you) rather than simply recognize Fundamentalist Islamist elements invading, conquering and assassinating anybody doesn’t agree with them just might have a drive to assassinate the “diplomats”. The problem will suddenly develop a greater sense of immediacy when the Washingtonian Fat Cats’ chubby cheeks start singeing in the fires of a war they refuse to admit we’re involved in. There’s NO “in-country-fact-finding-junket” ever been designed to allow Representatives and Senators to experience the thrill of having bullets whiz past their heads; IEDs explode in close proximity to their vehicle they’re riding in and generally experience the joy of unremittent hatred pulsing from people seeing them as an infidel and wanting to conduct a bullet penetration test on their un-armored chests and heads.

But, personal awareness has always had its dangers.

Then you return to the Home front and find the guy masquerading as a president is working overtime to assure us our latest, greatest threat isn’t adherent to the foundational laws of the religio/political system Islam is.

Oka-a-a-a-a-y, fine! If they aren’t Muslims what exactly are they dumbass? They aren’t Mormons. They aren’t Presbyterians. I doubt sincerely they’re Jewish.

So, let’s see if we can get an idea of who they are by looking at their names. ISIL stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Now, when you understand Obama doesn’t want to admit to anything affecting Syria, he calls the terrorists, ISIL. (See? He didn’t say we’d attack Syria. Whoop-d-doo!) But then we understand ISIS is a place where the evil-doers not only stage their operations but plan, recruit and train the Islamic soldiers practicing skin and throat integrity tests while time-stamping how long it takes to bleed-out a body; it seems obvious sooner or later we’re going to need to stop by and say “Hi”.
With our understanding there’s a politically correct (PC) way of addressing the problem we also understand PC clouds the issue. We need to look at the REAL name of the two allegedly different and confusing names.

OH LOOK! The first word of each name is the same! What can this mean? Let’s see. I-S-L-A-M-I-C. That indicates these two entities, no matter how hard Obama tries to lie his way out of it and misdirect our attention from the fact; ISLAM is the foundational identity of this/these states, Islamic People aka Muslims are members of these TERRORIST OPERATIONS.

It doesn’t say the Choco Chippy Puffs State in Syria. It doesn’t say the Tutti-fruity Rainbow Cereal State of Iraq and the Levant. It specifically and proudly says: ISLAMIC STATE.

Even Democrats can’t explain away Obama’s delusions any longer. In the words of a friend of mine who told me a story about a philanderer caught in the act; the man said to his wife, as he pulled up his drawers and walked past her: “are you going to believe me or your own lying eyes?”
No. I’m going to believe what I see and know and understand without out the septic spin Obama puts on it.

Islam, as practiced by Fundamentalist Whack jobs, IS THE ENEMY.

Now behave and prepare accordingly.
Thanks for listening

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International what?

International what?

Community: noun; a group of associated nations sharing common interests or a common heritage.

United Nations: noun: an international organization with headquarters in New York City, formed to promote international peace, security and cooperation under the terms of the charter signed by 51 founding countries in San Francisco in 1945

John Kerry, ace all American political hack extraordinaire has been walking around stumbling over his tongue, shape-shifting the message of our non-existent foreign policy as propounded by his puppet-master Obama and has been telling people we aren’t at war with ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). Last week we were merely launching a large scale Anti-Terror Initiative expecting to develop a coalition of countries to combat this Fundamentalist Islamist army of hell-spawns seeking world domination under Islam as both the religion and the political entity it is no matter what Kerry or his fearless leader may say. This week, after Obama finally felt the need to step back from openly admitting his incompetence as a foreign policy maven and being told no matter how much money he managed to raise, the Democrats were going to lose the Senate in the mid-term elections and he (Obama) was going to get the blame for it as well as make it his “legacy” beyond being the first black president.
Kerry’s been babbling about some “international community” developing a united front against ISIL.

Just what is this international community? Where is it? Who directs it? Who are the members?

Is he talking about the United Nations: that Manhattan brothel inhabited by tired, illegitimate, feckless, and unresponsive whores trading votes for the substance and sustenance of foreign aid. Foreign aid has become the international dole off of which they survive rather than work to profit from their personal industry and labor.

Hell! The United Nations is more useless than the nipples on a boar hog.

