The poverty of your soul

The poverty of your soul

I started checking on what it means to band together and found it almost always started with one person who looked as though he or she had a particularly firm grasp on what was perceived as being “right”, “logical” and “proper” in their assessment of threats and the portents of the deity they followed. They always seemed to have a base knowledge derived from faith in a higher power. The first Congregationalists (a term to denote religion; not any particular group using Congregation in its title) were ministers of a faith and as such were chosen as leaders. They seemed ordained or fated to a life of leadership.

In this effort I ran into John F. Brug’s monograph concerning: “Ordination and Installation in The Scriptures” (© 2015). A scholarly effort, it explains: “Scripture gives no definition of ordination. Nor is there any scriptural word which corresponds to the English term “ordination.” Nor is there any systematic description of a rite for entry into the public ministry of the Word. There is no scriptural command that ordination be observed as a rite marking entry into the pastoral ministry. Scripture gives no definition of ordination. Nor is there any scriptural word which corresponds to the English term “ordination.” Nor is there any systematic description of a rite for entry into the public ministry of the Word. There is no scriptural command that ordination be observed as a rite marking entry into the pastoral ministry.”

So it seems the ministry isn’t so much a destiny observed and appointed to in the most basic of senses, but is determined by a person’s innate understanding of the scripture learned and the desire to spread the word through a ministry. It’s only recently we see colleges and seminaries assuring and certifying the supposed piety of the ministerial candidate. They lay hands on that individual in the place of God, because they of course were chosen by others like them before the novice. They suggest they alone have the understanding of God’s true meaning in scripture. All others should heed them in their sermons and should emulate the supposed piety and godliness of the already chosen representatives.

In the Congregationalist setting there is no dissent accepted. There may be debate, but dissent leads to ostracism and shunning. The end result must always provide harmony and accord. The members of the congregation come to believe only they hold the answers to life questions and what’s good for the congregation. The fear of that ostracism bonds the individuals. Excommunication is an example of this.

This is where I have a problem with congregationalism. I don’t feel simply because you’re a fool and have a group of idiots agreeing with you and keeping you installed in your ministry because they feel they’re doing the right thing for the congregation doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. But, when the congregation pays you directly to feed them chapter and verse based on your self-serving ministry of deceit and corruption of the original tenets of the faith; you have a bastard religion divesting itself of its piety and goodness.

The tripartite form of government formed by the Constitution is the scripture of a free nation and its equally free people. It’s designed however with flaws. The President has become the High Priest of Government extolling his congregations, the Senate and the House of Representatives, to accept his INTERPRETATION of the scripture. He no longer reads the scripture because he’s convinced himself he’s all knowing and any other interpretation must be wrong. To disagree is heresy. It’s blasphemy. It’s a denial of the new god he sees himself as being.

And his blinded, bedazzled and superlatively stupefied congregation marches along like rats following the Pied Piper off of a cliff. They drink the poisoned Kool-Aid ® they’ve been told will lead them to paradise as told by Jim Jones in Jonestown, Guiana. They commit a form of societal suicide because they want to belong to something they’ve been told is greater than they are.

God imbued us with the will and intelligence to see and know the difference between right and wrong. He commanded we follow “HIS” word, not the craven images and impostors placed before us to test our faith and understanding of that rightness he demands. This works in faith and in politics as well.

Do your representatives represent policies and laws and adherence to those laws; or do they allow divergence and a departure from that which was written by the best and wisest minds of our country during its infancy? Does the preaching of the blasphemer take hold and lead us to our self-destruction? Or do we go with a strict adherence to what we know is good and right? What was right then is right now. It needs NO alteration; merely that it, like God’s law is inviolate and not opened to negotiation because you want what you want and to hell with those who disagree.
I say to Hell with those who stray and set themselves up for their spiritual and political suicide by following false prophets seeking great profits.

The poverty of your soul is the cost of your refusal to do what’s right.
Thanks for listening

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My function is to sit in this over-stuffed chair, on my generously overstuffed butt and drain the vitriol from my overflowing brain. It’s a job I’ve normally enjoyed over the years. Knowing and understanding politicians are the exemplars of duplicity and self-aggrandizement is one thing I describe as damnable. Disclosing their idiotic and petulant efforts to drive good things into the ground through their never-ending drive to fix what ain’t broke is commendable.

Therefore I’ve come to the point in my efforts where I must steer away for a moment and thank my higher power (That would be God to you stupid atheists and egotistical and mentally challenged secularists think I’m speaking to you; I most assuredly not!) for the most powerful act of mercy can occur in any man or woman’s life: the blessing of healing.

