Where do I start? I know the beginning is the best place, but at this moment I find I’m not ready to go back to a time that was good but would act as a precursor for this moment. I can’t even spell correctly. The mist is covering my eyes and I don’t want to see the truth I know must be accepted.My friend Phil has passed. Well, not passed; he’s died of a massive heart attack after I spoke with him last week. It’s a shock and a pain I can’t really describe because I had so much hope he’d pull through.

But that wasn’t in the Master’s plan and now he’s got one hell of a good man taking up residence where all good Vets go after they make the final muster.

I hate that. Knowing death comes to all of us is bad enough but knowing I’ve outdistanced another man of better personal qualities than I possess is really disturbing. Maybe it’s true only the good die young and some of us are doomed to continue onward.
Phil was a couple of years older than me. He was my publisher on his blogsite Grumpy Opinions, a conservative site dedicated to causing apoplectic seizures in the breastworks and buttheads of the liberal left. We did our best.

Phil did it so well however the foreign butt busters sought to hack the site to splinters to prevent any semblance of free thought in the blogosphere. He along with Pumabydesign (the dear lady’s handle on-line) managed to beat the hell out of the drones seeking to stymie free speech. They did it with a vengeance.

It was at this point I started posting my efforts to Phil’s encouragement and advertisement to other site operators and my work was allowed to move into, until that time, undiscovered venues. Phil will always be appreciated for helping an old dog learn new tricks. I never got the chance to meet him in person so as to learn the whole WordPress operation he was so proficient at. For that reason you may not hear so much from me. So be it. I’m not that important: but Phil was.

He moved discussion forward and gently prodded some of us to think, create strategies and move against what he saw as a diminishment of the American people and the nation in general. His nation was his passion and it was developed to assure hiss children and grandchildren maintained his love for country and the freedoms this country ensures for all of our progeny.

Nature abhors a vacuum and that being said I assure you Phil hated the interior of every liberal’s cranium. He felt this country gave and gives us all opportunities we need to act upon and in doing so rise above our present state. He believed in helping anybody to rise but rejected they were entitled to anything other than the honestly earned profits of their labors. They shouldn’t profit from the sweat of another’s brow so anybody could recline in the shade without learning the joy of personal victory over adversity. He was an still is one of my heroes because he acted rather than bitch and moan about the problems.

I’m tired now because sadness carries an extreme weight I can’t describe. It’s crushing and breath-taking. It’s oppressive and stunting. It kills with the downward pressure of depression.

But Phil wouldn’t have wanted that. He’d have said go out and do something, anything to fight for what this country and a people’s nation deserve to be, to become and to honor those who died to make it what it is. We must make it the best it can be.

Phil Basset Rest in Peace. We’ll carry on sadly. But we will carry on.
Thanks for listening

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NO lone patriot

NO lone patriot

“You see there’s a difference between class and style. You got class, and I got style. And before we ever get to the courthouse you’re gonna know the difference between the two.” Larry Flynt

It’s always interesting to note how people grow, or cease to grow when confronted by change. I belong to a group of people seeking to enlighten and educate people to the fact liberal agendas are based on specific socialist principles clearly evident and patently offensive to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

When I joined this group we were accessible to our extended membership. We had contact with them through a very good and visible website extolling the virtues of our cause and the variant tactical ideas available to fight liberal, UN driven agendas tending toward the development of “One World Government”. Now we have (some people might say suffer) weekly sessions where the “elite meet, greet and eat” before “discussing” issues pertinent to our cause.

The word “discuss” is misleading because of the position one have taken. He believes because he is allowed the hominem of “spokesman” he alone knows what and how the group’s agenda should be put forth. He believes he alone is permitted to say, and in the manner he alone finds fit, what the organization stands for and wants to accomplish organizationally. He’s done this since the beginning of my association with this group which spans a couple of years now.

I can say at this time he does occasionally hit the nail on the head as it pertains to our problems in this great nation. But his message has turned cliché, time worn, hackneyed and trite. It’s boring and dull minded (as he has alluded to in the case of my being “only a blogger”) to the point of being a caricature of what this group is seen as to whit; “bigoted, angry old white guys”.

Times change. They change with each passing moment and the anger and furor of the past political arena where it’s been witnessed government has slipped its leash once held firmly in the hands of the people. The way and manner used to capture the reality of the outrage felt by us was righteous and honest in its delivery. We wanted to impact the malefactors. We wanted to hit back HARD and with the unmistakable furor and righteous indignation our colonial forebears showed when they protested. They then revolted against the steadily tightening noose the British slipped around America’s neck to strangle all protest; much like we see today.

