The lowest common denominator

The lowest common denominator

In 1966 two socialist professors and political activists espoused and started a movement designed to overload the American welfare system. It called for the government to establish a guaranteed income for the poor and disestablish the welfare system in force at the time. Cloward and Piven (C/P) were dedicated to driving the Democrats (who were in force in both houses of the Congress as well as the presidency) to move toward this establishment of a guaranteed wage. Cloward and Piven fully understood the way their program worked.

It was fully expected that as the strategy was implemented on the small-town/medium sized city there’d be consequences. The consequences would make life better for welfare recipients almost immediately and for the short term would increase support for the Democratic Party by giving away benefits subsidized and funded by taxpayers. This would eventually overload local governments by causing severe stress on financially strapped state economies and force the federal government to take over the public welfare system.

Cloward and Piven said: “The ultimate objective of this strategy—to wipe out poverty by establishing a guaranteed annual income—will be questioned by some. Because the ideal of individual social and economic mobility has deep roots, even activists seem reluctant to call for national programs to eliminate poverty by the outright redistribution of income.” (Wikipedia 2014)

Now where have we heard that statement: “redistribution of income” before? This strategy relies on the manufacture of crisis by politically motivated operatives bent on controlling the lower classes by seemingly never-ending giveaways of public funds rather than generate income from an active and involved employment future for the masses being given instructions to live on the dole. The employed foot the bills and the power and strength of the Democratic Party strengthens both politically and socially.

Rahm Emanuel stated: “You never want a crisis to go to waste.” It’s from this theory we see political discourse shifted from the debate and usage of logic and reason and throws it into the political arena as an emotionally immature and self-centered ideology pandering to the baser elements of human existence. It morphs from politics as a logical practice seeking parity in the masses by allowing the lower classes to participate and grow through capitalism, to politics as continual theoretical practice seeking equality for those same masses by diminishing the holdings, through taxation, of the middle class. The members of the theoretical class, those following Cloward and Piven; the union leaders, the organizers and the political hierarchy pushing this travesty are already among the wealthy class because they take the union wages and draw income. They take union political campaign donations and fund their efforts while skimming from the top. The C/P activists subsidize their personal lifestyles while casting crumbs before their slavish constituencies and telling them how much they’re for the “little guy”.

As we watch the tsunamic flow of illegal alien children cascading across our southern borders (and seemingly with the consent of the White House) we can see how Emanuel is probably beaming because this “crisis “ isn’t going to waste. It’s straining the locals to a breaking point. It’s economically threatening the financial safety of those locales. It’s threatening to overload school districts not ready for the influx of thousands of English language deficient children. Welfare will be stretched to the limit. The national economy will be bled dry from the hemorrhage of dollars made weaker by the limitless production of dollar bills backed by the full faith and credit of an ethically bankrupted and morally desiccated administration.

Crisis is a matter of being unprepared for those disasters take us by surprise. It is to mankind’s credit that humans respond in an appropriate manner to come to the aid of their brothers. But, this is because there’s preparation takes place for those times when emergency may dictate the dedication of some of the stores a society holds in storage to maintain their survival.

This isn’t a natural disaster we face. It’s a planned, calculated and proven strategy to destroy America from within by using all that makes America special: the goodness of its communal heart, its Bill of Rights, its Constitution are all being used to destroy America from within.
This isn’t a Honduran crisis. It’s another crisis ginned up by Democrats to gain votes both now and in the future. It’s a strategy to lower all people to the lowest common denominator.
Thanks for listening

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Running his head

Running his head

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more;
it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing. Macbeth Act 5, Scene five

Chris Wallace and John Kerry squared off on Fox News on Sunday July 20. Wallace was asking about the extension being given to Iran concerning Iran’s progress in de-militarizing and turning over their stockpiles of enriched Uranium to avoid further economic sanctions. Wallace pestered Kerry and as Kerry was trying to give his answer Wallace employed a tactic Fox News interviewers are noted for using: he interrupted Kerry as he continued a long and what I’m sure he believed was an appropriate answer.

Kerry shot back with: “You like to ask questions, but you don’t like to get answers!” Then he refused to address more questions until he’d finished his original response. Moments earlier Wallace played a recording of Obama saying he would be the first to slap new sanctions on Iran if they hadn’t complied by 7-20-2014.

