It’s new and it’s broken already

It’s new and it’s broken already

New toys are always a thrill for a while. Then the incline rate of the learning curve decides just how much fun the bloody thing will continue to be.

Tablet computers are an example of which I speak. New features connected to new models and new applications requiring interpretation and practice keep things interesting.

But you know me. There isn’t too much doesn’t draw me back to politics as I move along with this divergent and possibly divisive thought process I follow. So he it goes.

We have a new political balance in the Senate and House of Representatives. It’s alleged to be a Conservative proposition. It’s alleged to be more responsive to the will of the people. It’s supposed to harken back to a time when the people had a voice and it a was listened to by their representatives.

To this I can only say bullspit!

According to Speaker of the House John Boehner, there are insufficient support in Congress to override any agreement with Iran brokered by Obama. SAY WHAT!

The House is majority Republican. The Senate is majority Republican. And this moron (and his equally ignorant counterpart in the Senate, Mitch McConnell) can’t scare up a majority of votes to challenge a man they declare regularly is taking liberties unto himself as president. Just how stupid and ineffectual are these two dolts?

This deal with Iran has been exposed as a lie by the Iranians. They say the American people are not being told the truth by Obama and his flathead funky John Kerry. The Iranians say they’re not giving up anything concerning their nuclear developments. And the American people are supposed to simply accept any and all things dribbled from the lips of a known liar and charlatan.
We’ve heard varying estimates from a few weeks to a few months to years before Iran is capable of producing nuclear weapons. Nobody but the fool on the hill and the desert devils know for sure how far away we are from nuclear war. And our chosen representatives say they have no way to end this guy in and follow the commands of the American people.

Why in holy heaven are they elected and then reelected if all they can do I tell us what they can’t do? Why have we populated the herd with steers as opposed to men and women capable of strengthening the legislative gene pool with the vibrancy of American ideals and historical patriotism based on American exceptionalism? The fact is Americans have grown lazy. They consistently swallow the bitter pill of Progressivism and all that it represents because it’s easier to accept what’s force-fed them in the media and on TV.

Mediocrity, insolvency of morals incapacitating our will and inconstancy of advancement based on our higher values and sense of justice and knowledge of what FREEDOM truly means are what’s causing our diminishing stature in the world.

It’s disturbing to note that we regularly accept the lesser of many evils simply because they have the most money to buy the elections.
I’ve harped on this before but the big question remains: when are we going to learn? Must we suffer the worst indignities of war foisted upon us by people assured they’ll never suffer the pains we will because they somehow believe they’re above it all? At what level of society does a person become immune to the travails of homicidal dogma? At what level of society does a person slide past the theory and belief that sending as many self-defined “infidels” to the afterlife will assure they get their version of Paradise while all others are condemned to the lowest levels of Hell Dante Alighieri could have imagined?

How do we get the representation of people live on this planet, in this time and having an awareness of the evils men can execute against others because it’s their way or the hell-bent highway?

I don’t know. But, you can bet that jack-legged, hemp addled knucklehead in the White House has proven he isn’t the one to do it.
Thanks for listening

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The Beacon

The Beacon

This isn’t Baltimore. This is West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana. It’s home, and today it’s comfortable.

This is where wealthy and poor people try coexisting with dignity and hope. There’ll always be problems between people. Whether those problems come from a historical nature that one race or another may never get past; we seem to be just “small town” enough to look each other in the eye and say hello or nod in recognition of our similarities. We can see each other’s aspirations to gain the greatness I believe God expects of us.
Here, at a place where racism WAS institutional, progress is made toward the realization of equality among all people. There’s African–American leadership at the city and state levels. Representatives of diverse races represent us in Washington. People of every race want the same things for their children.

We want equality, education and employment. We want freedoms we all should have as specified in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We all want a brilliance of future for our kids and grandchildren exceeding that which we’ve experienced or endured. For some, success is a goal not firmly grasped at times. Occasionally that roadblock is erected by stupidity and ignorance.
Does that mean racism? Yes and no.