My buddy Stella is a cranky, irascible and irreverent old gal of 77 years. She sticks her foot in her mouth regularly and has the ability to offer some pretty sage advice at times when she’s not busy aggravating you. She’s experienced the terror brought about from at least two battles with illness of such major proportion it would bow the back of any man. She stumbled on through it all with a near loss of hope but a defiant dignity could really test you when you weren’t expecting it. You never knew whether to laugh or cry.

But always we’ve followed. Sometimes we followed to catch her when she started falling; other times we merely argued encouragement for her to take those first tentative steps after having hit the deck full force with her head. She’d arise in a wobbly state, grab life by the belt and start putting one foot in front of the other until the old legs were stronger and more sure of the path she was on. When she was sure she could keep on keeping on, she challenged us to keep up.

That was and still is her way. She gets angry, she gets sad, she gets sorry then she gets glad for the warmth of sunshine on her face, the sound of grand babies giggling or crying because that’s what babies do and then she gets going: still. She’s watching each new generation take hold of life and give it a prod to see where the pony trots toward.

Stella has beat cancer twice. Beat isn’t a good word; stomped would be better. She took radiation and lost her hair. She took chemotherapy and lost her lunch regularly and painfully. But she took her destiny into her own hands and triumphed with a drive many twenty year olds can’t match.
Now, more recently she’s been put to the test and walked through that emotional fire of pain and fleeting disfigurement and walked out of the flaming fire pit singed by fear but hopeful. She may have beaten it again.

She was having headaches and went to the Ophthalmologist. He saw something “not of in my field of expertise” and directed her to see her Oncologist. Our spirits sank. She was tested as her eye began to bulge and the pain became more sharp and hurtful. We prayed for the best and prepared for the worst.

This may be too early and may not be what we want, but early testing has indicated it is not a cancerous growth. It’s still something doesn’t belong there but it doesn’t appear to be malignant or metastasizing.

And for this I thank God. I thank God for having this old cranky woman in my life. I thank God every day she brings trial and joy into her family’s life. She reminds them life is scary at times, wonderful at others and entirely too short no matter what.

So Stella’s got a better day dawning. I’m glad for her. I’m glad for her daughter and sons and grandchildren and great grandchildren and all of the peripheral people like sisters and nieces and nephews.

And in the end: I’m glad for me.
Thanks for listening God.

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The Iron Taste of Blood

The Iron Taste of Blood

I was conversing (NOT conversating!) with one of my publishers the other day and we came to the reality outrage is no longer a selling point in commentary and journalism. The overwhelming influence of political chicanery has dulled the senses of the American public to the point they’re insensitive to the horrors being conducted against them. Information fatigue is dangerous. To continue onward with the expression of a sense of specific and continuing indignation bears a sense of artificial infuriation based on personality rather than fact. To deny the facts is even more dangerous.

Who’d ever think the people of the world would sit by, doing little to nothing, while genocide again becomes an operative mode of contact between theocracy and democracy? Who’d ever believe the dreadfulness of the Nazis’ attempted annihilation of the Jewish people in the twentieth century, would be denied by zealots and become a matter of ambivalence in the general public?

Ambivalence and incongruity come about with Progressive thought processes infecting the sanctity of education. Education should be given without regard to the agenda of the educator. But ambivalence starts where the questions posed by the educator seek specific answers directed toward getting the answer the educator wants; not the answer determined as being truth and fact.

This works best in the social sciences: history, politics, polemics and the development of ethics along the lines of secular thought as opposed to divine guidance recorded by believers. People are taught they can justify anything as long as the argument follows an articulable and arguably understandable series of steps seeming to be truth.

It’s how you groom the student determines how well the teacher is accepted as above the masses. It’s the people in charge fostering the direction of thought in the young makes the ambivalence grow like a carpet of weeds mistaken as pure grass growth. It looks like grass in its greenness. It feels like grass for the most part, but it robs the earth of the necessary nutrients to grow real grasses; real crops to nourish the people. It masquerades as truth and actuality when really it’s more a matter of how it’s interpreted under the direction of the unethical teachers and civic leaders pushing an agenda.

Vladimir Lenin said: “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.” This is where our ambivalence is planted, nurtured and grown. It’s in this concept the like of Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Mussolini grew to prominence, infected their people with their personal deification and displaced the desire to pursue truth. Castro did it in Cuba.