One of the chilling aspects of this problem is the time when any organization finds its representatives seeking to (in a self-aggrandizing manner) ascend to dominance; not leadership. The low self-esteem of the individual leads him to quote his bona fides at every imaginable moment, so as to assure we understand how important he is to our cause. It’s only his opinion matters. It’s only his 1st Amendment rights exist as he shouts down his colleagues’ thoughts and ideas. Only HE knows what’s right and proper for the nation. He calls this DEBATE when in reality it’s only Argument for the sake of argument. It’s Alinskyism in action. It’s only the act of a bully seeking dominance. Personally he’s got class; but he has NO sense of style (or elegance) in his delivery of the message to his audience. He’s a sledge hammer being used to crack an egg. It doesn’t always work when you need the yolk for the recipe.

You know him. In the Democrat Party his name is Barack Obama or it could be Harry Reid. His counterpart in my group is known to all.
Our friend, in his efforts to overpower all others, uses Alinskyist Tactics and techniques to assure he moves ahead and his hallowed efforts are recognized as propellant as it concerns our efforts to arrest liberal, pro-UN agenda matters. In his mind he’s the lone Patriot standing tall and self-sacrificingly resolute against all who don’t see it his way. In this he’s dead-wrong.

Others see him as an inarticulate fool railing at the sunset because the darkness encroaches on how he views the world. Nobody can see his brilliance for the sad darkness of his spirit and drive.

This is what’s happening to the Tea Party Movement. Individuals have started organizations and programs they say are designed for our benefit and welfare. But, in reality, have you ever noticed the only time they speak directly to you is when they are trying to misdirect you and pick your pocket for “operating costs”. No matter the reason for the misdirection, whether it be because your poorly developed ego must be assuaged for lack of internal strength; or you’re trying to make millions to be used to pay you and your staff; the result is people are getting ripped off because the organization and/or the individual isn’t honest with themselves or you as colleagues.

This is a warning. If this self-serving bullying bulls#it keeps on keepin’ on; we’ll have no right to challenge and question the government. We’ll be seen as being as bad as our present government is. They’re already attacking the Bill of Rights and subverting the Constitution through Executive Orders serving no purpose but those desired by our enemies.

We don’t need to drive others away because we need to be seen as more important than the people we claim to represent.
Thanks for listening

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Too little too laate

Too little too late

In an effort to look as though they’re doing something, anything similar to taking action, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee started procedures to impeach John Koskinen , the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Koskinen is implicated in a case of abuse of power where Tea Party organizations were punitively targeted and effectively stalled from receiving tax exempt status. Additionally he and Lois Lerner were responsible for giving false information and destroying email communications. Lerner was a supervisor in the system.

Lerner supervised the division screening the applications. She retired quickly after the scandal broke in 2013. She was held in contempt of Congress for twice refusing to testify on the screening. Representative Darrell Issa, Chairman of the Committee screwed the pooch when he allowed Lerner to issue a statement denying guilt before she took the Fifth Amendment and refused to testify for fear of criminally incriminating herself with her testimony and/or potential perjury. Such statements are not legally allowed; you take the oath and shut your obstructionist mouth under protections offered by the amendment. You’re not allowed to make a speech as she did.

Chairman Jason Chaffetz of Utah said: “Commissioner Koskinen violated the public trust… he failed to comply with a congressionally issued subpoena, documents were destroyed on his watch, and the public was consistently misled”. Such strong words and such a powerfully issued verbal indictment has rarely been witnessed before this.

Chaffetz went on to say: “Impeachment is the appropriate tool to restore public confidence in the IRS and to protect the institutional interests of Congress,” Chaffetz said. “This action will demonstrate to the American people that the IRS is under repair, and signal that executive branch officials who violate the public trust will be held accountable.”

It’s a nice sentiment but it’s also too little too late.

Cleta Mitchell, an attorney representing one of the Tea Party groups shunted away from receiving a tax-free status, said the investigation was a “sham” of sorts. Mitchell said a “real” investigation wasn’t conducted because victims weren’t interviewed. “To my knowledge they did not interview a single victim of the IRS targeting.”

All of this came to light after the Department of Justice (DOJ) (showing the greasy residue left behind by Eric Holder when he was effectively stone-walling any investigation or fact-finding to protect the Obama demonstration from its obvious culpability in punishing any political dissent in this nation) moved to close its two-year “investigation” of the targeting debacle without charging Lerner or any other IRS employee.

The decision sparked outrage among conservatives and many tea party groups that were heavily scrutinized in their applications for tax-exempt from the agency.

Koskinen testified Tuesday before the Senate Finance Committee on the scandal.

Chaffetz said in the committee’s resolution, Koskinen violated the public trust by:

• Failing to comply with a subpoena that resulted in the erasing of 422 backup tapes containing as many as 24,000 of Lerner’s emails. The evidence was destroyed on Koskinen’s watch.