It was a precious bit of drama for us to watch. Some say (and I’m among those noting the tactic) it’s rude to interrupt a person while they speak. I agree. In a debate there should be no interruptions. The conflict should be addressed in the proper time and with decorum. This however isn’t and wasn’t a debate. It was a news interview conducted with a man noted for dancing around issues and outright lying when confronted with facts recorded and played back. It was an interview with a man charged with negotiations of a high import and deadly consequences who is required to keep his cards close to his vest and not screw it up as Leon Panetta did when Panetta announced Israelis’ tactical thinking concerning this issue and others.

It was a wrong thing to do to Kerry. He should have been allowed to finish his statement with all of the excessive verbosity and shadowed nuance proving he’s NOT the diplomat he thinks he is and recording it to prove his duplicity dribbling from his Botox stiffened lips and the depths of his intellect located somewhere near his anus. It works better when the fool hoists himself on his own petard. And it’s best to have the entire exchange recorded. He can’t deny what we saw and can play back as it suits our needs; not his

This particular “petard” (or explosive charge) could come back to Kerry, as was shown when Wallace played the tape of Obama pontificating and being long winded while saying nothing. Kerry could be caught in more lies and “hoist on his own petard” or blown up when the recorded facts are thrown back in his face. The back-blast could impact Kerry as he has no sense of our appreciation of fact and truth as they exist. He wants to structure the narrative to his personal benefit and that of his feckless and flaccid administration.

Kerry continued : “I know you and others don’t ever want to give the Obama administration credit for almost anything, but the fact is this is the first administration to get a [nuclear] rollback in ten years.”

We regularly give Obama credit for what’s done and said. It’s just that it doesn’t follow the course Obama and his crew wants. Obama like Kerry like to use a lot of flowery language showing how erudite and classy they are. The problem stands in the fact flowers in a funeral originally were used to mask the smell of decaying bodies before modern embalming practices.

No matter how much Obama’s administration seeks to hide their incompetence behind flowery speech the fact remains his administration still stinks and for everything he an Kerry use to try and hide this fact, sooner or later the stench will be recognized.

In closing I’d like to quote that great street philosopher George Carlin: “By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth.”

So, I say let him speak. He only makes the hole deeper as he runs his head.

Thanks for listening

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Constipated overachievers

Constipated underachievers

Where do I begin? Do I start with my utter disdain for the present “liberal” (defined as a pro-Socialist ideologue and his Duma leading us to a Marxist Nirvana). Or, do I start with my overwhelming ambivalence toward the old guard “conservative” (defines as impotent to efficiently project at least an image of involvement in our government) as reflected in the likes of party “Leadership” such as McCain, Graham, Boehner, McConnell and such as wee in their drawers at the thought they might have to do more than complain about government as they helped create it?

The fact is my cynicism has grown by leaps and bounds as I watch the next generation of political wannabees step to the podium and recite the same old blah, blah, blah of partisan party drivel. Elizabeth Warren, the Cherokee Fauxcahontas of the Democrat party dream. She’s today’s propagandist parading around the stage in her populist togs sufficiently reminiscent of a day spent shopping at Walmart so she may emulate her heroine, MeShill Obama. Poor taste will always be this charlatan’s (Warren’s) trademark.

Hilary Clinton is dragging herself away from the scene of combat with her self-inflicted wounds hemorrhaging her credibility. First, we’ll address the lie about being “flat-broke”. We’re not talking about being a little strapped for cash: we’re talking about her saying she was below the poverty-level her sex-addicted hubby helped define with his social programs and giveaways to get elected so long ago. We’re talking about her claim to have had next to no money and “struggling” to buy houses (more mansions than slave quarters and valued at over a million EACH) and finance her baby girl’s education. I wonder about Chelsea’s student loan debt. Is this one of those moments when we take pause and go: “hmmmmmm?”

But, not to leave the Republicans out, let’s address their poster children for their latest cinematic wonder: “The Trials of Moses. Lost in the wilderness searching for an issue they can’t waffle on”. The only thing larger than Marco Rubio’s ego is his belief Little Havana can elect him President solely on the weekly intake of Cuba émigrés landing at Key West. He believes we haven’t been accumulating the videos of him leaping the net like a mentally challenged tennis model (all looks and no championships) as he follows his main man, John McCain toward political embarrassment.
Then there’s Peter King, the New York 2nd Congressional District Representative known for his Chairmanship of the House Committee on Homeland Security and his membership on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. By watching his interminable interviews on FOX News we see a man prepared to step beyond his ego and assure us his ability to attack his colleagues rather than consider their opinions concerning how America should be directed. He thinks he’s presidential while looking like no more than a garden gnome with bad hair. Being able to scowl isn’t a presidential attribute or qualification. Look at Nixon.