Truth lies in history. What happened; happened. Period! But when progressives monkey with the facts and their presentation and posit questions to cause doubt and uncertainty: you have disbelief and distrust of what’s recorded. When you try to state the inner thinking of the individual based on your personal beliefs as opposed to what you know exists in texts derived from recorded historical data; you have agenda driven education. It becomes a matter of contest as to what is what, what has happened and was it a matter of conjecture recorded by those never having had any contact with the subject.

So when people tell you ISIS/ISIL is NOT Islam, read the book they use as a guide for their behaviors: the Qu’ran. It’s an Abrahamic text following a divergent path of teachings from the original Abrahamic lore. Judaism is a monotheistic religion, with the Torah as its foundational text; part of the larger text known as the Tanakh and supplemental oral traditions represented by later texts such as the Midrash and the Talmud. Judaism is considered by religious Jews to represent the covenant God established with the Children of Israel. It has a history of several thousands of years as noted in archeological discoveries.

But the Qu’ran was developed from the spoken teachings of Mohammed in the 6th century AD.
Islam is also a monotheistic religion. The Qu’ran shows many parallels with Judaism and shares many characters. Islam is articulated by the Qur’an, considered by its adherents to be the verbatim, spoken word of God to Mohammed (c. 570–8 June 632 CE) who is also believed to be the last prophet of God/Allah. The Qu’ran is but one of the total theology and is also composed of the specific prophetic traditions (or hadith) of Muhammad. Some say Mohammed offered his visions and personal interaction with God to the Jewish Pharisees and the leaders of the burgeoning Christian faith. He was resoundingly rejected.

This is alleged to have angered Mohammed and he set about spreading his faith with sword and flames. Christians did this as did ancient Jews in efforts to push, pull and drive converts to the “One true faith”. The refusal to comply was met with a commandment to convert or die by the sword. The rejection of the religion (apostasy) and the acceptance of a “pagan” god was punishable by death then, as it is in Radical Islam now.
But that was long ago. We must witness what is happening now.

Both religious texts have commands from God to spread the word and seek converts to the specific religions. Both have history recorded of near genocidal societal destruction in the name of God. Both have historical elements noting the zealotry of religious pursuit in direct conflict with pleas for peaceful coexistence in the teachings. In this all religions are noted to have been perverted by individuals, sects and cults. Faulty and egotistical interpretation is all it takes to pierce the heart of any true faith.

So here we sit in a puddle of blood listening to agenda driven apologists refusing to name the enemy. They reject the fact the injustices of the past are no longer potential but have again become kinetic, destructive and a dynamic form of evil. They threaten annihilation of any and all rejecting the history of the proponents of these death cults.

History is cyclic. What goes around comes around. We, as people bonded in societies, move through time making the same mistakes we made a thousand years ago, but now are committed on a grander scale than before because we’ve created more fearsome weaponry capable killing each other in astounding numbers. But some return to the barbarism of the Dark Ages and brutally behead and incinerate the living opponents individually and en masse when it suits them. Such is the way of faith based terrorism.

So, we come to this point: it’s been my intention to show reason and understanding as opposed to outrage. It’s been my effort to speak calmly and in a reasoned voice so as to not tick people off. I seek to express, elucidate and clarify the problem so we can see it, identify it and understand this isn’t simple economically driven antagonism. It is a Holy War; a Jihad, the Islamic campaign against any and all non-believers. It is relentless in its campaign. It will not be stopped with words.

Wake up and understand the iron taste of blood in the back of your throat. That’s the blood innocents traveling in waves across the Middle East and Africa.

The tide is rising against us. Be ready.
Thanks for listening

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Operation Enduring Clusterf$ck

Operation Enduring Clusterf$ck

My buddy Grumpy sent me a photo of a new patch for my collection. It bears the lovely countenance of our seated Emperor in Chief Beaurat Obama. To say the patch epitomizes the history and stalwart efforts of the aforementioned nitwit to fundamentally change and destabilize the foundational elements of the United States i.e. the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the queues established at premier golf courses across the nation by knocking scheduled events in place, out of place so he can putt-putt his way into Nirvana, would be self-evident.

Never you mind the fact his Muslim Brothers are merrily decapitating anybody they decide is an infidel. Just make sure you replace your divots and don’t get in his way if he declares he’s taking a mulligan on his nonexistent foreign policy. He’ll soon decide just what he wants to call terrorists self-proclaiming they want an Islamist Caliphate established and will kill any and all getting in their way.

As is so often the case David Axelrod, a disassociated political organizer now taking care of his family as he always has but recently moved away from the strategic miasma known as Obaman politics to his residence and taking the occasionally lucrative chance to speak before one group or another, says there were no major scandals during Obama’s 6 year tenure. Now do you see how the patch symbolizes the myopic and frankly hallucinatory elements of how Obama and his idiots like Eric Holder see things.

