“We were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.”

In our efforts to discover a way and manner we can help our elected officials to see the error of their ways and the manner in which they’ve directed our nation to the edge of a precipice we may not soon be able to avoid dropping from; we must make them see they need to do the above action.

In that so many politicians are egotists and as such see no further than their personal abilities and theories this may prove to be a daunting task. Egotists believe the world revolves around them. They see, understand and interpret life and the world as being only pilotable from their wheelhouse. To be sure, more than one great ship of state has been run aground and scuttled by the supposed direction of individuals thought to be ordained by God and thus incapable of failure.

But this theory of their being the dominant element of society and as such inviolable is self-serving at the least and self-destructive at worst. But, as the Captain of the ship may go down with it, the rest of the crew will be cast adrift and potentially lost at sea because of the egotism of their “leadership”. No one person can control and direct the future of a nation and its inhabitants if only from the fact nobody is immortal. But man has and will always chase immortality through his political actions. This quest for immortality is found in the effort to create a “legacy”.
The drive to extend their legacy and thus create an edifice on some mental or physical object showing how they were the seminal influence moved a people to whatever point they’ve arrived at is absurd. The legacy of an idiot is idiocy and therefore without merit. The departure from a disdained legacy is potentially no better than the predecessor because the tangent the new form follows may be loonier than the one before it. No good can come from lemming following each other to oblivion simply because “that’s the way it’s been done traditionally”.

In America we follow a two party system composed of egotists and egomaniacal profligates demanding they be elevated for no greater reason than they say they’re worthy. Your self-worth is useless to us because we know you’re morally decaying and ethically challenged by your inflation of that worth. It’s unacceptable to be thought so stupid as to be believing of a statement simply because a person says it’s true.
For this reason the person must be “entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.”

Of course this is impossible for an egomaniac to achieve. He has to give up his godhood and accept he’s mortal as we all are. Strong stuff for a nutcase with an agenda. The agenda defines him and as such he is defined in a narrow-band manner showing he lacks depth in his construct. The politician is two-dimensional and as such displays a shallowness exhibited in the manner he proceeds down the tunnel he uses to define his vision for the future. Nobody can do it better than he, he thinks.

So; our politician must “let go and let God” handle the direction of his efforts. He must choose to let go of actions designed to produce an effect rather than to do what is morally right and ethically defined. The politician must move beyond the ego and accept the spiritual beyond his personal existence. The depth of his person must be greater than the shallowness of his politics: and himself. He must develop his character rather become one. Displaying quirkiness and a vaudevillian presentation to gain the attention of those he courts for votes is of no value to us as a nation; and a people of character following a moral, ethical, spiritual path.

Thanks for listening

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The sharpened tip of the spear

The sharpened tip of the spear

“Admitted to God, to ourselves , and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.”

This is the tough one to adhere to. To stand before the mirror and see the truth of the reflection and not what one believes itself to be can be a task most men shrink from hastily.

Introspection is when you examine one’s own mental and emotional processes. If done sincerely it leads to enlightenment and understanding. In many circumstances such as in the field of Psychology an act of Introspection can lead to a better observation and understanding of his mental state. In the sense of a religious or spiritual Introspection one looks to understand the soul and one’s status in his spiritual development. In light of the fact we’re looking to improve the quality of elected representatives regularly playing on our sense of piety and godly grace, it would make sense we should check their sincerity of action and the pursuit of their goals for progress in their careers.

Then, we must balance their claims against their performance.

In this election cycle, we’re watching a battle for the hearts and minds of the American people. As usual there are those suffering a questionable past expressing a piety seeming to be in violation of the ten commandments, They’ve shown a political avarice and their pursuit of social positioning makes them appear a mockery of their stated position on faith. They wallow in their “false piety”.

The other camp is trying to achieve the old adage: “ a way to a man’s heart is though his stomach”. The more secular and politically correct and socialism based candidates harp and pitch words designed to fit the particular audience and circumstances available at the moment. They campaign on what they give away when the stockpile isn’t theirs to give.