The pool of ambivalence deepens when we realize each potential candidate is drinking the bitter cider of rotted apples. The bitter cider has greater potency the normal drink and poisons the drinker as they become drunk. They’ve failed to recognize their limitations.

The United States needs a sense of teamwork. In the early days of the nation the President became the one with the most votes collected. Then the 1st runner up became the Vice-President. It didn’t matter if that second in command was of the President’s entourage as is true today. The second in command was the winner of the second largest number of votes. There was always the possibility of another point of view near the top of the pyramid. That’s why we have checks and balances in our system.

America is a nation of thoughtful people; each having a different point of view. None of those points of view are any less valid than the next. All of these points of view deserve an audience when creating the alloy American domestic and foreign policies become under fire.
We shouldn’t be restricted to the perimeters of rich folk’s thinking and the constraints of intellectually constipated underachievers in high office.
Thanks for listening

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The lion that roared

The lion that roared

Now that Russian elements have shot down a Malaysian Airliner and the Malaysians actually KNOW where the wreckage is, the obvious comparisons between Obama’s and Reagan’s reactions to the crime have come to the fore. This is a regular activity for pundits and just plain dumb-spits to allow them to gain time to develop a real argument as to how Obama should act under fire. Problem is Obama has never seen a problem couldn’t be handled on the 19th Tee.

Where Reagan cancelled his vacation in California when Korean Air 007 was shot down by Russian MIG fighters, Obama is trying to find his way to the bathroom. His minions are trying to figure out how to make us believe we live in a state of “global tranquility.
Good luck with that.

As I see it there are two major problems with comparing Reagan’s and Obama’s principled reactions under stress. Number one: Reagan had principles. Obama has none apparently. Number two: see number one.

Reagan was an experienced and ethically based man having been born at the edge of the First World War and survived the Second World War. Because of this he saw first-hand the dangers of despotism and uncontrolled isolationism before the actual shooting started. He understood denying the course of unjust activities only led to the establishment of unjust societies and the enslavement of people and nations. Foreign policy was a subject endured and not ever fantasized about because the stakes were too high. Reagan lived by a set of values placed into his consciousness by pioneer stock familiar with the battles fought by American citizens to establish, anchor and enjoy the pursuit of life, liberty and pursued the happiness of successes and the pain of failures. But the pursuits were real and grounded in time tested American ideals and not theories adopted from foreign theorists.

Obama doesn’t share that history. He shows no actual knowledge of American values. He believes in what he’s studied and learned at the knee of Marxists, Socialists and Communists in his own family. He lived almost exclusively (in his childhood) far and away from the historical centers of American industry, political and historical endeavors. He was educated in Indonesia in a Muslim Madrasa. He returned to America with his understanding of the world built, and shaped, by people having no great love for America as it was, is or potentially will become. Obama was taught the appearance of government was more important than the actual proficiency of government’s delivery to the people.

In Reagan’s mind (at least in my mind) America was the hope for a free world. For Obama America stands in the way of a world free Marxist influences and theories already proven wrong when the Communist Bloc fell apart. The basic elements of national pride and American ingenuity and industry are meant to be replaced by a utopian Kumbaya society where everybody participates in an Orwellian nightmare impossible to thrive under.

Under Obama and his people, the equality of man is developed by the dropping of all to the lowest common denominator as opposed to elevating the best and brightest to the level of their greatest productivity. The lowered common denominator becomes a dumbed-down affectation relying on the state as opposed to a proficient, self-sufficient individual advancing in life and bringing others with him in his upward mobility as an individual. The Obamaist drone becomes no more than grist for the mill fallen to the floor to be swept away because it has no utility in its end result.
Comparing Reagan and Obama is a fool’s effort. Fresh picked apples harvested from a healthy, old and well-maintained orchard don’t compare to rotten fruit of any variety left to disintegrate in a bushel thrown into a dumpster like Socialism or worse, Communism.

None of Obama’s efforts and actions shows none of the statesmanship, work ethic or diplomatic acumen exhibited by Reagan and his colleagues. Obama would rather bow in subservience than stand in the face of an oligarch like Gorbachev and advise him of the potential consequences of his actions.
That’s because Obama has NO real life experience to draw from. He’s a paper tiger with nothing but theories written on his hide.

Reagan was a lion that roared.

Thanks for listening

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Sheltering the chrysalis

Sheltering the chrysaIis

I looked up the word idiot in a children’s illustrated dictionary and a picture of Harry Reid appeared.