Holder said “we spend more time talking about what do we call it instead of asking what do we do about it”? Has it entered the mind of the Attorney in General it’s his people aren’t asking what do we do about it? Is he cognizant of the fact he’s been censured by Congress for being obstructive, an obfuscator and a major brick in the stone wall he and the Democrats authorized and constructed to hide the essentially stupid program known as “Fast and Furious”. It all started under Bush 43 and Holder knows the facts but won’t let them come out. He’d rather avoid censure again and is willing to risk indictment for perjury before the Congress than allow big government to take the fall for its drive to subjugate the public before they can get it into those publican heads these guys need to be thrown out on their ears.

And don’t get us started about Hillary “Da Witch” (sic) Clinton and her role in refusing military and combat backup to the ambassador in Benghazi when he and his staff came under fire and the embassy was lost to RADICAL ISLAMIST combat troops. (Choke on it Obama!)

Okay; enough already. It’s time to take a chill pill with bottled water. Anything else would make my head explode.

This patch is just so to the point and such a succinctly stated fact Obama is a fool. It fits. It’s true and will endure as a statement of his incompetence.

But, maybe I’m being too hard on the doofus. He’s just a funny looking dude on a patch denoting the obvious.
Thanks for listening

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Beaten with the jawbones of dead asses

Beaten with the jawbones of dead asses

Disbelief is where it starts. Then frustration takes its place to be followed by anger. Anger is harnessed to irritation and annoyance leading finally to infuriation only to degrade to a condition known as depression.

That’s where I sit after the last, mid-term election. It was supposed to be where conservatism would displace Marxist liberalism. The election from the given selection of “statesmen” (and women) of conservative and thus, fundamentally more fiscally and politically “responsible” was supposed to infuse the Senate with greater wisdom and clarity of thought where it pertained to the conduct of the Legislature.
The dream has become a recurrent nightmare.

The Mule Train pulled by partisan asses has been placed in traces, fueled with a feed antagonistic to their health and whip-lashed by mule-skinners set to travel the time worn path from the played out mine Washington D.C. has become.

The people were told of the great wealth to come. But this treasure trove is worth no than a bucket of spit and the intestinal droppings of the lead mule along the trail. Counterfeit “fiat currency” takes the place of prosperity and affluence. The American Dream has become a duplicitously constructed charade played out and the winner takes home despair.

John Boehner is doing no more than placing the Democrats in a position he was placed in months ago. The threat exists the government will shut-down if immediate action isn’t taken to give Obama what he wants in the form of Immigration Reform. The Republicans now say if it does shut down; it’ll be the left side of the aisle responsible.

So what will we do? Oh dear! The veterans will again be inconvenienced and forced to move barriers to see and attend outdoor national monuments. The bureaucracy will be forced to attend to their work without pay until one side or the other wets its silk undies and capitulates. The Democrats won’t quit; they care nothing about the people. They want to show how people force government to stumble, fall and jeopardize the governmental team carrying the highly unpleasant defecation being sold as nourishment for what they again, someday hope to sell as food for thought.
Who cares if the government shuts down? The difference between the operative state and the dysfunctional and inactive state of government is indiscernible. The “working” model is as plodding and non-conducive to good governance as the inattentive and furloughed bureaucratic officiousness of a working class knowing nothing about the faith we place in them to accomplish good. They’re only required to show up for work (or not) because their productivity is suspect and best and nonexistent at worst.

We were promised a magnificent team of Clydesdales pulling a brilliantly decorated wagon filled with hope and purpose.

We got a broken down team of asses pulling a swill (garbage) cart stinking up our environment and spilling disease on the street.

Thanks Obama, Boehner, McConnell, Pelosi and Stoyer. You’ve done it again. You’ve driven a mule team of broke-back mules dragging our government along a beaten path until the team finally dies once and for all. As you make a grand show of what you’ve done as required by “the Constitution” you play the game where the mule-skinner keeps trying to get us to see Clydesdales.

It’s no longer working. A dead ass is a dead ass and you’re not going to prove otherwise. We’ve been beaten with the jawbones of dead asses.

Enough is enough.

Thanks for listening

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Stand and be counted

Stand and be counted

Each morning the sun rises and the world is born anew. Not so the drive of certain bloggers and writer wannabees seeking to make a difference in the world. Some days it’s no more than trial to simply get out of bed.