Any employer refusing to employ a person simply because of race, creed or color doesn’t deserve success. But any person believes they’re entitled to success because they’re of a particular race, creed or color they should look at their attitude. They should examine their willingness to excel in the foundational elements of education and positive societal influence through affirmative performance as a citizen.
You come to be known for the quality person you are by the actions you perform and the strength of your character you demonstrate in day to day actions.

America‘s been concealed from our young. We no longer exalt our heroes who fought, suffered and died to establish the basis of this nation. We no longer praise and recognize the millions more who laid down their lives so we can enjoy the freedoms we now know. Even more young men and women place it on the line today so we don’t suffer the forced indignities of any dogma demanding compliance with cultural and religious philosophies foreign to our natures and in controversy to our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
We no longer give thanks for what we’ve been given. We seem to complain about what we haven’t yet received. We demand it rather than step up and earn it as our ancestors did.

In this nation today, criminals are held up for admiration in movies, television, videogames and literature; if it can be called that. The decay of our values is accomplished through the poisoning elements of greed coupled with inconsistent parenting. We have children born and placed in “auto-pilot” mode as they enter school. We have families disjointed and displaced by drives for material success while sacrificing moral direction for our children. We have children birthing children and then allowing those children to be raised up by children in the street having no more experience in life than those they poorly mentor. This threatens their growth and prosperity.

We see the blind leading the visionless toward oblivion for themselves and for all of us as a society. We here the babble of discordant shouting and incoherent screaming of epithets more than we hear the directions given us on how to be better, to live better and to succeed with effort. You don’t succeed simply because you show up and complain. You don’t build by tearing others down.

You have to work for it. You have to invest your “sweat equity”. You have to bend your back and stand as a man or woman to reach the heights you can soar to in time. You can live in the shadow of despair you believe thrust upon you or you can cast a shadow of greatness you’re entitled to work toward and show your children and others accomplishment and victory can be yours, and theirs.

Your success becomes our success and our success can be the beacon lighting the way for our kids and America’s future.
Thanks for listening

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Us vs. Them?

Us v, Them?

This is a new day. This is a new chance to get it right and show the progress of man as an inhabitant of the planet and a member of society.
But it’s also a bad day. Life has been lost. Innocents have been harmed and injured. A society within a society self-flagellates; whips and beats itself while destroying the businesses and police meant to help them in times of strife. It’s a time when frustration on both sides of the skirmish lines drawn in public venues lead to division, dissension, derision and demolition of a nation’s hopes for coming together as one.

The events occurring in Baltimore, Maryland are a result of people NOT coming together. They’ve rejected speaking to each other and shout down any attempts at peaceful resolution for the crimes alleged to have been committed. It’s not known how a young man came to be killed, his spine nearly severed (as the allegation goes) while in police custody. We weren’t there but the evidence will prove the rightness or wrongness of any control activity executed against this young man.

Our hearts should go out to the suffering being known by his family.

I, as a former law enforcement officer, am appalled at my personal knowledge of the fact law enforcement training is for the most part, misdirected and ignorant in specific circumstances. Officers react to stress with an extension of force without sufficient training to ensure the control of the suspect and the safety of both the suspect and the officer. There is no simple solution. All must come together to determine the problems and address them so as to produce solutions everybody can live with.

Number ONE: let’s stop justifying bad behaviors with excuses. Let’s stop complaining because jobs aren’t available and recognize some people want exorbitant pay for jobs a chimp can be trained to do. Let’s stop paying illegal, “undocumented” aliens to do the things people suffering the pains of a false sense of entitlement won’t do unless they get better than $15 an hour. Let’s start teaching parenting to those most hedonistically challenged and make them understand the responsibility of their actions; make them understand a moment’s pleasures can lead to a lifetime of effort to raise a child brought about from that union. Make the male responsible by DNA assurance and demand by society to support the person he helps to create. Allow NO welfare payment to women and/or men NOT knowing the identity of the other parent.

Then, at the same time, let’s start training law enforcement personnel in Empty Hand Control Techniques to a level of proficiency approaching the Expert level. The United Kingdom has many jurisdictions with officers NOT in possession of firearms. They make arrests daily and without the need for excessive firearms emphasis. Law Enforcement Officers in America spend more time learning armed intervention than they do unarmed control techniques. This is because misuse of a firearm leads to devastating effect when it occurs. A person will be maimed or killed when impacted by a bullet or shotgun round.