If there was any greater Poster Child to evidence the utter and complete disdain the Democrat Party holds for the American citizen in general it must be the fact Harry Reid is a party leader. As a matter of fact he is the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer of the party under Obama. Some people carry Obama’s water like good little Gunga Din; Harry releases a torrent of lies from his position at the control valve holding back any semblance of intelligent debate. Harry’s latest idiocy involves the following: “The border is secure. Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) talked to the caucus today. He’s a border state senator. He said he can say without any equivocation the border is secure.” THE HAYRIDE 7/15/2014

Somebody needs to explain to Harry nobody with two medulla neurons actively firing believes that whopper. I wonder if Senator Heinrich’s hemorrhoids tickle when Harry inserts his hand for the New Mexico Senator to speak. Even CBS has reported on the border disaster taking place and if those guys see a situation needs attention Stevie Wonder could see it.

So why does Harry Reid think he can make such outrageous statements and believe we’ll swallow it hook, line and stinker? I think it’s because he’s suffering from a particular and peculiar form of political dementia: Democratic Cerebral ideologue’s Dissemination Syndrome. It’s a relatively rare condition noted in career politicians staying over long in Washington. It appears to develop after drinking the Kool-Aid ®served in the Senate cafeteria for too many years and deepens after years of sniffing the methane discharges of others suffering from the same disorder. Nancy Pelosi suffers from the Representative version of the same syndrome.

It’s commentary like Reid issued shows blatantly he no longer has any respect for the intelligence of the average American. He sincerely believes as long as he trumpets the off-key, poorly structured and rhythmically unstable music he robotically reads in his senile fashion the low information, easily bought street whores he caters to will accept anything he says. And the sad part is they do.

Reid said: “My personal belief there is the law that has created some of the controversy now, (the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008), there’s enough … leeway there [that] the executive branch of government doesn’t need new legislation.” John Binder-THE HAYRIDE 7-15-14)

The problem arises in the fact just because Harry Reid and Obama believe something doesn’t make it true. It might be believable if Harry spent any time at all on the border looking to witness and understand what’s happening. But, he only travels to Nevada when he suffers competition for the job he’s been stealing from the people for so long. Therefore, he makes decisions to speak based on what he reads in the funny papers rolled up neatly on the spool next to the toilet in the Senate Restroom. It also might be believable if Harry ever read the Constitution and understood there are 3 branches of government. The Legislative and Judicial Branches are designed to each be responsible not to admire and consent but to advise and dissent when the Executive Branch goes too far.

Reid doesn’t understand this.

Reid wants the Hispanic vote firmly and securely held in the Democrats’ pocket. He wants to nurture those million+ man and woman chrysalises sheltering the growing immature power of strength in social identity and exhibited in bloc voting. Those millions of present and future voters will vote according to whom they perceive will continue driving the gravy train first allowed them to enter this country illegally. They don’t see this will destroy the same nation not able to afford to support their futures based on the labors of others.

Reid and Pelosi will pander and pimp for Immigration Reform better likened to outright Amnesty and open borders. Fools like Rubio pandering to their Miami based- Little Havana strongholds are no better. Old Madams such as John McCain androgynously appearing stalwart and steady in their Conservatism one day and weepy and conciliatory toward “comprehensive immigration reform” the next, are no better.

Everybody wants “comprehensive immigration reform”. The problem arise where none of these dimwits understand you must comprehend or understand what the problem is in the first place; not just spit and dribble something incoherent when a camera and microphone becomes apparent.
Thanks for listening

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Maybe on Tranquility Base

Josh Earnest (Jay Carney’s replacement) is a bigger “knob” than Carney; and it only took a couple of weeks for him to prove it. Earnest said: “I think that there have been a number of situations in which you’ve seen this administration intervene in a meaningful way, that has substantially furthered American interests and substantially improved the, uh, you know, the – the tranquility of the global community.”

Uh, say what? The “tranquility of the global community”? On what bloody planet does this Nutcase live that he can even think to say we’ve seen Obama “intervene in a meaningful way” to make the world a more “tranquil place?” It might be on the moon where Obama made things more tranquil by assuring we never go there again. Maybe he’s alluding to the many hours of tranquil pleasures spent on the golf courses of the world. Or maybe he’s alluding to those times Michelle spent millions of taxpayer dollars in Beijing while Obama stayed home and screwed up foreign policy by NOT doing a damned thing to stop anybody from waging war. That of course wouldn’t include Israel whom he’s been trying to unilaterally tick-off, disarm and abandon as much as he can without throwing a Couchon de Lait for Benjamin Netanyahu. A “more tranquil…global community”? Has this idiot met John Kerry? The guy’s no better statesman than he was a Senator or an American serviceman before that.