• Failing to testify truthfully and provided misleading information in telling Congress that all relevant emails had been turned over, but later admitting that they were missing and could not be recovered. The Treasury Department’s inspector general has since located as many as 30,000 of Lerner’s emails.

• Failing to tell Congress that Lerner’s emails were missing in February 2014 in response to a subpoena. The emails were destroyed on March 4, 2014, according to investigators. The agency told Congress that the emails were missing four months later, in June 2014, and that was “well after” it had informed the White House and the Treasury Department. Newsmax .com

Chaffetz called for President Barack Obama to remove Koskinen in July. His call for Koskinen’s removal was supported by 51 Republicans. In a not too surprising response, Obama did nothing.

This last point indicates the future of this entire debacle. Though Congress may impeach Koskinen; Obama is almost assured to pardon him for any and all crimes convicted of under the indictment.

As we know, the people of the United States are the least in Obama’s affections and, he rewards his hit-men/women for their perfidious actions benefiting his arrogant administration, it wouldn’t appear this theory is too far off the point.

That’s why this is too little, too late to change the destructive agenda of the Obama administration.
Thanks for listening

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Criminally culpable

Criminally culpable

Under some criminal law statutes, criminal negligence is defined as any type of conduct that “grossly deviates” from normal, reasonable standards of an ordinary person. It generally involves an indifference or disregard for human life or for the safety of people. Legal Match.com

After enduring hours of Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony wafting live over the airwaves like a methane miasma from a waste treatment plant, I believe there’s little to no hope for American government to return to its once hallowed position exhibiting truth, justice and the realization of the American dream (whatever the hell that’s morphed into).

It’s fact Hillary Clinton spent an intensive period of time (suggested to be in excess of 7 days) rehearsing her testimony before the House Select/Special Committee on Benghazi. (It must be questioned as to just how “select” any committee can be if Representative Elijah Cummings is a member of it; but that’s Washington.)

Therefore the interview was an exercise in Hillary’s smirking dialogue delivery to questions she’d been primed to expect. The look on her Botoxed, sneering mug while Cummings attacked the process and Trey Gowdy personally, was indicative of her self-perceived regal nature and the belief she’s above it all while pontificating from her toilet throne.

Somebody please hand her some tissue to wipe that s#it-eating grin off of her face. Please.

Throughout the period of time spent by TV talking heads assuring me I’m too stupid to understand what’s being said, what it means and how it’ll affect the woman’s campaign for the White House I was bemused by her appearance, her stature and her imperiously unruffled presence.
She appeared indomitable, invincible and steadfast in justifying her incompetence in the Benghazi Affair. According to her testimony nobody ever sent her the emails screaming for increased security from the people on the ground and personally endangered in Libya. None of the critical correspondences were referenced to her. Though she’s been in possession of numerous pieces of social media equipment, nobody could reach her; nobody could put her in contact with the facts. She lied continually about a stupid video and her belief it could inflame the entire Arab world to spontaneously lift their RPGs (rocket powered grenades) Automatic Kalashnikovs and mortars in an effort to speak louder than Siskel and Ebert ever did about any other film. Those must be some hellaciously well-armed people. (I’d like to see their version of the Second Amendment.)

She steadfastly worked to maintain the illusion she was in charge but was surreally removed from control because everything concerning security STOPPED at levels below her exalted pay grade.

It would be easy to simply accept the fact the Obama Administration and the Clinton State Department are never responsible for what goes wrong on their watch. This has been proven to be fact Obama and Clinton haven’t done ANYTHING wrong because they’re convinced they can do no wrong. They maintain their own facts; they create their own realities and then peddle those facts and realities across the media so as to make it virtually impossible to tell the commercials breaks from the policy statements.

Throughout the proceedings (and afterwards by the pundits) we were witness to the obvious incompetence and criminal negligence of this politically avaricious and inept political juggernaut looking to bulldoze the truth and mangle it beneath the treads of her political machine. Clinton is relentless in posturing as capable, knowledgeable and skilled in diplomacy and statecraft. But, that’s all it is: posturing.

Her criminal negligence is DIRECTLY responsible for the deaths of an American Ambassador and three other dedicated public servants during a pitched gun battle she and her administration refused to support while under fire. Her culpable negligence and reckless rejection of caution placed these men at risk of critical injury and /or death. Her failure to do ANYTHING to assist these men as they fought for their lives rises to this test of law.

America is cursed with an incompetent and politically self-aggrandizing presidential administration and state department. None of their efforts at diplomacy are based on the veracities of the real world. All of the policies are directed toward the proof of the Progressive/Socialist theory long proven to be incapable of success as a governmental program serving the people as opposed to tyrannizing them.