In America we don’t teach officers to fight. We don’t teach officers to control. We teach officers by virtue of their frustrations to look to get even because the system may let the accused off with a light or probated sentence while the officer may have to convalesce for an extended period of time. In the officer’s mind there is no justice in such cases.

Less than 1% of all officers will endure repeated assault necessitating the use of lethal force (impact weapon to a head or use of a firearm) to control a situation. Yet Firearms Training is accentuated across the nation and noted to be practiced more regularly and with greater stress placed on the judicious use of Lethal Force. This is as opposed to learning and regularly training in “Less Than Lethal Force” and “Control Techniques”.
Few officers must take control of a suspect at gunpoint. But, every suspect taken into custody will be touched, directed and controlled by an officer by hand. The level of remedial training in control techniques and Community Policing Techniques is miniscule in comparison to firearms training.

We train our officers to revert to what they know will keep them safe: the gun. They don’t have sufficient confidence in their abilities to control suspects with empty-hand techniques, leverage with a baton as opposed to striking and when they’re assaulted and hurt they revert to getting “pay-back”.

We must teach respect for the police as agents of society’s right to peace and safety in society. We must also teach the police to respect the people and extend their presence as an arm of the people’s right to peace and safety. One CANNOT work without the courtesy and understanding of the other.

Both elements must take responsibility for their actions and answer for what they do as a society: not from an idea of “US vs THEM”.
Thanks for listening

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Soulless eyes

Soulless eyes

After Hilarity Clinton had her health scare suggesting she had a stroke or minor brain infarct when she was still Secretary of State she started wearing special glasses to help her focus properly. Then, more recently she’s taken to wearing her sunglasses when she orders at Scarf and Barf establishments. These glasses obviously don’t work as effectively as her prescription lenses because they don’t allow her to focus on the tip jar designed to help the people she claims to represent. They’re trying to make a living on The Fair Labor Standards Act requiring a minimum wage of $2.13 for tipped workers with the expectation that wages plus tips total no less than $7.25 per hour. (US Department of Labor)

Ronald Reagan started this crap decades ago because he was of the belief all people would give a gratuity so restauranteurs wouldn’t be punished by having to pay minimum wage and cut into their bottom line. He didn’t count on people like Clinton feeling entitled to service by minions.
She understands the concept of “servers”; she simply can’t equate to them. It’s evident the darkened shades help her to not suffer the glare of these people when she stiffs them for the gratuity expected for good service. Maybe she didn’t feel the service was good enough to deserve a tip. But, looking at her track record it appears more logical she’s so out of touch with what the middle class is about, she just didn’t feel these kids need to survive on anything more than $2.13 an hour. Why help them when you can focus on Wall Street and Income Inequality?

In order to understand the idea I’m trying to get across we must look at her eyewear. The post-incident lenses adopted appeared to present a wavy appearance helping her to focus as the vision centers of her brain were disrupted by the alleged cerebral vascular incident. I’d suggest she was required to wear these things to support her fuzzy logic there was no real difference it made whether the Benghazi Incident occurred and who really was culpable. She didn’t clearly see the fact she’s responsible (through her incompetence and indifference) for the deaths of Americans. These spectacles were designed to distract everybody from the spectacle of her petulantly pounding the table and yelling because it IS all about her but not in the way it’s been shown.

There’s a severe disconnect between the people and this half-witted political dilettante. She’s a child of wealth and position. She was a licensed lawyer. She’s NEVER had to scratch and claw for anything she’s ever gotten or supposedly earned in spite of her lie she and Bill were “dead broke” when they left the White House. She knows nothing of sacrifice. She knows nothing of manual labor. She knows nothing of the feel of sweat dripping into your eyes as you work a field, work an assembly line or even so much as plant a flower garden to make the world brighter.