If these people could get past the egotistical posturing and pursuit of fame and power, they might actually appear as they want to be seen. But, people can occasionally look with a clarity of vision necessary to make their own decisions. Those decisions would be based on what’s actually there as opposed to the staged and packaged performances we regularly get.

People say we’re a classless society; that we are equals and as such deserving of being the dream all people should aspire to in the world. This isn’t true anymore. Though the Founding Father originally wanted that classless society they soon proved only those with money and connections could afford to remove themselves from their labors for the time necessary to debate and enact laws and govern properly and regularly. This is the way it’s been and always will be until the next American Revolution.

Unfortunately, when our elected officials and those seeking public office gaze in admiration at the image reflected back at them, they see not a mere mortal, but a representative of God, or worse: God him/herself. The ego doesn’t allow for modesty and humility. That development was stunted the moment the politician first tasted the heady, numbing effect of accolade and victory in the political circus. They see themselves as the Ringmaster when they should approach their duties with the resolve and humility of the worker follows the animals with a shovel after the Grand Promenade. Their performance in many cases is more in alignment with the shovel’s target than producing results the American public needs and expects.

These people need to admit their fallibility to themselves first and then, entreat their audience to see their weaknesses as they present themselves to shadow their strengths. That’s humbling and necessary to establish the proper relationship between the people and their elected officials. Public service is accomplished from a position of fealty and subservience to those they serve and not the position of the nobility positioning themselves above it all.

The question arises: can any politician admit to anybody they are restricted in their personal and honest performance without first admitting it to themselves? Can nobody in their entourage bring them back from their self-appointment to Olympia and deposit them in the same world their electorates live? Can anybody bring them back to reality? This pursuit of integrity is an incisive way of proving the worth of the introspective person seeking true enlightenment.

I hope so because the consequences of NOT admitting their proper place in society is leading us backward to the place we first started as a new nation, under God, indivisible and with liberty and justice for all. That place was at the sharpened tip of Revolution.

It happened once and it CAN happen again.

Thanks for listening

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Answer the WHY? of it all

Answer the WHY? of it all

Christopher R Weiss · Top Commenter · Okemos, Michigan
The most important thing about being an atheist is understanding that this life matters. It is not a test for the afterlife, it is not a trial built by some god, and it is not just a bridge to a better life. For the religious, this life is ephemeral, meaningless, and empty. The only thing for this life for the religious is to follow the rules so you can hopefully do better after you die. This is the ultimate degradation of life. What matters is your life now. What matters is the people you know now. What matters is what you do now, and not what you hope to be forgiven for later.

This author has stood up the standard straw man, attacking atheism, humanism, etc. It is an empty and logically vacuous argument. It has been a while but isn’t one of the ten commandments something about lying? I wish more religious people actually understood what that means.

The above is a screen capture of a comment concerning my article “God is…” as it was published by The Hayride: News and Commentary ©. It’s a pleasure to hear from Mr. Weiss whether he agrees with me or not. At least he’s reading. I figured he’s been kind enough to engage those thoughts I’d respectfully do the same for him.

First: I’m glad that this life matters to Atheists. It should. I agree this life isn’t a test for participation in the afterlife as he suggests. But, I also suggest some of those are his thoughts: not mine. I think judgment is a fact and is actually proven by the words chosen by Mr. Weiss to judge not only my belief system but to challenge me and others who don’t see it his way.

Life isn’t ephemeral or short-lived. It’s an eternity. And I agree this life isn’t a “bridge to a better life”. The concept of a “bridge to a better life” is erroneous. In fact it points out the shallow depths of man’s thinking that allows him to believe he must enact some forms of critical introspection to better understand what he’ll probably never really grasp at all. But, the statement denoting a “bridge” indicates the writer’s belief he stands apart, confined and removed from the realities of the universe he must construct a link between himself and his personal, omnipotent intellect.