The UN building is a place people go to meet, greet and be effete. The dilettante ambassadors lack any real vigor. They have a reputation for being unable to produce the road map showing what it takes to get from where we are to the notion of peaceful coexistence. The sterility of all but a handful of members is evident. That sterility, even though manifested and shown in the spent seed of flaccid diplomatic utterance listened to by no one and found to be without meaning to anyone, makes the organization no more than a registry of losers sucking up to the big boys when the shooting starts.

The UN is a symbol of what greatness the world could accomplish if there weren’t big money involved. It’s more a reality of how much humanity will behave as one thing, when really, humanity has done nothing more than change the hog wallow he rolls in for chauvinist, nationalistic purposes. Because of this the UN is no more than a declaration of ideals none of the member nations actually ascribe to at any given moment.

So. It’s a short commentary. Kerry’s an insincere, incompetent drone servicing a queen bee as presented to us in Obama. Kerry’s diminishing America daily as Obama shoves his hand up Kerry’s back-side, makes Kerry’s mouth move. Obama makes it seem as though Joe Biden is Disraeli or that American foreign policy exists just because Obama looks serious before the cameras. It’s hard to say if Obama ever looked more uncomfortable as when he was required to at least look presidential on the eve of battle. It’s hard to say if Obama ever looked as scared he might actually have to accomplish something to save humanity from the likes of the Islamist Fundamentalist Whack jobs seeking to commence the next Crusade to end all Crusades.

Stopping that Islamist overthrow of western culture is totally against Obama’s plan to fundamentally change America. So when Kerry shoots his mouth off concerning a coalition of the International Community he’ll first have to define it, identify it and show us it really exists before we can place our faith, hope and belief in a system run by men deserving NONE of that faith, hope or belief.
Thanks for listening

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No mea culpa

No mea culpa

All this bombast concerning Bill Cassidy’s statement Harry Reid runs the Senate like a “plantation” is funny. Or, at least it would be funny if it weren’t true. Harry Reid demanding an apology is akin to us expecting him to actually allow House sponsored legislation to be pulled from the lower left drawer of his desk where he keeps his integrity and character.

It probably won’t happen any faster than Cassidy issuing a mea culpa delivered to the left breast pocket of Obama’s empty suit. (The mea culpa is offered by patting the chest over the heart and means “ mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa – “through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault”; and is a supplication to God accepting responsibility for sin.) As Harry Reid is the last person (behind Obama) deserving of a mea culpa because of his definitely NOT being God-like, I think Cassidy is right in refusing to apologize.

I believe Cassidy should tell the fatuous ass to shove it into his rectal brain vault and go his merry way.

Another thing I find shocking is the fact a man I’ve admired for his service to our country and his attempted service in the Senate should stand in formation with a fecal smear like Harry Reid and against a fellow Republican rather than align himself with the truth of the statement.
Plantations are a matter of history. They existed and still do as tourist traps and historical statements of the beauty of architecture and quality of construction to last over a century. The horror of some plantation owner’s treatment of slaves is fact. Nobody will change it. But there is a corollary to be seen between the “plantation” mentality and the Senate as run by Reid’s governmental equivalent of Simon Legree.

Simon Legree, for those not reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin (you know I never thought about that analogy before- Obama turning the White House into Uncle Tom’s Cabin) was the violent, ruthlessly evil master of the plantation Uncle Tom inhabited. Legree was a vicious, barbaric, and loathsome man. Legree fostered dissension and distrust among his slaves. He kept everybody on edge and disobedience was rewarded with a flogging. Legree was a terrorist.

Enter Harry Reid. He’s a man known for his violent rhetoric. He’s vicious in his criticism. He fosters distrust and acrimony among those of lesser status in the hierarchy (which means everybody). He (for me) is loathsome and slimy and resembles the Golem in the Lord of the Rings. His manners and grasp of civility and the decorum he demands for his cohorts and he, is as well-defined as the Golem’s.

Reid responded to Cassidy’s statement with this little butt nugget: “With all the things going on in America today, that’s fairly insensitive. That’s really insensitive. Very insensitive. And if there were any statement that deserved an apology, this is it, big time.” With the way Reid rejects apology for his distortions, misdirections and outright lies absolutely and preciously showing his duplicity and careless direction of partisan politics, it can be said to be ironic at best and B.S. as usual.