The covers are warm, the “sweet spot” of passive comfort cuddling my overly stuffed body and causing me to snuggle deeper into the warmth of the moment makes me try like the dickens to not engage the boogie men coursing and charging about my world. They’re destroying it with their dogmatic, neo-liberal (read Marxist) drivel they believe will balance the needs of the underprivileged versus those of people having had some success in life.

The unhealthy, strident, overly loud and tumultuous, never ending harangue of the few, egotistically believing they alone possess the answers to humanity’s greatest trials drives us to cover our heads and hide from the problems. We think if we just look away we’ll not suffer Niemoller’s observation:
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

But that’s surely not the case. As was seen in Paris and the ever growing incursions of Muslim Extremist and Fundamentalist Islamist whack jobs shooting, bombing and killing the innocent in an effort to destabilize individual governments and murder the innocents with no greater sin than being born to parents believing differently than the Islamists, we now know that they ARE coming for us.

We must speak out now for those who can’t speak loudly enough. We must stand to protect those who can’t run far enough or fast enough to positions holding only false hope for survival. We, like all good people being bullied in the streets must stand and deliver the blow that bloodies the bully and makes him fear the resistance of a world holding a majority against his bluster and terroristic tactical assaults.

We must stand in unity against the unjust and God damnable actions of those who would proselytize his word and love in favor of slavery and a violence enforced doctrine seeking a forced and overseen cooperative that’s no cooperative at all; it’s indentured servitude at best and communal/ communistic enslavement at worst. It preys on the fears of the unknown afterlife and succeeds on the threat of the lash and the surety of dispensing hell on earth.

To praise God requires we open our hearts, surrender our egos and offer up our souls freely to a higher power. To demand compliance with religious or atheist doctrines over our willing subservience to a personally recognized and knowledgeably defined higher power we willingly and with faith accept; is evil in action. If we don’t see the world through their eyes, our vision is supposed as being clouded and therefore ignorant. To steadfastly challenge those who call us ignorant only shows our detractors our weakness of mind and our childishness in “blind” belief.

That’s their belief and it’s dead wrong.

What we believe in is eternally alive and thriving. Their theories, concepts, philosophies, schema, hypotheses, notions and associated conjectures, speculations, assumptions (based on no more than their egotistical self-serving belief in their personal greatness) and presumptively suppositional are continually in flux. It takes no more than another theorist of arguably equal intellectual elevation to offer another theory and the whole thing is placed in doubt.

As an example I offer this: A few years ago Stephen Hawking was challenged on his theory of what happens when matter contacts the outer rim of a Black Hole. Hawking said one thing and his challengers said another. As the challengers proclaimed Hawking was in error, he proclaimed the object under the influence of the Black Hole didn’t enter the hole to be lost; it was smeared along the gravitational edge of the Black Hole and as such was changed but not exactly lost.

What was the effect of this debate? It changed the debate and drew attention to the newer speculation and solved nothing other than to leave Hawking at the pinnacle of his profession. And who’ll challenge him? Only those having strong enough faith in their beliefs to step forward and say “wait a minute!”

It’s only when we stand for what we believe do we stand in strength.

Stand and be counted.
Thanks for listening

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Blood suckers

Blood suckers

The following is a cyber-communication and request for donation for a candidate I once endorsed. Please notice I said: “I once endorsed”. I no longer do that. I find politics to be reprehensible as a business and short of usury, I can think of no other business gives so little to the consumer and demands so much more back than is fair.

“Richard —
With just a month of the new year (sic) under our belts, 2015 is off to an exciting start. Over the past few weeks, I was honored to start work with the new Republican majority Senate, fighting for more jobs, against amnesty, for less taxes, and for a more secure America. We are going to achieve great things this year, and I am thankful for your confidence in my plan.
The start of 2015 also means the start of our election year. With less than a year until Election Day, now is the time to ramp up our efforts. Now is the time to show our fellow Louisianians (sic) that Team [name of candidate] is here to fight for Louisiana values and Louisiana common sense.”
Each month of 2015, I am going to set a goal to help us take another step towards an Election Day victory. My goal for January is to have 100 new online donors join Team [name of the candidate], and I am hoping you will be one of them.
Can you help us fight in 2015 by contributing $5, $15, or even $25 today? Anything you chip in will move us closer to our January goal and closer to victory.
If 100 new online supporters chip in just $5 each, the $500 we raise will go directly towards reaching more voters, recruiting more volunteers, and achieving victory for Louisiana.
Be part of the movement – join Team [again, the name of the candidate] with a contribution today.”