I prefer to think of life as a fabric woven over time into a cloth covers me in during times of trouble and tribulation. Life isn’t meaningless or empty. It’s full of hope and the brilliance of endeavor. It’s full of wisdom to be accumulated and stored; and then to be passed outward to our children and theirs in time. Nobody that believes in a deity can be said to be locked into today and without hope. What would you call the creation of life between two loving members of the opposite sex? How can anybody claim abandonment of hope and the expression of it as “ephemeral, meaningless and empty”. We search for immortality in our young affecting our history as warning and teaching for the future.
Mr. Weiss seems to be of the opinion we people who believe in God and the Afterlife are stagnating in our pool best described as more a swamp of sentimentality than a font of spiritual knowledge. To him we kneel passively, our eyes tightly shut and implore deities suffering the deafness of the ages and in refusal to aid us in our need. In reality we’re kneeling before what we know is greater, no matter how mysterious it might be. We uplift out voices together to create the resonant possibility it will direct a universal truth to favor us and lead us to make intelligent and moral decisions. These decisions would be made in consideration of the logic of our God-given intellect and in response to our knowledge of what was taught us by our elders.

And it was those elders taught us God does exist. James Michener wrote a book called THE SOURCE, published in 1965. It told of the development of the Jewish people from a position in history where man, no more than a bipedal ruffian seeking to understand the WHY? of anything and accepting the development of a higher power to accommodate the question if he didn’t accomplish the action ; who did? That was always interesting to me.
Because of the action of thinking, man moved to the action of believing. He moved to understanding his own fallibility and weakness in the natural order of life as he knew it. He developed fear of the unknown, but he also developed the faith-based courage to step beyond his fears and challenge the potential end results could be changed by his participation in the effort. If belief made him and us stronger, then what’s the problem Mr. Weiss?

I accept you have no belief in God. And, I accept the fact you want to state your case. But, I have never (and probably never will) understand why it’s so damned important to you that I see it your way. I wonder at the fact you seem so threatened by the fact I (and billions more like me) have faith. It seems to bother you we are a part of something greater than our individual selves. You seem to be the wee small voice and mind feeling excluded because of your lack of belief in something greater than yourself.

I think it’s your mind is closed and tunneled into a narrow band of thought leading you to believe in nothing beyond your personal accomplishments, your personal thought processes and your bigotry against those not seeing it your way.

“This author has stood up the standard straw man, attacking atheism, humanism, etc. It is an empty and logically vacuous argument. It has been a while but isn’t one of the ten commandments something about lying? I wish more religious people actually understood what that means.”
My final words are in contest to this type of thought you espouse. It’s not a “straw man” to present atheism and humanism as classifications of schools of thought and self-serving academic philosophy. It is no more logically vacuous to argue for the higher power I believe exists than to listen to the thoughts you bandy about. It doesn’t make me a liar to think in controversy to your thoughts.

So; I ask the second biggest question after “who lit the fuze?” Just WHY? is it so damned important you get your way and destroy the hopes of people never did anything to you?

When you can answer that WHY?; look me up. I’ll ask the question again.

Thanks for listening

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In fear for ourselves

In fear of ourselves

“We made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves”.

For those of us recognizing the sinner in the mirror, this is a daunting task. It requires honesty, integrity and the recognition of truth in what we see and know. Looking into a soul is far and away more important than simply proclaiming the existence of one.

We need to occasionally take stock of what and who we are. Are you really the champions of the oppressed looking to better the lot of the common men and women you ask us to send to Congress? Or, are you opportunistic egotists looking to tighten your grasp on the reins of government will force the commoners to appreciate just how wonderful you are for sacrificing nothing personal?

It’s difficult to see yourselves as others see you. You want to believe your motives are pure and totally altruistic. You think you want to be of service. You want to be seen as noble and just in your decisions and efforts at representing the needs, wants and desires of those you say you seek to represent.

But, when a person is chosen to represent where does the whole apple cart begin flipping over? When does the whole kettle of fish start to spoil? What the hell happens to justice, representation and service of the common man?

In the words of Deep Throat, the man who exposed the rotten core/corps of the Nixon Scandal: “Follow the money”. The money is what starts politicians toward public service. Money spent shows power. Money available shows power in reserve. And money fertilizes careers to meant to garner more power.