All she’s done is consume, expect to progress and have a presidency given to her because her asshat husband said he’d get it for her with the multiple millions derived from selling her Secretarial position to the highest bidder through contributions to the “Clinton Foundation”.
Yes, I believe Hilarity has vision problems. But this thought is derived from having been scuba diver years ago. While pleasure diving as a novice off of the coast of California, I was introduced to a small shark. (I make no claim to anything larger than three feet long but I was impressed with its sleekness, its speed and the fact it swims with its mouth open a lot of the time). It’s always ready to eat.

But the most interesting thing I noted as it circled us was not just its curiosity as to what it could get away with: it was the soulless, blankness of its stare as it registered the possibility of getting to taste-test this intruder entering into its consciousness.

That’s the same look I’ve seen so many times in Ms. Clinton’s eyes.
Thanks for listening

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Dancing on the brink

Dancing on the brink

With “negotiations” (really more American capitulations than anything else) with Iran being conducted by that scion of propaganda masquerading as a Secretary of State, John “Swifty Boat” Kerry, we find ourselves walking to the brink of armed conflict if not actual war in the Middle East. Well; we’re not actually walking toward the brink so much as we’re backing up, bent over and “twerking” our butts in hopes of merging our nuclear futures with a group of Islamic nutbags screaming: “DEATH TO AMERICA THE GREAT SATAN”! One bad step and you fall over the brink or the Ayatollah slams it to you with no mistake as to the consequences of such an action.

Where we were vocalizing noises to look like we’re led by a man understood the dangers of radical Islam, Obama’s willing to accept any deal regarding nuclear weapons development in Riyadh. He’d rather do this than say he has no other legacy other than claiming ObamaCare as a winner domestically and getting out of Iraq to only have it blow-up in his face as we speak. That’s got to suck.

It’s evident the man is stupid as well as duplicitous. He bathes in the power he’s not entitled to but has garnered because nobody has tried stopping him. That’s because so many Americans, good people, without the sense to recognize freedoms can be eroded and then outright flushed away by the power of liquid promises can understand that being tired doesn’t absolve you of the responsibility to maintain foundational precepts like the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Being cynical doesn’t allow us to forget so many cynics in the past arose to cast off the monarchic shadow holding them back from the freedoms they felt they deserved since the Magna Carta was signed. They fought a revolution to be free.

And now, we’re letting a petty socialist tyrant and his Congressional Progressive cohorts drift us toward that brink because a poor deal on nuclear weapons development is better than no deal when it can be revised by the press, the textbook publishers and the spin-meisters in the electronic media. We’ve come to accept the idea of being attacked from behind because they daily grease the pole we’re told we must enjoy because it’s been lubricated with lies, deceits and political chicanery daily.

Nuclear weapons aren’t something to play with at any time. Now we have a United States Navy Carrier Strike Group becoming operational in the Gulf of Aden. With roughly 7,500 personnel resident on an aircraft carrier, at least one guided missile cruiser, an active guided missile destroyer group and 65 to 70 attack fighter jets, ground support aircraft and supply ships associated; we’re armed to the teeth to draw a “line in the water” we expect Iranian Naval supply ships to not cross if they’re carrying arms to insurgent forces in Yemen. Obama is too stupid to understand you can’t draw a line in water.

How will we know if those ships carry arms? You have to stop, then board and inspect the cargo to be sure they aren’t. This would be an act of war to the Iranians. As the Aircraft Carrier carries nuclear weapons as a matter of course this would be stupid on the part of the Iranians but understanding their religious zealotry and drive to visit THEIR Heaven’s Whorehouses we can project just how bloody this can become.
Obama’s tough talk is designed to gull the American populace into believing he has the resolve to contradict Iran efforts to gain nuclear supremacy in the region. So far he’s given in more than ever dreamed of by prior presidents. Obama doesn’t have the cojones to actually stand against the Ayatollah Khamenei and his relgio/fascist thugs running a fundamentalist theocracy hating anything and anybody stands up to them. They have no respect for a moral coward such as Obama and his hand-puppet Kerry either.

Yes, we’ve got Kerry twerking on the brink of disaster and all Obama can think to do is speed up the music on a turntable with a broken needle.