The Ukraine is involved in a civil war backed by Russian interlopers supported but denied by Vladimir Putin. Iraq has blown up making Bush’s “shock and awe” look like a barbeque without the beer chasers. China’s threatening Vietnam. North Korea is sabre rattling on South Korea’s doorstep. China and Japan are ready to start war games near a set of contested island possessions. And, in general Islamist terrorists are kidnapping girls all over the African continent while Michelle is front and center on the Internet with a poorly written piece of cardboard saying we should be given back our girls.

That makes me appreciate the “tranquility of the global community”. Doesn’t it make you feel better?

Oh! I forgot the hemorrhage of Latino children crossing the southern borders to the tune of over 50, 000 kids in the past year. These kids are crossing the border with the complete expectation of getting a free pass to live here without the fear of being sent back to Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama and any other country thinks all it takes to live in the United States is show up with tuberculosis, scabies, pneumonia and possibly the plague if we’re not careful. After all Obama expects us to accept our new Southern American “refugees” with open arms and pay for medical care (ObamaCare), education, housing subsidies and welfare through AFDC and SSI checks; all to be paid for by you and I who work while these kids won’t have to for fifteen to twenty years because they qualify for the Dream Act more our nightmare than anything else.

Obama’s ineptitude is only exceeded by his inclination to believe the bullspit and bladder squirt he keeps dribbling from his lying lips.
This idiot said he’d fundamentally change America. People didn’t think he’d do it by thwarting government actions with his obstructionist, divisive, dismissive and destructive lack of policies, foreign and domestic. He’s used inaction as a wall for the system to beat itself silly against as it runs full-tilt into the wall and destroys the vehicle we knew government to be. He’s started an adherence to the principles espoused by Cloward and Piven to overwhelm government by opening all forms of governmental services without having the financial means to support the services. Obama has again proven Americans’ refusal to participate in the conduct of the government can and will enchain them if they continue to be a laissez-faire accomplice in their own enslavement.

Yeah. Obama and his pet stooge Earnest want you to believe they contributed to the “tranquility of the global community”. All it took was for them to re-define “tranquility” to mean because you’re not being shot at, kidnapped or overrun by Islamist terrorists you live a “tranquil” life. Simple don’t you think? It would be simple unless you live in Chicago under Rahm Emanuel where murders are being committed exponentially.

Oh well. I’m going to attend to my little corner of this “global community” and clean, then re-load my weapons. Much more of Obama and I’ll be sniping Jihadists with a slingshot.
Thanks for listening

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The season bores on

The season bores on

Our political season drags on. The candidates have crawled from the protective harbors of self-respect their mothers deposited them in as eggs. Like little turtles and tortoises blinking reflexively into the sunlight they wander toward the surf trying to become influential in an ocean far larger than they imagined. They’ve all of the appearances of their mothers and fathers: a shell appearing similar to mom and dad’s, an ability to retract their arms, legs and heads into the shell for protection and the natural coloration could serve them in good stead while swimming about in search of sustenance.

But, even though they appear capable of emulating those came before them; they’re weak. Simply because they look the part doesn’t mean they can survive. They’re small. They have little strength and less sense. But, they sally forth believing they can survive based on no more than their instinct for survival. They don’t understand what a shark is; that it can swallow them whole and excrete them after digestion. They don’t know what a gull is; swooping down from above, grabbing them in their powerful clutch and dismembering them before dropping them as so much slime to the windshield of some unsuspecting land-lubber watching carelessly from the same beach the little turtle is trying to escape.

Scott McKay of THE HAYRIDE said: “Hollis wasn’t showing any better than five percent in any poll, and a lot of people were speculating that what he was really doing was trying to build name recognition for a future run. That speculation held that Hollis would stick around long enough so he could broker a deal to get some considerations from Cassidy in return for an endorsement”.

Therefore it appears Mr. Hollis has taken into account and realized wasting money isn’t a really good idea; at least not at the moment. It appears he’s made contact with the powers that be in a more public venue but it’s done no specific good beyond the recognition of his courageous attempt to enter the sea and show he has the strength to swim with the big boys.

Hollis showed his party loyalty and may be hoping he’ll enjoy the quid pro quo any good shield bearing, sword falling cannon fodder can hope for from the Cassidy camp as Cassidy appears to be the up-and-coming Antony to Mary Landrieu’s Cleopatra. We can only hope Obama keeps throwing vipers for Ms. Mary to catch so as to assure the Senate moves to the right way of thinking.