Any governmental house, no matter how grand in its appearance, may be the residence of superintendence or it can be a home for rats and cockroaches. As the number of representatives and senators grow, competition increases because there’s only so much power to go around. The Highlander, a television show of some time back said it best: “There can be only one!” And the competition for that Number 1 position is fierce.

Those with enough reality left in their worlds recognize there can be a power behind the throne. That’s when the competition begins again. We see it daily as Congressional Representatives and Senators compete for Committee Chairmanships. They campaign within the ranks to see who’ll Whip the ranks into alignment and others work like madmen sacrificing their souls and integrity to be known as Senate Majority Leader or Speaker of the House.

Shakespeare said in King Henry the Fourth: “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”. For this fact the effort at representation of the people morphs to the point of transition to partisan party politics claiming to represent factions of the populace. It’s done not for the representation of the people back home thinking alike with their representatives, but because when you factionalize you diminish the number of people you’re responsible to so as to maintain your position. It has nothing to do with what the people back home think or want. It’s how you maintain your position in the party hierarchy and ensure the party’s support when you next campaign for office. Party loyalty leads to accessing party coffers and a favorable distribution of funds for your campaign.

It’s at this point we see the pride of the lion devolve into the dishonor of the jackal. Instead of watching over the people in his pride the lion has become a pack hunter living off of the corpses of their constituents’ hopes. Their hunger for control of not only government but also the governed is despicable. These people become a race apart, a race demanding the control, authority and containment of liberties and freedoms enjoyed and guaranteed under the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They want to assure their “greater knowledge of what’s going on in Washington” remains in their control because Washington is seen as the seat of government. It may be where the butt-heads congregate but the strength, power and ability to rise in defense of our liberties resides where the people sit in judgment. That would be at home; amongst the people who expect so much more than what they’re getting.

Our representatives from the President on downward should be making a searching and fearless moral inventory of themselves and see where they are not only going wrong but doing wrong as well.

They’re employees, not prison wardens.

Thanks for listening

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God is…

God is…

“We made a decision to turn our will and lives over to the care of God as we knew him”.

People believe because they have intellect and a repository of knowledge in the books written over the ages makes them omnipotent. They think themselves smart when really, they only have intelligence. Intelligence is the ability to gather information and store it, possibly to use it to change things in their world; possibly not. But do they have “Smarts”?
“Smarts” is a colloquial term meaning they have the ability to take what’s been learned and possibly profited from and apply it to their lives to better it and the lives of those around them. It’s at this state we must come to wonder about those describing themselves as: atheists, agnostics and humanists.

Atheism involves a person having NO belief in a God or higher power. His world is a flat plain with no hope of afterlife, divine intervention or final affirmative judgment given for actions taken or not taken. Life is merely a matter of momentary existence either continuing under the control of the actor or having an affect by the inaction of that same person. It is a belief in spiritual nothingness.
Agnosticism is when a person has no real knowledge or simply doesn’t have the necessary empirical data sufficient to prove the existence of a God. In his world there is no surety of the existence of any deity. There’s no certainty that theism (the existence of a higher power) is anymore logical than the stance taken by the atheist.

Then there’s the humanist. This is a person believing science and logic as developed by seeking information that’s quantifiable and measurable are the only way to explain the unexplainable. We come to understand the manner in which we reproduce and create life to continue our race, so we think we can continually replicate the process without problems. Now with the fact we’ve mapped the human genome we believe there’s incontrovertible truth that we’ll be able to control birth defects, diabetes, heart disease etc., etc., ad nauseum, ad infinitum.

Humanism is the belief man will and can develop moral judgments and ethical actions based on his personal theories developed from debate and his personal understanding of the consequences of action/inaction and the responsibility the human must take for those actions or inactions. The belief is there should be no reliance on a religion or God. Science and philosophy are the two main parts of any ethical definition to be sought out and continually adapted in order to find the truth in any situation. No religious ideology or dogma is acceptable in the pursuit of this truth. Faith is an unacceptable option and thus is rejected outright.

Humanism started in the 1850s. It was a theoretical exercise in academic ethics and challenging debates concerning the ability of man in society being able to conduct himself ethically and morally without the guidance of any religious instruction or dogmatic immersion. But everything debated was developed over the thousands of years of belief echoed through history. The terminology placed in question was developed by societies developing customs and traditions to be followed and emulated through the ages.