It won’t take much to push this over the brink.
Thanks for listening

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Acting for the Throne

Acting for the Throne

Hilarity Clinton is the same witch (sic) she’s always been. Bill is still trying to keep his pillow spoken promise to elevate her to the presidency now that he’s forced into history as a perjurer. Her minions wander the political landscape justifying her betrayal of her post as Secretary of State while allegedly (wink-wink) accepting foreign nations’ and donors’ large amounts of cash for Bill’s speaking fees. Then she’s alleged to have favored these foreign nations and donors with policy adjustments.

To date, no Democrat of any consequence has challenged her impending coronation as Diva du jour. Everybody’s afraid she and her daughter Chelsea will meet with Huma Abedin and speak to the cauldron: “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.” In this way they’ll assure Hilarity has the proper theatrics to meet her “misspeaking” about being in a sniper’s sights after landing at the airport in Bosnia. I guess the five year old with the flowers on the red carpet was easily mistaken because the brilliance of Hilarity’s persona was in her own eyes at the time.
Then we must appreciate the sheer fun of watching Hilarity seriously speaking about being “dead broke” after leaving the White House. It’s true the housing scandal allowed thousands of under-qualified borrowers to buy houses with government support and caused the market to collapse. But I didn’t know Hilarity was an impoverished unwed mother living on food stamps and in need of support to finance her multi-million dollar New York manse so she could run for the Senate. Let’s not forget Benghazi.

I agree with Frank Bruni of the New York Times when he said: “The problem isn’t the amount of money they’re making now or the amount of money they have now… The problem is exaggerating the past or seeming disingenuous or defensive.”

You know you’ve got a problem when the major, most liberal, apologist rag on the planet takes you to task for the whoppers you’re telling; especially when they’re so easily disproved. If they continue on with this program Bill’s soon to be delivered speaking engagements to the tune of a half-million bucks a pop, will be on the subject of old wives tales, fishing catches that got away and the erotic phantasms of pubescent, adolescent boys. (He’s an expert there.)

Hilarity’s quest to appear one of the struggling masses while awaiting somebody (anybody!) to throw their cape across the puddle in the mold of Sir Walter Raleigh is a matter of stupid, unrealistic charlatanism. The woman is possibly the most insincere, dishonest, hypocritical, deceitful, politically devious individual and integrity challenged runt to survive the political litter. But, in the sense of Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest and the recognition of the theory of natural selection, she’s worthy of comparison to a character in George R.R. Martin’s fantasy classic; Game of Thrones ©.

I suggest Hilarity is akin (in minor ways) to the character portrayed by Peter Dinklage, an actor of extreme depth and solid craftsmanship in his portrayal of Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion is a dwarf of monumental intellect. But he’s scarred by being different and vulnerable to the dual edged sword of pity backed by embarrassment for his being living proof of the king’s failure to deliver a progeny of stature for all to appreciate. Tyrion must use craftiness, guile, duplicity, and deceit to divert attention from the fact he’s only still alive because he’s supposedly of noble birth, and as such, special in his oddity.

But, where Tyrion is a strange composite of nobility and shockingly lacking in physical presence, he’s a character of immense integrity. He knows who he is and accepts his place in the court.

Hilarity has no depth and displays no real craftsmanship in her role as she stumbles from lie to lie. She has no integrity and is willing to do, say or act upon anything will get her what it is she wants. Tyrion and Hilarity are alike in one way. They do what they do to stay alive. The big difference is Tyrion is a dwarf elevated by his sense of dignity within himself. Hilarity will sacrifice her dignity to posture and drape herself in the robes of positions she doesn’t deserve.

That’s a big problem.

Thanks for listening

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American timidity

American timidity

I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming convictions that I had nowhere else to go. My own wisdom and that of all about me seemed insufficient for the day. Abraham Lincoln

America the great has become America the timid. Over the last several generations we’ve turned our backs wearily from the governance of our personal involvement with government to the point we have no real say in that governance. Americans regularly proclaim the organized, liberal pap and propaganda they’ve learned in schools now designed to advance curricula antithetical to American exceptionalism and leadership in the world.