Clinton visibly showed her disdain for the House committee. She visibly showed her derision for the American people as she tried to controvert every bit of truth showing her statements to be nowhere near those truths. She continued trying to propagate the wishful thinking espoused by Joseph Goebbels: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

The truth is the mortal enemy of Obama and Clinton. You need only open your eyes to see it.

Thanks for listening

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Speedy Gonzales Syndrome

Speedy Gonzales Syndrome

Senator David Vitter’s effort to challenge the “Sanctuary Cities” in Louisiana, as well as other states, was killed violently in the Senate. In a 54-45 vote against the legislation the Democrats (and some stupid Republicans) have decided “Sanctuary Cities” are more important than the safety and security of the residents of those specific cities.

Vitter pushed the legislation since a San Francisco woman was allegedly murdered by a man in this country illegally. It was determined the suspect was a repeat illegal entry offender with a long criminal record and multiple prior deportations. The legislation would have also denied such cities some federal funds.

Marjorie Esman of the Louisiana ACLU said: “A lawsuit to challenge an illegal detainer is by definition not a frivolous lawsuit. If somebody is detained illegally, their rights are being violated and they need somebody to come to their defense.” She went further in stating: “Local law enforcement aren’t trained in the nuances of immigration law and if (sic) often happens that people are detained illegally because somebody, some local law enforcement person thinks that they should be detained when in fact they shouldn’t be there may be very good legitimate legal reasons why somebody’s in this country.” Copyright 2015 WVUE.

I remember the Mariel Boat Lift taking place between April 15 and October 31, 1980. It was a dramatic and traumatic event in American history. Castro announced anyone wanting to leave Cuba could do so. It was found a number of the refugees released from Cuban jails and mental health facilities had severe psychological issues as well as some having been involved in extensive criminal activities. As many as 125,000 Cubans made the journey to Florida.

Having worked in Law Enforcement during this era, I noted something interesting about people’s attitudes toward these migrants. Americans opened their arms in welcome. They opened their wallets at the same time. They opened their mouths to sing a chorus exalting the magnanimity of American culture to better the lives of all of these “unfortunate refugees”.

The only thing I didn’t witness was the opening of people’s minds as it concerned this invasion of people entering this country with no documentation, no witnesses to their character and no understanding of the foundations of their moral development and conduct. We had nothing but a tsunami of human beings unloaded on the Floridian shores like a dam burst.

Where it comes to people’s perceptions of illegal immigration, most people view immigrants through the prism offered us in LOONEY TUNES ® cartoons. I call it the Speedy Gonzales Syndrome.

Sadly, people think overwhelmingly all Latin Americans are as cute and righteous as Speedy Gonzales the cartoon character mouse regularly pursued by Felix – “El Pussy Gato”. With the hilarious manner Speedy always thwarts Felix in the cat’s efforts to eat the heroic mouse we’re entertained. But, in the minds of our children watching this crap, we’ve seen they can be indoctrinated to accept the idea any and all immigrants are harmless, heroic and in need of entry into our way of life. Some of these people are violent criminals and as such should be corralled and confined for the safety of the people living in the area.

“Sanctuary Cities” offer refuge and safety from deportation simply because they say they’re oppressed. Every criminal Castro forced through that Mariel Pipeline felt he was oppressed because he was imprisoned in Cuba. Every criminal I’ve ever met felt he was entitled to commit the act got him busted and imprisoned. And, it was a too harsh imprisonment and, it was a mean system didn’t understand the stresses led them to their committing the crime.

The damned system is always at fault in their eyes.

Well, the system is at fault. The system has been defined in laws controverted by local politically avaricious and power-hungry people seeking to swell their voter rolls beneficially. The system says states and cities can contradict the laws because of their personal interpretation of the Tenth Amendment.

Nobody is willing to accept this issue must be addressed individually. Each person MUST be evaluated according to the specific circumstances presented. It is wrong to say all persons of any race are somehow criminally involved. But, it is STUPID to believe NONE of them can be criminals. Unfortunately the ACLU was born and developed to counteract governmental wrongdoing for people without hope of affording proper legal counsel. It is patently wrong to assume ALL governmental actions are unrighteous and thus suspect or worthy of challenge. Sanctuary Cities say the government can never be right simply because of perceived and interpreted allegations of institutional racism.

Yes; by all means review the reasons given for detention. Yes; be sure the rights of the individual are safeguarded. But, equally important is the right of the innocent citizen to know illegally/undocumented aliens are in their midst and that those who have criminal histories or are repeat offenders after deportation are detained, indicted, tried and convicted to be later imprisoned.