Harry Reid is a walking, talking governmental toothache throwing America’s government into agony. With each movement of his mouth the Senate grinds to a halt because he won’t allow the Senate to move legislation forward. Yet, he constantly proclaims the Republicans stand in the way of progress.
He’s a true elitist cast in Legree’s mold. He benefits from America’s pain. He dispenses it like a true Overseer wielding a whip against any and all who disagree with him. He derides and punishes that which he doesn’t desire. He’s a political sadist.

For Harry Reid to demand an apology goes beyond irony to stupidity. For Colonel Maness to ally himself for a nanosecond with Reid is not only wrong, it’s disappointing and indicative of not knowing for sure where his principles are grounded. And, that’s something I didn’t expect of him: that he would demand appearance over substance and distortion of fact to distance us from truth.

Colonel? I regret you did that.
Thanks for listening (at least I hope you are)

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Bringing the Big Top Down

Bringing the Big Top Down

With the Democratic State Central Committee of Louisiana endorsing a convicted felon in the 6th Congressional District race, we see people running around as though their hair’s on fire and their butts are catching. With proclamations of the Democrats being corrupt and interested solely in the chance to get another seat in the House of Representatives marked with a big “D” we must ask: you’re just now noticing?

Labeling the Democrats as “A Criminal Syndicate Masquerading As a Political Party” may carry the bombast necessary to gain a little attention but as usual it sounds rather like Cotton Mather, the Puritan Leader of Massachusetts history as he excoriated the obvious: man is an impure and tragically flawed creature not yet aware of his own debauchery. So; what does all of this matter other than the fact the Democrats in the form of Karen Carter Peterson and Shane Riddle have offered themselves up as manipulative dolts?

Yes, they have endorsed criminality. It’s the foundational element of Democrat politics since the ink dried on the Constitution and the Democrats were climbing from the primordial ooze politics is. From web-footed slug to knuckle dragging Neanderthal and later to Homo Appreciative, we’ve watched the Democrats fight the end of slavery, develop their personal military faction in the KKK skulking through the night, clad in cheap sheets and hoods to hide their cowardice. They culled the herd and gulled the populace with their then and now Populist rhetoric.
Of course they’re a continuing criminal enterprise. But as the power resides on their side of the Senate’s aisle there’s little to no chance of it changing over the next couple of weeks because it seems Republicans are no better.

In their effort to assure the people they’ve suckered into their circus minstrel show they call a political party, their token liberal Ms. Peterson is front and center to assure the voter base the party has their best interests at heart. As long as the elitists in the party can continue to subsidize the pay for play program of increased child birth for some and the execution of the unborn for others, we’ll see people marshaling behind scoundrels such as their selection of standard bearer.

The selected and endorsed candidate is apparently God’s wrath for Louisianans NOT paying attention to what’s right and proper but are more interested in getting whatever they can from the corpse of moral decency and virtue. The Democrats have feasted on that corpse until the bones lay bleached in the sun and there’s little more to pick. Vultures will worry a bone until it cracks laying bare the marrow once concealed at its core.
This latest act is no more than the display of a party regularly and consistently embarrassing itself with such thinking. There are no real policy plans making Democrats acceptable to the rest of the country. But, Obama and his band of mental munchkins are quick to entertain the people with songs by the Lollypop Guild. There’s no substance to their positions and there is no foundation on which to support the betterment of the people. The process, for Democrats, is to slather syrup and promises on the broken shards of bone they allowed to be stripped of its core.

It tastes good for these recipients of non-nutritive, candy-coated refuse sweetens the taste buds but does nothing to enrich, enliven and ennoble the people they claim they want to help by endorsing this fraud.

The candidate’s an anachronism, a throw-back to all we find abhorrent and unseemly. He’s the next to last clown out of the car in this centerpiece of a three ring circus. As the next to last, he’s totally forgettable and merely one more example of the comedy of errors this election cycle in Louisiana has become.

It’s time to shut the show down, collapse the tents and scrape the grease paint from the candidate’s face. It’s time to recognize he’s just another clown grown too old to be funny any longer and now, in the dimming light under this tattered and torn Big Top we know as the Democratic Party, he’s more an object of pity than entertainment.
Thanks for listening

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