When was the last time you saw anybody of any race being segregated and forced to sit at the back of the bus? When have you ever experienced the ignominy of being refused service at a lunch counter or McDonald’s or other fast food joint simply because of the color of your skin? When have you suffered organizational, widespread state sponsor racism that could be shown through true evidence of the plot to dehumanize any segment of society?
Pull out the emotion and show the facts. Stop dropping everybody to the lowest common denominator and start elevating yourself and your brother to a higher plane.

Yes. Recently there have been horrible acts of homicide alleged to have been a major part of the action protocols and use of force spectrum of police agencies. Now we have video of a cop killing a man and possibly contaminating the crime scene by moving evidence to conceal his wrongful act. If this is the case then he should be charged, tried and if convicted, imprisoned for the rest of his life if he did this as a hate crime. But, did his compatriots show the same alleged callousness? Wasn’t a police officer seen trying to do CPR at the scene? Are all cops evil because one may be?

I’d say no more so than all members of any race are guilty of the heinous acts of violence against society, individual and the police. Mumia Abu-Jamal was convicted and sentenced to death in July 1982 for the December 1981 murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. Does that make ALL black people bad or wrong simply for the color of their skin?

Of course not but, does a six-month old child resting in a crib in a high crime neighborhood deserve to be killed by a drive-by shooter simply because a gang initiation must be accomplished or an older member of the child’s family is hated by the shooter? Is that a justification for death?
Humanity’s history is as diverse and covertly damaged as the far side of the moon. Our history is pock-marked with craters of injustice, greed and the need for ascension above those seen as lesser beings. People of ALL races have battled, stolen and enslaved their brothers in race and those of other races so they may profit from the toil and labors of people only working to avoid a whiplash. That is historical truth.

But, it’s also history, which is: a continuous narrative of past events as relating to a particular people, country, period, person usually written as a chronological account or chronicle: acts, ideas or events that will or can shape the course of the future (

This is where the despicable timidity of the American character has come to be recognized. We accept our history and give it to the next generation as being their future. We never add the caveat: UNLESS.

UNLESS suggests we have the ability to direct the course of our future. UNLESS suggests we can choose the direction and success of our lives. UNLESS suggests we DO NOT have to accept past treatments and indignities as being our lot. We mustn’t pollute the next generation with our resistance to injustice by applying injustice toward others we were told were the enemy a hundred years ago.

America’s timidity has been noted in our refusal to take responsibility of our lives and actions now. We must take the righteous stand that we’ll move forward and change our personal, individual behaviors in sufficient numbers of people so we create societal changes. This will show we’re better than our pasts but nowhere near experiencing the exceptional possibilities of our future.

We’ve gotten lazy and expect the state, the government, the latest legislative mandate to cure what’s wrong within us.

Years ago I was having a problem with feelings of anger toward people closest to me who’d hurt me as a child. I couldn’t let it go. It was destroying me from the internal rot of hatred. Then, a man told me the best way to resolve my issues were two-fold: first I should always smile and say as little as possible and always address everybody as sir or ma’am. Second, I should pray for those who hurt me, even though I didn’t mean it.
The idea was if I prayed for them I showed the Christian charity I’d turned my back on years ago and it would turn to a sincere plea for their forgiveness. I could gain absolution in time by giving it now. I don’t know if it works as much as I was told but I sleep better now.

The first one was simply if you call people by reasonable and polite names they can never say you called them anything else. Then because you’re smiling all the time you drive them nuts wondering what’s going on with you. But they can’t say you hurt them with a smile and a pleasant demeanor.
We must overcome our timidity and fears of appearing weak because we simply do what’s right.
Thanks for listening

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Ms. Hilarity

Ms. Hilarity

While checking out the media reports of Hilarity Clinton making her presence known (sorta) in Iowa I saw an unbelievable display of rampant toadyism made me shake my head. Normally shaking my head helps me clear my thoughts but the image of media representatives chasing the Clinton Mystery Machine (it’s not the Scooby Van even though it represents the idea maybe those “interfering kids” finding Hilarity’s missing emails) refused to budge.

And another thing, have you noticed anybody remotely associated with government and the transmission of sensitive data just can’t seem to keep track of the emails? I mean is it the government’s plan to avoid the scrutiny of the people by appearing to be so incompetent they can’t keep track of their work? For awhile I thought Lois Lerner was just stupid but now I’m not so sure. Or is it a convenient happenstance and coincidence? In any case it does show the level of disregard Hilarity has for Congress and the American people.