Hollis has obediently followed “Reagan’s Law” and in so doing not taken any pot-shots at other Republican candidates, his probable endorsement of Cassidy is expected. While not outwardly against any other candidate, an endorsement is an indictment pointed at another by indicating the unworthiness of the one in favor of the political reality of the other. That political reality being Cassidy is an accepted main-stream Republican knows how to succeed on the “big-stage” while Hollis is doing that sword-carrying thing. This is understood best when considering Roger Villere’s assertion: “…Paul ran a positive campaign, talking about his ideas and plans for the future without resorting to attacking his fellow Republicans. He knows our ultimate goal – defeating Mary Landrieu and retiring Harry Reid as Majority Leader – can only be achieved with a united Republican Party. “We look forward to working with Paul in the future to win elections and advance conservative solutions to the issues facing our state.” (THE HAYRIDE 7-14-2014)

Good party members always accept the leadership and political acumen of their betters and act accordingly. It would seem Mr. Hollis as so many of the up-and-coming politicos have found out over the years; it pays to go along so you may, in the future, get along.
So in the spirit of recognizing business as usual at the dog park I leave you to this quote from one of my favorite Native American sages: “Political parties were invented by dogs. They are structured according to an abundance of self-serving principles. They are butt-sniffings elevated to the rank of recognizable ceremonial apostasy from principled action”. Meshe Mehtug-Nipmuc Sachem Wannabee
Thanks for listening

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An unattractive “but”

An unattractive “but”

Rasmussen says Landrieu leads Cassidy by three points. While this is within the normal range of +/- variances expressed as a “margin of error”, liberal elements could latch onto this like a balloon caught in a vortex expecting it to lift Landrieu above the gates Cassidy is erecting to prevent her re-entry to the Senate.
I can’t say they’re wrong. But, I can’t say they’re right.
I was in a group holding a “greet and meet” with Cassidy awhile back. The company was good, the food didn’t kill me though the service was anything but spectacular for an allegedly upscale restaurant and the interview conduct was , as always, instructive if you got past the “shock and awe” of being privileged to speak to an elected official and paid attention to what was being said.
Cassidy’s a nice guy. There’s no real artifice detectable and he and I have gone toe-to-toe on issues concerning politicians in general. Notice I didn’t say “politics”. I said POLITICIANS in general. As many of you may have noted in the past I hold many politicians in a form of generalized disdain as a group and self-defined culture.
In this case I’m balanced on the fence separating general distrust and ambivalence. It‘s unfair to lump Cassidy into the herd with clots like Reid and Pelosi because fact Cassidy is approachable, articulate and personable. But, and that’s the problem; there is a “but”. I don’t really know how to get past it right now. I’ll explain shortly.
I know a politically adept political operative who has no problem interjecting his opinions while trying to sway my attention toward the support of candidates he feels acceptable as well as profitable. Normally I listen respectfully then make a decision about what direction I’ll go. The one thing makes me shut him down and moves me rapidly toward ignoring everything else he says is when he asks the question: “would you rather vote for a Democrat?” It’s not an argument. It’s the sign of a lazy mind needing to say something/anything so as to be recognized. The question means nothing and indicates an inability to conduct a viable, articulate, persuasive argument to sway me to see anything your way.
This ignorant question is similar to the debate you’d have about the type of viper will envenomate you; the Cobra or the Water Moccasin. It’s arguable one or the other may kill you quicker but what’s that matter? You’re still dead.
Cassidy spent a period of the interview explaining he was capable of attracting more money and financial support than his Republican/ Conservative competitors. That’s nice. He explained he has a better organization. I think he even has better looking hair than Landrieu and has a better grasp of style than she. That’s all nice but there is still that nasty little “but” casting its shadow across the issue.
Cassidy has a 62% approval rating from Heritage Action, a grassroots monitoring agency grading the voting performances of all legislators as it applies to conservative values. 62% is not all that good in my thinking. To me it brings a vision of building a house on a cliff. 62% is grounded on the rock and earth beneath the foundation built on the firmament. The other end is suspended in air over the sandy beach and pounding surf wore the face of that cliff to the point it’s at now. 38% of the total possible living area is suspended above a drop of life-ending probability. You’re only 13% away from the fulcrum being overloaded and the rest of the house plummets to the surf below.
Now remember, you were sold the beauty of a cliff’s edge seaside property. But is it what you really got? Is it what you want for your children?
Cassidy’s a nice guy. He’s a good man. But, instead of telling me how he’ll improve his performance beyond that 62% he’s giving me a lousy argument. It goes like this: “I may not be the most conservative candidate from either party, but I’m better than her!”
Go back to the choice between snakes and see if that persuades you.
Thanks for listening