The only people having rights are NOT the damned criminals. WE have rights too and one of those rights is to know we’re safe in our homes and lives.
Thanks for listening

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Universal suffering

Universal suffering

I wonder at the direction political parties travel in their efforts to become something popular at any given moment. Democrats were once the party of segregation and slavery while Republicans, newly minted as a political force championed the freedom of the masses. Democrats sponsored and endorsed the bondage of blacks while Republicans sought to manifest the deliberate acceptance and process demanded by the Declaration of Independence and recognizing “all men are created equal”. Democrats were Ku Klux Klan members and associates while Republicans were staunch abolitionists.

Now we see things are 180 degrees apart from the original positions taken by party member and the parties themselves. Democrats declare themselves to be against slavery yet sponsor (continually) legislation keeping the non-Caucasian members of our society shackled to the government through entitlements and specialized social programs. This assures the people receiving the benefit of such socially engineered largesse don’t have to feel beholden to the newer form of “noblesse oblige” to uplift those they feel inferior. They protest they “are merely doing what they feel is right” so as to elevate the ego of the benefactor.

In response to the movement of the Democrats further left on the scale of self-righteous posturing they belittle and scorn the Republicans as mean and miserly by suggesting the black, brown, yellow, red and other blended primary colors should be allowed to grow and prosper without the government dole supporting them. Republicans seek to see their multi-hued brethren allowed the chance to grow, extend their economic reach and prosper based on the strength of their own backs, the reach of the own imaginations and the power of their own convictions.

Go figure.

Now, the political landscape has been adjusted, going back to Teddy Roosevelt, so that government is pre-eminent in its devotion to the loving care and demoralization of the common man and the invisible shackling of the individual to the state. No longer is the world to be a man or woman’s oyster to pry open and enjoy the benefits of culinary exceptionalism. No, the body of the mollusk must be prepped, cut, drowned in tomato puree or milk to become a chowder and as such a mere element rather than a meal unto itself. The dilution of the soup is decided by the chef, not the diner.
While the chowder is enjoyable and tasty for the moment, it isn’t the same as the original mollusk meant to be eaten. It’s different in appearance, constitution and delivery. It delivers sustenance and is acceptable until you want to savor the originality of the mollusk. There’s a different flavor to be enjoyed when you broil the oyster. It’s a different savoriness to be understood when served on the half-shell. But, it’s also a right of the individual to seek out the meal and enjoy it based on his or her personal culinary skills and or desires. Getting a watered down version of life dispensed from a serving line at a venue such as the a government soup kitchen assures you know no better.

When the state decides your needs, they also decide the bill of fare you’ll dine from. You have diminished choices and diminished chances to move beyond what they want to give you. Soon, without knowing it, the shackles tighten and you become subservient to your new master dropping the slop from the spoon onto your stainless steel tray.

It looks like somebody’s doing something nice for you but they control the diet you subsist on. They promise one thing such as freedom to choose and deliver something else as the only choices you can choose from.

Years ago, in a Civics Class (something apparently no longer taught) I was told the People’s Republic of China, a communist nation had the freedom to vote: Universal Suffrage. It was explained that America had Universal Suffrage as well, but with a difference.

In America, anybody of the age of majority could vote for whomever they chose. They had the right to select representatives based on their qualifications. The Chinese had the right to vote. But, they could vote for only those belonging to the Communist Party; not much of a choice, in fact NO choice whatsoever.

Now we see the Democrat Party for what it is: Creeping Socialism. Now we understand the Republican Party under its present “leadership” is no more than “skulking socialism”.

Politicians today have taken us from “Universal Suffrage” to the edge of “Universal Suffering”.

That’s not the way it’s supposed to be in America.
Thanks for listening

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Goobernatorial debates

Goobernatorial debates

From what little I saw of the Goobernatorial Debates in Ruston Louisiana last night, I can honestly say a case of the “loosey-goosey” (Explosive Colonic Discharge) would have been more entertaining. Paint drying would have thrilled me more. At the very least, paint drying shows an overall differential from initial application to finished products. In this case nothing’s really changed.

They’re all still goobers.

This debate, again from what I saw of it, was without any danger of controversy. The candidates all wore dark suits. They all wore dark shoes. They all wore boring neckties and in general it was really, really hard to tell if any of them had an appreciable pulse. None of this came through to me. They all looked like the dearly departed propped up in front of the formerly used bank drive- thru teller window at the defunct and repurposed bank now a funeral home.


There was NO audience attendant. The press was held in a separate room, their video and audio feeds allegedly spotty and of little value. Louisiana Tech students were forced away from the room window-dressed as an acceptable venue for debate. They weren’t even allowed in the building. This was of course after prior debates where there were audiences available and the instantaneous element of audience reaction to the commentary offered by the candidates was interesting. This all carried a certain dearth of respectability as a forum for debate.