It seems the more the media inhales of Hilarity’s Mystery Machine’s flatulence (I’m sorry I meant to say exhaust) the more slavish they look. Instead of peppering Hilarity with questions designed to show people the “real” Hilarity, they continue sniffing each other’s butts. Then they sit in the pecking order so as to gain a pat on the head for betraying their journalistic ethics. They absolutely slobber praise on the woman thick enough to endanger her clothing with dog food stains. It’s amazing she doesn’t trip and fall. But, don’t worry; much like John Gotti, the gangster convicted for his organized crime activities; Ms. Hilarity is thickly clad in Teflon®. Because of the doting media begging for her to throw them a bone, nothing sticks.

Truth in reportage has taken a beating since Sam Clemens was a reporter. In that day the press felt it their duty to educate the people as to what was happening. Yes, there was partisan reporting. Partisan reporting has been discovered on cave walls in France, where it was noted Pierre the Hunter never seemed to be eaten by the bear but killed it cleanly and humanely; every time. That’s lasted for a couple of thousand years. But, today, because of the speed of delivery and the ability for any dumbbass with a “smart phone” to upload whatever intrigues him or her at the moment, we get a lot of drivel broadcast as news. Then it’s forgotten until the next chance to get more video of some hairball politician stealing a baby’s pacifier and sucking on it or Ms. Hilarity trying to gain votes by selectively inviting small groups of students to hear her “canned” politically strategic pronouncements on any and all subjects.

She can’t tell you what she’s accomplished in her political life. From the failure to produce HiIlary Care during her husband’s administration, to letting the murder of an American Ambassador and his associates go unpunished during her tenure as Secretary of State, to erasing years of personal and professional records of her communication from a personal server and thus assuring nobody will ever know exactly what she did or didn’t do during and after Benghazi blew up in her face; she’s proven she’s not trustworthy as an individual or as a candidate for the presidency.

But, the lame stream media refuses to stop doting on this woman because the progressive doctrine says there must be a WOMAN chosen as the next president because IT’S TIME we had a woman to swap gossip with Angela Merkel in the Powder Room. At least Hilarity would have somebody she could try to emulate (but never equal) where it came down to governance of a nation at the forefront of dynamic economic growth.

It’s impossible to believe this broken down former “golden girl” (in her mind) is the one person qualified to be president simply because her husband was elected based on charm and charism; both qualities we all know Hilarity doesn’t possess.
Thanks for listening

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The least of many evils

The least of many evils

I heard one of my favorite commentators make the statement the people may be a little leery of junior senators jumping into the political arena when they’ve barely gotten their trunks fitted for the fight they believe they’re ready for as they pursue the presidency. It’s almost like they believe, because they’ve attained the magical age necessary to run for the presidency (35 years old), they possess the necessary maturity, wisdom and track record of statesmanlike demeanor to be automatically qualified to direct the future of the greatest nation on earth, and influence the conduct of our friends and foes alike.

American politicians think we must accept only the “cream of the crop”; those people who’ve achieved residence in the “upper chamber” of the Congress (the Senate) as worthy and/or capable of running this nation. One need only look at the likes of Chuck “the Schmuck” Schumer and Harry “The Red” Reid on the left; and “Linseed” Graham and John McCain on the right to see and understand how absurd this idea is in historical fact. Bombast and blather issued according to the ideology of partisan politics accepted with an almost religious fervor shouldn’t be enough to indicate who’ll be chosen to advance to the highest office of the land.

That choice of candidate should be chosen by the people not political party insiders. George Washington knew of the dangers of partisan political parties in 1796: “The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge natural to party dissention, which in different ages & countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism. The disorders & miseries, which result, gradually incline the minds of men to seek security & repose in the absolute power of an Individual: and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of Public Liberty.”

He additionally said: “However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”

One need only assess the apparent histories of Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama to understand the obvious dangers in the perceived inevitability of their call to dominate. To be fair Richard Nixon was once perceived as the worst betrayer of the system of Checks and Balances prescribed by the Constitution.