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To hallow the day

To hallow the day

I don’t normally write on holidays. I believe there are so many more people capable of expressing what they feel of the specialness of the particular day made holy by custom and/or design; by conscience and by commerce. But now I’ll make an exception.
We so often forget what made the particular day worthy of memory. In Christmas it was the memory of a child born and meant to lead a people through his life of faith and his death before the ascension of his spirit to his higher power.
Now we celebrate Christmas to gain presents; the loot we shower on our young to assuage the guilty conscience because we stepped away from giving them Christ and his teaching.
In Thanksgiving we commemorated the coming together of diverse people trying to learn how to live together and move beyond their differences so all could one day prosper and share the grace of God. Today, we gather to watch football and swill down copious amounts of drinks both alcoholic and not. We engorge ourselves rather than remember the trials people went through. They realized praising God for their survival was most important.
And in so many other cases memorialized by act of Congress, they’ve shared the wealth with hard-working people seeking an excuse to celebrate. We’ve gotten to the point where “holy-day” has mutated to “holiday” where we celebrate the next government sponsored day off. We willingly thank our new “higher power” (the state) and celebrate the largesse fed us to keep us satiated by giving us what’s necessary to survive though we do little to earn it beyond giving our willing worship.
This country is acclaiming the hallowed birth cry of a nation suffering the trauma of caesarian birth from her mother England. It was a group of men willing to risk and potentially suffer disenfranchisement for themselves, their families and progeny as well as imprisonment, banishment or death for the fact they stood for their principles brought our liberties to us. The accepted the gravity of their path, walked it in peril and fought to become the free nation of men willing to kneel before no monarch.
They risked all. They gave all and suffered all of their travails so we, their progeny, could enjoy the freedom and safety of strength in the knowledge our personal labors would strengthen our collective power to resist the wrongs running rampant across the globe. We became strong because we believed in the power of our rightness. We became right because we stood strong against what was and is wrong. Now we graze like coddled sheep awaiting another shearing.
Jean- Jacques Rousseau said: “An unbroken horse erects his mane, paws the ground and starts back impetuously at the sight of the bridle; while one which is properly trained suffers patiently even whip and spur: so savage man will not bend his neck to the yoke to which civilized man submits without a murmur, but prefers the most turbulent state of liberty to the most peaceful slavery. We cannot therefore, from the servility of nations already enslaved, judge of the natural disposition of mankind for or against slavery; we should go by the prodigious efforts of every free people to save itself from oppression. I know that the former are forever holding forth in praise of the tranquility they enjoy in their chains, and that they call a state of wretched servitude a state of peace: miserrimam servitutem pacem appellant. But when I observe the latter sacrificing pleasure, peace, wealth, power and life itself to the preservation of that one treasure, which is so disdained by those who have lost it; when I see free-born animals dash their brains out against the bars of their cage, from an innate impatience of captivity; when I behold numbers of naked savages, that despise European pleasures, braving hunger, fire, the sword and death, to preserve nothing but their independence, I feel that it is not for slaves to argue about liberty.”
John F. Kennedy said, in his inaugural address: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!” It’s been argued whether he authored the words or merely took them to breathe patriotism back into the heart of war weary nation, it seemed effective. I, as a child was enthralled with the oratory and the majesty of the speech. These words defined the NEW patriotism we felt at the time.
But, as I grew and delved into my studies I learned others before him expressed the same thought. Others in this nation and in other lands expressed the same heartfelt thought begging the question as Khalil Gibran did in 1925: “Come and tell me who and what are you. Are you a politician asking what your country can do for you or a zealous one asking what you can do for your country? If you are the first, then you are a parasite; if the second, then you are an oasis in a desert.”
So now I ask: what are you willing to do for your country irrespective of what it can do for you in the future? What are you willing to do for what’s been given you in the nature of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and the freedom to petition for redress of grievances?
Are you one of those reveling in the distance you place from your responsibilities while cravenly avoiding doing what needs be done in the Congress and Senate more a restrictive fraternity than the House of the People? Or is it you’re merely recharging your batteries to perform the robotic functions of cronies and special interests lining your pockets with the filthy lucre measured in lots of 13 pieces of silver?
I don’t know who said it first but I’d suggest you pay attention: “Just because I’m quiet doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot to say. Just because I appear happy, doesn’t mean everything’s okay. Just because I laugh a lot, doesn’t mean I don’t take things seriously. Just because I forgive doesn’t mean you can take me for granted. Just because I don’t keep in touch all the time, doesn’t mean I don’t care. Just because you think I’m gullible doesn’t mean you can lie to me. Just because I’m stubborn, doesn’t mean I expect you to try and change me. Just because I don’t show my feelings, doesn’t mean I don’t have any. Just because I don’t say I love you doesn’t mean I don’t. Just because I’m honest doesn’t mean I’m outspoken or wrong in that honesty. Just because I’m not like you doesn’t mean I’m weird or unworthy of recognition. Just because I don’t say anything doesn’t mean I have nothing to say or that I’m afraid.”
I’m not afraid, nor are the millions of citizens who speak, not aloud, but in their hearts of their daily concern for the atrophy of our nation’s heart. It’s that same heart being abused by the conscious and wrongful gluttony of elected officials thinking they’re statesmen when really they’re petit tyrants flexing flaccid muscles growing weaker by the day.
I hallow this day for those who gave all; not for those wanting it.
Thanks for listening