This is no more egregious than any other cyber-scam conducted to pocket-pick the American people than the rise and disappearance of so many Political Action Committees (PAC) foisted upon the American people on a daily basis. I encounter a phone book full of “cyber-beggars” seeking to strengthen an already powerful field of wealthy and powerful organizations seeking to propel their agendas to heights just shy of Valhalla and within the sight of Odin and his pantheon.

It’s aggravating to be thought of as so stupid as to give what small amount of my retirement I have left after being extorted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to somebody/anybody sends me a plea for money to get so-and-so elected because he allegedly believes as I do politically.
I am Conservative in my political thinking. This form of treatment is driving me to become an anarchist. In “” © the tertiary definition of an anarchist is: a person who promotes disorder or excites revolt against an established rule, law or custom. I find this asking for money in this manner to be no less aggravating than those faux “Poverty Pete’s” standing at intersections with signs proclaiming they’ll work for food. I know many of those people are liars, thieves and con-men and women much like politicians [but, is that statement a redundancy?] and other hucksters.

It really amazes me people fall for the first jack-legged idiot puts out the word he needs money just because he says he “shares” your political beliefs. Just how has this twit come to the conclusion he “knows” what you need? But, he knows he needs your money to get the results you both allegedly want?

In this case I have been acquainted with the candidate for several years and once believed in him. [I know. I was young and foolish once too.] But there have been instances where I found his practicing his “due diligence” was found wanting and I found myself wanting to know why he betrayed what was alleged to have been “our principles”. I still haven’t been allowed an explanation as to which instance was the truth and which one is the lie: then, or now.

So: to the street corner beggar and the Super PAC organizer I say this: go suck an egg. You’re not getting another dime until I see some results. And they better come soon, because I’m a hair’s breadth from locking it open, loading it for bear and calling all of your stupid selves “Smokey”.
Print a sign or send an e-mail for that you blood-suckers!
Thanks for listening

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I’m sitting here in a condition of severe bemusement. The confusion comes from the near daily harangue of newscaster/readers placing so much emphasis on the weight of footballs during a game on Sunday. Specifically, we‘re being blasted with questions concerning Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady’s balls, the weight of them, when did they lighten and why didn’t he notice his balls became lighter.

It appears there’s no real answer because Football, being the megalithic sports endeavor it is in America, and the swollen number of staff members charged with the task of knowing the weight of Brady’s balls has caused so much controversy shielding us from getting any real answers. This is evident after enduring a news conference conducted by Bill Belichick.

He spoke eloquently and with suppressed emotion concerning this topic and set in stone the fact that even though he’s the coach, he’s too stupid to know what’s going on around him or whether or not his star quarterback has been fielding numerous balls too lightweight for NFL standards. It would seem appropriate to state at this time that there are several people in the Equipment Manager’s Department of the team tasked with weighing Brady’s balls before each game. It’s also been disclosed that game officials took Brady’s balls in hand and weighed them before the game with no deviance noted in the weight demanded of any quarterback’s balls pre-game.

It would seem Brady’s balls were handled efficiently by everybody from the Equipment Manager down to the “Ball Boy” seen massaging Brady’s balls on the sideline. He kept them warm inside a towel lovingly maintained so as to prevent unauthorized personnel touching Brady’s balls without permission and before handing them off to an official at change of possession.

The major problem noted in this matter is the fact Brady has suggested in the past he prefers his balls to be lighter. This allows him to grasp his balls with greater dexterity as they yield to his grip a little more under specific weather conditions. It’s also been stated by sports mavens, pundits and experts that Brady’s receivers can grasp and handle Brady’s balls when passed to them more efficiently when they are lightened. Therefore, the rules being what they are suggest quarterbacks fielding lighter balls are in violation of NFL rules and should be removed from the game.

It’s also been said there should be greater sanctions leveed by the NFL’s Roger Goodell (who’s been accused of being a less than stellar commander–in-chief after fumbling Ray Rice’s usage of his soon to be wife as an Everlast Speed Bag). It is believed it’s the responsibility of Roger Goodell to firmly take Brady’s balls and remove them from the game. Nobody should be allowed to play the game with less weighty balls prescribed by the rules.

If this is found to be a case where the Patriots have cheated; then they and their balls should be removed from the chance to play in the Super Bowl. If unfair advantage has been given to one team or another and as such cheating is a nefarious and blatant violation, the team and their balls should be removed from contention and the violated team be allowed to advance to the Super Bowl with their balls closely checked to assure conformity with rules.