The press and many of the other three candidates blame David Vitter for the format used. They don’t think he can handle the possibly any of the “tough questions” to be asked. But it’s not possible to know how well the other candidates will respond to the possibly and potentially disruptive actions of combative and frankly planted opposition in audiences and crowds noted at other forums witnessed of late. #BlackLIvesMatter and other socially degraded political networks ginned up and plastered together by left-wing establishment operations funded by Soros and others come to mind.
It is regrettable that the left-wing has nothing more to attack Vitter on than a seven year old peccadillo his wife and family have gotten past and forgiven him for. As to the question of whether he committed a crime or not; I’d say it’s a moot point. No indictments have been forthcoming. “There’s nothing to see here folks. Move along”, comes to mind.

Vitter proclaimed, concerning the state budget fiasco; “Baton Rouge is broken and dysfunctional and there are no leaders there.” This is so obvious because the State of Louisiana has endured the personal political pursuits of an evidently absentee goobernor, Piyush “Bobby” Jindal as he worked his second job with the Republican National Committee as chief fund raiser and multi-state gadabout. It remains to be seen if any more politicians and/or goobernors choose to put party before populace.

It became evident Vitter’s opponents can spin fecal matter into silk thread as they all attacked the federal government’s deficit. You know, like any droid goobernor from Louisiana could ever affect any influence over the “big boys and girls“ in Congress. Nowadays a goobernor is lucky to get a word in edgewise unless he’s got a gig playing bass on the Fox News Channel. The big party mavens control the conversation and truth has little to do with party direction.

They all want special sessions of the legislature. They all want this because it makes it appear something will be accomplished. It’s true. Per-diem will spike for all those attending. New alliances and caucuses will be developed. The increase in late night rendezvous will climb and in general the public will be harangued as to just how badly the legislators are abused but suffer through it all because they care about their constituents and their plight.


Vitter wants to decrease the state vehicle fleet and its costs. Angelle wants to stop certain “dedicated” costs and remove suspect tax credits and incentives. Dardenne wants to de-incentivize certain programs as well cut the goobernor’s admistration staff (don’t kid yourself; this means he’ll replace those positions with other hacks and simply close some through attrition). Nothing changes.

It’s interesting the first thing Edwards wants to do is spend more on Medicaid through the seriously flawed and questionable Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) as he re-prioritize spending (?) Is this what he means by re-prioritizing spending from one poorly thought out budget abuse to another? But to Edwards’ credit, ALL of these guys want to expand Medicaid. Nobody said squat about increasing job availability of expanding the states productivity through tax credits to industry and to attract new industry. Nobody’s said squat about getting rid of the State Income Tax on Industry OR individuals.

So, in conclusion, I submit the “debate” of the goobers was slightly less satisfying than watching 25 year old re-runs of Family Feud. The format was un-interesting. The cast was slightly more titillating than a flu-bug and the knowledge of issues delivered was without comparison in the lack of clarity.

Thanks guys. I could have had more fun listening to my arteries harden.
Thanks for listening

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Political hypocrites in action

Watching politics in Louisiana is similar to watching a tank rupture at a waste treatment plant. The collapse of simple sense is followed by a flowing torrent effluent sure to taint the numbnuts blowing up the structure.

Vitter is being slammed for a soiree into the depths of prostitution’s gutter years ago. His wife has forgiven him. Who is Angelle, or Dardenne or John Bel Edwards or any of the other political operatives to not have a few skeletons in their collective closets? Nobody’s discussing issues. They just take cheap shots at each other.

Admittedly, negative research and campaign smearing is the street these people travel down daily. It’s the route they professionally take to bamboozle the voters so they can misdirect attention away from the illegalities, moral collapses and/or personal controversies tainting their personal histories.

Billy Nungesser is attacking John Young. John Young is counter-attacking with ferocity. Nowhere does this activity do either candidate any good. Everybody carries the stench of the effluent stuck to their business suit’s pants cuffs. And these are the people coming to us with open arms, allegedly clean hands and asking we kiss their rings in supplication.

They’re all disgusting. Politics is disgusting. The main and simple reason is that Political Hypocrisy is the norm.

Each candidate, from the applicant for the Dog Catcher position to the Presidency tells lies to get the job. If there’s a political element involved; a need for endorsement, commendation or validation from those already involved in the political process, there will always be a certain amount of hypocrisy moved around in the candidacy. This is because politicians paint their efforts and expectations for their service with broad brushes. They speak as though they alone can expose the hypocrisy of their opponents. They weaken the foundation of their personal integrity by attacking the character of the opponent. The attack shows the shallowness of their perceived saintliness.