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Practicality lost

Yesterday I alluded to the chair George Washington sat in for nearly three months of the Federal Convention in 1787. The chair is constructed of mahogany by John Folwell circa 1779. It is of sturdy construction showing the particular utility of its purpose and the time it was constructed in. While ornate in some decorative sense it’s known specifically for the metaphor developed from Madison and Franklin’s appreciation for the symbolism they attached to it.

John Folwell, a noted cabinet and furniture maker of the time, provided the Pennsylvania Assembly with a new chair for the legislature’s Speaker. Today, we call it the “Rising Sun Chair” Franklin observed in 1787, the gilded sun was on the top of the chair and it was noted as comparable to America under the Constitution in that both the Sun and the new nation would rise to the apparent greatness they deserved. This particular chair was a replacement for one earlier used by John Hancock before being destroyed by the British when they occupied Philadelphia in 1777. The original chair was the very chair John Hancock used while the Declaration of Independence was debated and signed in 1776.

I’ve always thought of the chair as representative of our ideals set in the Federalist/ Provincial design. It’s appears spare, orderly and effective with its support and structure. It had little more than is necessary to get the job done: the support of the American citizen seated there contemplating the course this nation would take. It was utilitarian and structured so as to work for the purpose it was designed. It was of use for only as long as the job needed to be done and then the inhabitant should move on. The chair isn’t so comfortable it allows the individual to grow overly comfortable in his posture. It doesn’t allow for the presumption he can remain there until his rotting carcass becomes fetid with the stench he leaves behind in his passing. The overall concept of limited government is represented in the style and design. To build or add-on anything else would be a waste of time and would add nothing to the function. This is in contrast to the plush, over-stuffed “easy chairs” inhabited by politicians in Washington today.

This is what government has done to itself and to us as it’s developed a life and structure of its own in add-ons and the creation of extraneous adjuncts serving little purpose to the people it alleges to serve. This does no more than evidence the overlarge ego of the renovator thinking he can improve what needs no improvement or fix for what isn’t broken.

Surely the Rising Sun Chair underwent changes. The feet were changed from casters to flat caps of banded brass to avoid chipping and fracture. Various efforts to reupholster the chair were necessary and the transitions show the efforts to make the chair closer to its original form and function as the leather wore, possibly cracked and slowly decomposed from the stresses of its use. Some of the changes were necessary; others were merely cosmetic and sought to appease some designer or another’s drive to be recognized.

Where the original purpose of any care and re-construction efforts was designed with the preservation of the original woodwork and frame structure of this most important of colonial artifacts, the drive to repair and maintain the chair has led to a problem most people aren’t aware of. During the re-upholstery process the newest leather upholstery was attached to a thin and delicate platform sitting upon, but not attached to, the frame of the chair. Because of this effort to not attach anything directly to the framework and thus create an appearance of holes from nails, glues and rough treatment, the chair can’t support any weight at this time.

In so many ways the chair is emblematic of what we’re seeing today in Washington D.C. We have a chair that is apparently beautiful and appears functional and durable, but, is no more than a lovely memory of what we once trusted as supportive of the weight people place on it. In effect it’s been de-constructed by fundamental changes making its purpose more illusory than practical.

The sun at the head of this chair is rising, but we must see that it is now symbolic and NOT trust to the faux conservators telling us it’s as good as it was originally.
Thanks for listening

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