This matter has drawn sufficient news coverage to assure the constant and vigilant efforts of the NFL to assure the proper ball weight either singularly or in groups will be paid proper attention to at all times. The possibility one team of the other may be able to benefit from lightweight balls must be removed from the realm of possibility. The team’s balls must always be kept close track of and the maintenance of ball integrity, especially the quarterbacks should be monitored. They should be weighed before the public. They should be stamped with indelible ink before each game showing they have been checked. Then league officials should stand guard over the team’s balls to assure nobody plays with, deflates or potentially over-inflates the balls and thus causing the ball to rupture the integrity of the internal bladder of the ball. This condition is known in the game as a “ball-buster”.

In conclusion we at the Center Regulating Overly Tenacious Controversial Harangue (CROTCH) believe the journalists of the world should get a life and recognize there are more important news stories to cover than the weight of Tom Brady’s balls.

Thanks for listening

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The legacy

The legacy

Question: Just who in hell put Michelle Obama in charge of the nutritional needs of America’s children? She wasn’t elected to any public office. Yet she’s been accepted as knowledgeable concerning American dietary ingestion after she graduated college with a law degree she gave up when her husband decided to run for office. Just because you can count calories doesn’t mean you’re an exemplar of healthy dietary practices; especially when you have a White House chef to prepare your (and your family’s) meals daily and when you’re junketing around the world.

Just because she’s the so called “first lady” (a term deeply cheapened these days) and is also suspect concerning the title “lady”. Martha Washington was a lady; Michelle, not so much.

When I was a kid (sometime after the planet had cooled and man started walking upright) we waited patiently through the week until the lunch ladies looking suspiciously like Billy’s aunt Josephine with the hairnet and three errant hairs sticking out of a mole on her chin, presented us with a portion of (usually no more than six) fish sticks. We got a handful of cold French fries and languished in the euphoria of slathered ketchup and fish flakes made eating a childhood dream. If we were lucky it was all topped off with a cardboard carton of chocolate milk and supplemented with that rubber looking pudding or its transparent cousin the mellow Jello ® with no discernable or recognizable flavor other than orange. It was still orange though they tried convincing us it was a tangerine surprise of insufficiently thickened Gummy Bears.

Now, Michelle has somehow commanded that children not attendant in the upper-crust private school her children go to must eat the dietary equivalent of Pakistani MREs (Meals refused by Ethiopians) assembled for combat actions against the Italians in World War II.

Some of the stuff kids are photo-bombing to social media and showing the disgusting slop dumped on a tray for them to eat is horrible in its lack of substance and negligent in even trying to appear palatable. This is all directed toward creating a healthier American child. This by subjecting them to starvation rations in some instances and totally objectionable fare masquerading as sustenance.

Just because an anorexic Ugandan Marathon runner can cover 26.2 miles (probably accomplished out of fear he’s be forced to eat a school lunch) doesn’t mean all children should be forced to starve to emulate his form and figure. “Oh look! Mumbabwe is hiding behind that drinking straw! Isn’t he a scamp”!

When you’re a kid (at least a normal kid by my experience) there are times you hate school. The sheer drama of being forced to sit in class while the world wastes away without your assistance by playing as hard as you could at any given moment was torture. You yearned for the lunch bell so you could get to the cafeteria and scarf down a lunch of greasy foods kept fluid with fruit drinks or milk allowing you the energy to terrorize the playground before returning to the blackboard walled cell.

That ain’t happening anymore in Education Land. Now it’s Tofu and flavorless, colorless, tasteless, and ultimately useless protein glop slapped on a tray unceremoniously and pushed as in conformity with government standards from the desk of Michelle “the BUTT” Obama. It should be noted the woman has a gluteal spread reminiscent of the Gobi Desert painted blue at times. She doesn’t eat this crap.

The original school lunch program was a product of liberal efforts to combat the fact school children from poverty stricken homes were suffering academically because they were hungry. It’s hard to concentrate when your last meal was the day before yesterday was the claim. So we started feeding kids at lunch. Then we started feeding them at Breakfast. I was waiting for them to feed them a continental dinner with wine and candles before it was all over with and done.

But we have no fear of the extension of the school lunch program under Michelle. What we do have to worry about is a legion of little, hungry, emaciated and angry munchkins rising up with Sporks (You know; that little spoon with the piranha teeth jutting from the leading edge) firmly in hand as they riot for the overthrow of the bureaucracy led them to hunger pains and a desire to spit their tongues out in disgust. Ankle biters without sufficient foodstuffs will taste the flesh of the lunch ladies if we aren’t careful.