The “golden rule” is severely tarnished. They do unto others as they don’t wish done to them.

When this political season started I warned this would become a serious problem for all the people involved in trying to select worthy people to represent them. The politicians would come out from the behind the woodwork like roaches and start attacking each other; sullying the political process with lies, misdirections and verbal sleight of hand to assure the issues are never addressed.

There’s an old saying in Journalism (I make no claim to being a member of the Fifth Estate other than as an outlier): “If it bleeds it leads.
This means if it’s sensational, if it is dynamic and possibly prurient, if it has an edge of derision dropping the previously exalted backward into the cesspool they claim to have climbed out from to the heights of where they are at this moment: then it’s going to be publish in a type font reminiscent of God writing his commands on the tablets. Such is the way of the self-righteous when they try to direct us toward their agendas.
I will now paint with a broad brush and ask the forgiveness of those capable of proving the statement false. All politicians are hypocrites. There; I said it and anybody got a problem with it can kiss whatever part of my body leaves the room last.

Politicians campaign with that broad brush firmly in hand and wield it like second rate Michaelangeloes trying to cover the most surface area in the Sistine Chapel. As the old joke goes; ”I could have done it faster with a roller.” But “rollers” don’t get into the cracks and corners of a campaign. The candidate must appeal to as many people as is necessary to bypass the ballot count of the opponent. Therefore the candidates will keep you looking at the left hand while they adjust their rhetoric with their right hand. Sooner or later the politicians have to sell-out the desires of somebody to please somebody else.

Sooner or later they must step off of the straight and narrow line they claim they walk to capitulate to realities of the moment. No longer do they challenge each other to explain the logic behind a political stance; they capitulate to the needs of the party and do things not good for the people. They claim to be representatives of the people but hypocritically succumb to the directives delivered from on high in the particular dogmatic structure of the Vox Politicana.

Politics and politicians suck. They create the vacuum we’ve come to know as deliberative, democratic republicanism. Nothing good can exist in a pure vacuum, not even in the space between the politicians’ ears.
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Still Fightin’

Still fightin’

My new business card should read: “Sarge, fighting Republican duplicity and ignorance one stupid act after another!”

It’s a dead subject (at the moment) but Representative Kevin McCarthy’s idiotic statements about the House Select Committee’s Benghazi Special Committee shows just how insufferably stupid the Republican Party has become. I was recently advised there are 51 Republican Parties in America. There’s one Republican State Committee for each state and the Republican National Committee (RNC) in Washington.

This is the reason so many people no longer identify as Republican and say they’re Conservatives. The State Committees don’t have any effect on the RNC. Republicans are driven by partisan party politics. Conservatives are driven by principles; something House Republicans know little about today.
Now, there’s a quagmire of inevitability the Republicans must pull themselves from if they’re going to put one of their drones in the White House. Boehner is out. (Yeah, like anybody really believes that.) To paraphrase the late Yogi Berra: “he’s not out until he’s gone: for good”. That means until he escapes the ignominy of his poor performance as a Speaker of the House and disappears into a Ohio tavern, appearing as a specter on a stool at the end of his favorite bar, he’ll be pulling strings and jerking chains in the party until somebody in the party gets fed up with his ignorant duplicity.

Now, we have a major push for Paul Ryan to be Speaker. I guess this is because he’s got a reputation for being strong on economy as he’s Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. This means he oversees the tax-writing in this “great land o’ plenty taxes and truly poor use of them for the people”. How’s that work for you?

The Republicans want him as Speaker because he has name recognition, a highly sought after position as Chairman of Ways and Means and he’s photogenic. It seems logical Ryan should be selected by his party to lead it in the House. He’s a dutiful, loyal follower of John Boehner. Ryan knows how to look serious and he looked John Koskinen (IRS Commissioner) in the eye and told him he didn’t believe a word Koskinen said under oath.
That’s ballsy. But none of it indicates he’ll be better at leading the House GOP than Boehner, who was obstructionist concerning Conservative legislative efforts and capitulating because he was intimidated by Nancy Pelosi and in awe of Obama.

Boehner is a closet Progressive and I think Ryan may have the condo next door to Boehner.

Kevin McCarthy showed us his “true grit” with his earnest and “hard hitting” statement: “Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Because she’s untrustable. But no one would have known any of that had happened, had we not fought.”

You have to give the guy credit, he’s honest. But, he’s also slightly dumber than a box of rocks. His quite frankly stupid, ill-advised and destructive attempt at power-peddling turned into power-piddling. The effect of his whizzing on his personal shoes has splattered on the well-dressed cuffs of every Republican. He shot Trey Gowdy’s Special Committee in the butt and the party’s been hemorrhaging from where its integrity bifurcates with good sense. Now, that perception of integrity has been shunted off to the digestive tract showing it’s ready to be excreted.
Luckily we found out early McCarthy is too stupid to be a “Speaker”. Obviously he should have kept his mouth shut.