America set up a personalized form of aristocracy when it was realized the southern gentry would be under-represented by population. Therefore, as slave holding states they divined there would be a valuation of the black slaves to a point of representing 3/5th of a white person’s electoral presence. This was of course a devaluation of a human being based only on his position in society. It was the beginning of the two party system where the gentry claimed prominence over those allegedly more egalitarian northern representatives living on less land, earning smaller profits from their holdings and living under what appeared to be a more puritan and utilitarian ethic. The south was into the usage of their profits and holdings to self-elevate as the new American upper-class.

Through history the political classes, composed of the wealthy and well-positioned, had nothing more to do than hypothesize concerning man’s place in the cosmos. They conjecture there are only so many people in the minority with the skill and mental resources to control and direct the forward motion of a nation. Individually it becomes the belief only one out of the millions of possible choices in this nation can hold the reins of government competently. Therefore, that ONE must come from their self-anointed “superior” class.

Thus it is today with political parties and their belief the Senate should produce a president.

American politics is composed of egotists, narcissists, self-publicists and ego-maniacal frauds so self-absorbed as to believe because they got lucky, told the better lies and had sufficient monetary backing from their brethren in arms and society; they alone can be president.
To Jonah: yes my friend, many people are sorely displeased with the belief we as a nation can be led by children holding high elected office because they were seen as the least of many evils.

I weep for this nation; and my children’s future.
Thanks for listening

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It was a mystery?

It was a mystery?

So; Ms. Hilary has thrown her hat into the ring. Wow! Ain’t that something? Like, was it a mystery or something?

After everybody knowing her candidacy was arranged years ago (when she married Bill) people have been asking: “will she or won’t she?” The worried looks on the faces of little, baby socialists across the world is reminiscent of a four year old being told there’s no more ice cream left on the truck.

Of course the witch (sic) was going to run.

To believe otherwise over the past three decades is to admit abject stupidity and a level of actual idiocy worthy of commitment and transport on the “little bus”. There’s no way to escape the oozing, seepage of her slimy degenerating integrity and character (if she ever really had any). She is the epitome of the creepy dribbling, barely covert progressive, socialist tendencies polluting the United States. She’ll continue the cadence of Barack Obama’s lead footed tread on the Constitution and her plan to continue onward by putting her Prada shod heel on the neck of every American.

Hilary’s running. That’s like saying Hilary’s breathing or Hilary’s taking a dump, or Hilary’s dodging the Senate and House investigations of her latest scandal and exhibition of just how little she thinks of us as people and as a nation. Hilary thinks she knows best, but when asked her greatest contributions to the foreign policy of the United States during her tenure as Secretary of State, the crickets chirp and the stars stand in mute testimony as to how far you’ll have to go to find one instance of her being as success in that job. She’s so obviously done so little even she can’t convincingly lie about her record. There are too many times she’s been caught in the lie. And there’s no way she can make “I misspoke” anything but an admission she been lying. If she was “dead broke” after Bill retired, I’m an Egyptian building a pyramid.

Benghazi, the Email debacle where she “scrubbed” her personal server containing thousands of emails in violation of State Department rules that she maintain a government email account to assure the safe conduct of sensitive correspondences, has become a major hurdle for this overweight, possibly brain-injured and post-menopausal political nag to overcome in this steeplechase. She’s outclassed by a draft horse awaiting the soap treatment.
She did next to nothing as a Senator, other than stay as close to the spotlight as possible and keep that Clintonian presence brightly buffed so as to shine each time her power hungry little asp (sic) peeked out like a full moon over Miami. The rule of thumb for a Clinton is: “Stay out there so they stay aware”.

Well, she’s stayed out there so long she’s taken root in the political weed patch responsible for choking off the flower of citizen participation in their governance; and she’ll be a major player in the growing fallowness of the American landscape here and abroad.

Yeah. Hilary’s running. I only hope she keeps running out into traffic. Sooner or later she’s got to be hit by a campaign vehicle. You know; like one of those trucks with a set of speakers telling the truth and having it recognized.

Metaphorically that would be so ironic.
Thanks for listening

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