This is all indicative of liberals forgetting, or possibly never knowing the history of any particular system they want to interfere in, before they do it. The school lunch program was intended to be a benefit for the poor; not an ordeal piloted by an idiot looking to create her “legacy”.
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Craven images

Craven images

In light of the assassination of the journalists associated with “CHARLIE HEBDO” in Paris I must address the intense stupidity of the assailants and the Muslim apologists in general.

I did a search and found there are approximately 150 MILLION men and boys carry the name of Mohammed (or some equivalent of the name) extant on the surface of the earth and the number grows daily. The name is therefore alleged to be the most popular name on the planet for males.

The full name of the “Last Prophet of Allah” was Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn ʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib ibn Hāshim and he was believed by Muslims be a messenger and prophet of God. Muhammad is almost universally considered by Muslims as the last prophet sent by God to mankind. While non-Muslims generally regard Muhammad as the founder of Islam, Muslims consider him to have restored the unaltered original monotheistic faith of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and other prophets in Islam. Muslims discuss Muhammad and other prophets of God with reverence, adding the phrase “peace be upon them” whenever their names are mentioned. (Wikipedia 2015)

According to Dr. Akbar Amed, the Chair of the Islamic Studies Department of the American University in Washington D.C. Mohamed is considered a mere man and isn’t entitled to the same level of adoration as Allah the One God. Amed said that Muhammed understood people’s need to elevate humans to the level of god by worshipping “craven” images of what they thought the Prophet looked like in place of the almighty in Paradise. Allegedly Mohammed spoke against the practice of recording his image and is said to have spoken the words: “I’m just a man.”

You’ll notice the name Muhamet has been spelled in several different ways. This is because the name is spelled differently in at least 13 different cultures and locales to represent the “Prophet”. This leads to a specific interpretation that all followers see him (the prophet) differently.
But one thing is true of all of them: they all extend a specific weight of deification followed by every people on the planet. Jesus Christ is accepted by Christians as being the Son of God and as such a member of the Trinity of The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Christ is seen as a constituent element of God’s being in that Christ was born of Immaculate Conception, lived, suffered and died for our sins.

Muslims don’t believe this and accept Jesus as a Prophet before the birth of Mihemed. But, Muslims accept their Prophet as the LAST and therefore most accepted and prolific of prophets having received his instruction directly from God, like Moses at the Burning Bush on Mount Horeb. Muhamet received his revelations while in a cave near Mecca.

Okay. So what is this all about? It’s about the worship of craven images and the displacement of God to the counsel of secondary “prophets”. And it also has to do with the fact there’s a de facto worship of Muhammet exists in the fact the Prophet is prayed to and acts as an intercessor for the supplicant. A human interlocutor is placed before his God for two reasons: 1.) The supplicant has been told there is a God on high he is to worship but may not approach because of the Almighty nature of the deity and 2.) the human is continually placing himself in a position of seeking equivalence with God by explaining any and all mysteries occurring in human life and becoming humanist so as to approach Godhood in their own right. They gain elevation over others by praying to the “right” god through the intercession of the “right” prophet at the “right” times.

“The ban on images of Muhammad comes not from the Koran, but from the hadith, which is described by Encyclopedia Britannica as a “record of the traditions or sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, revered and received as a major source of religious law and moral guidance.” (Encyclopedia Britannica)

The Bible (which was a Hebrew construct), the Koran (the book of faith for Muslims), the Haddith and the other books of revelatory tracts handed down from God to man are almost duplicative of each other in places. And so is the misguided attempt at equivalence man seeks in his adoration of prophets.

Make no mistake Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn ʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib ibn Hāshim has come to be worshipped as much as Allah. Much like Jesus Christ for Christians Muhammed is revered and “worshipped” as the one true prophet. While no image is allowed to be printed and exhibited, it’s shown, through the naming of over 150 MILLION men and boys that this is so.

“Muhammed is exalted before Allah and shall gain great favor in doing works in the prophet’s and Allah’s name”. Therefore, anybody named Muhammet or one of its derivative spellings is blessed.

The light of truth illuminates the shadows and in that light is seen the hypocrisy of religion perverting the word of God for personal gain and the extension of enslaving dogma. Religion is the banding together of people using a base belief and faith allows them the chance to survive amongst the “heathens and infidels” not believing as they should.

It has nothing to do with the word of God beyond the interpretation of men who read it and find ways to enslave those who don’t believe the same way.

So, based on that how can you kill the innocent for making “craven Images” when there are 150 million people carrying the name of your prophet that the image can be drawn from and the likeness attributed to?
Thanks for listening

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