With people like Boehner, McCarthy and Ryan wanting “top-down” leadership demanding compliance with a flock mentality and requiring abject supplication toward the hierarchy following hidden agendas; this nation is in deep doo-doo and getting a unhealthy helping of socialism to chew on daily.

With Republican “friends” like these, who needs to worry about Democrats?
Thanks for listening

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“The Court”

“The Court”

This, like any form of commentary is a matter of personal opinion and as such is the moral equivalent of a rectum. Everybody has one and most all of them stink.

The Bill of Rights is a spectacular effort at defining governance and the protections from government and petty tyrants offered the individual. It is stellar in its impact and brilliant in its conception.

So what’s the problem?

We’re steadily assaulted by the Executive branch in their thinking they have specific powers never clearly enumerated in the specificity of the constitutional verbiage used. It’s left open to interpretation by the party overstepping their bounds. In other words, the lack of firmly defined principles in the past has created a crisis in American governance today.

The final arbiter of these problems between the representative legislature and the Executive is supposed to be the Supreme Court. “The Court” is supposed to decide the Constitutionality of any enacted law against the standards set within the Bill of Rights as written. The law is NOT supposed to be defined by the dogmatic harangue of any political party in obedience to its party leaders. It’s supposed to be balanced against the words written and the ideals understood. It’s my belief the Bill of Rights is a document of extreme clarity in its simplicity. It’s meant to protect the individual as a member of a society. It’s meant to define OUR culture as strictly American as opposed to a version of hyphenated, fragmented and potentially abusive ideologies at odds with the American Dream as envisioned by the “Founding Fathers”.

The Bill of Rights and its companion piece, the Constitution, was developed because the writers were only too familiar with the abuses suffered under the rule of the despotic and insensitive King George III. Despotism wasn’t an abstract notion for them. It was reality and they knew the processing of the avaricious nature of man was to subjugate his fellows purely from a stance of superior military numbers and injudicious legislative actions designed to serve the elite and maintain their posture and alleged superiority in fact and practice.

Look at “your” president, (he ain’t MY president) and the Congress composed of millionaires and privileged characters believing they define YOUR rights and are better suited than you to decide your operative present and your proposed future. If you can’t see and recognize their egotistical, self-centered, self-possessed, self-aggrandizement; simply look at their acceptance of one of the most obvious forms of conflict of interest: they write their own paychecks as defined by laws they authored, passed and enforce without the permission of the people of the United States.
Can you do that?

“The Court” is supposed to take law as written and define its constitutionality as it applies to that one individual law. It must ask: “Does this law protect and serve the individual as a member of society?” NOT : how does this OPEN society to accept new and different concepts of “constitutionality”. “The Court” wasn’t meant to be the de facto rubber stamp approval offered for the duration of a politically dogmatic and thus, prejudiced party affiliation. These political affiliations can last decades because placement on “The Court” is for life. (That’s better than many marriages last.)

“The Court” has become a joke in the way it operates. Specific justices say they are the “best” at defining and “INTERPRETING” the Constitution. It’s my stance there should be NO interpretation of the Constitution but rather the application of interpreting the individual law under contest and controversy as it applies to the Constitution. It’s too easy for people (justices) to be influenced by personal interests and beliefs. They’re human. They’re prejudiced as are all people. Their rulings reflect those prejudices and thought processes.

In many cases the Declaration of Independence is mistaken as a Constitution driven addendum to the Bill of Rights. It states in the second paragraph: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness.”

As can be seen, “The Court” (in many cases) decides the constitutionality of any law based on the Declaration of Independence rather than a strict balancing act against the Bill of Rights. Is abortion a constitutional right? Is the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transsexual (LGBT) issue a matter of “constitutionality”? Is marriage defined in the Constitution of the Bill of Rights?

No. Nowhere do you find these issues defined in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. Therefore marriage as a social (secular) and/or religious contract is a matter of contract law; not specifically defined by the Bill of Rights. It IS developed under the Declaration of Independence where it says: “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Therefore, I suggest and believe these issues are NOT enforceable by law as constitutional or non–constitutional. They are a matter for the states to decide under the principles of contract law; not Federal law.

“The Court” continually sticks its collective noses in a septic tank and self-righteously proclaims the treatment of some groups stinks. That’s not their job.

“The Courts” job is to weigh enacted law against the Bill of Rights and its amendments. It’s not to produce reasons to be on the cover of Time Magazine.
Thanks for listening

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