Where the development of Humanism started in the 1850s, religious dogma and the definition and divination of pantheons defined and delineated the moral compasses of people around the world, HAVING faith and belief in unseen forces directed the actions of man. Across the globe people banded together in families, clans, societies with like belief systems. They developed into nations and states having deified the unknown forces and developed traditions, customs and beliefs from generation to generation. The word of mouth transmission of stories, legends and ethos for all to understand were thought necessary for survival from the influences of the unknown. The ethos is the fundamental spirit of any culture. It’s the foundational sentiment informing the members of the society of the particular beliefs and customs of the society and the predominant assumptions of a hierarchy in the order of things; especially the mystery of nature and the world.

What is being pursued here is an understanding this new format of thinking, where man seeks ascendency over his Gods and Goddesses, is an intellectual rebellion driven by philosophical egotists thinking they alone know everything that’s right, wrong and in-between based solely on their extended educations and immersion in philosophy. Man has never been known for his humility until driven to his knees by adversity he must ultimately admit has pummeled him to that posture. The old adage: “there are no atheists in foxholes” is true. I know from experience. Even though I trained and worked to be the best at the specific crafts and expertise necessary to do my job; I called upon every deity I knew of in Native American Culture and the basis of my religious instruction as a Roman Catholic when placed in harm’s way.

Man is a delicate animal. He’s not the strongest, the heaviest or the fastest of the animals. While he suffers all of the travails of weather and the elements as any other of the animal kingdom because he can think and reason and fear, he has a psychology needs attendance and patronage. His emotions must be balmed so as to assuage his fears and give him hope. This is where he exceeds the rest of the animal kingdom: he can reason.
When he places an overly heavy emphasis on his personal strengths and comes to doubt that strength when put to a physical test endangering his survival, he must have something to fall back on. That would be faith. And faith is something you place your trust in when you have nothing else. Faith is what you call on when your belief in yourself flags and you must continue onward with nothing else in your arsenal.

We must make a decision to turn our will and lives over to the care of God as we know him where it concerns the conduct of government and the controls of those who would govern us. Our placement of our faith in men and women betraying our trust and faith regularly leads us back to the premise we must redirect that faith and trust in a higher power we expect better of.

Throughout our history Man has looked to the unknown for guidance. We’ve looked for omens to direct our course. We’ve sought guidance through supplication of our ancestors, our superstitions and our deities. It’s only when we admit our frailty, our weakness of moral direction and definition as shaky pillars of our societies that we learn of our subservience to powers greater than we.

In our politics today we need to turn away from the Secularization of government and turn back to our knowledge of our true higher powers. After all, nature can destroy anything and everything man can build over a sufficient period of time. Nothing made by men is permanent.

God is.
Thanks for listening

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Come to believe…

Come to believe…

“We came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity”.

America is a great land. It’s a nation of individuals come together to shape a future for each by bonding and banding together to create a place of personal and individual liberty. It was designed, after great debate and with the idea a nation must be held to principles of equality and exceptionality. This allowed for the people to discuss and modify the path their government would follow for the benefit of the nation as a whole and with the government the servant of the people; not the other way around as in a monarchy. The individual citizen was the director of his destiny by holding the reins firmly in check on his government.

Man at that time was ruled by his knowledge of ethics and morality from what he was taught during his religious instruction. The American landscape was inhabited by colonists leaving the security of the past to gain the freedoms of their future. The Pilgrims, a Puritan faction believing in the simplicity of their religious rite and the humility of the individual in his supplication of his God sought the right to worship without interference and command of the king. Their rites and prayers were different in manifestation but still bore their foundational precepts in the Old and New Testaments of the Judeo-Christian canons.

Ten Commandments were the basis of human interaction deemed acceptable and righteous in any community. Differences between that which is right and that which is wrong came to be understood because of the simple logic of such maxims as: “do unto others as you would have done unto you” and “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”. These statements were accepted as COMMANDMENTS; not the “ten really kinda sorta good ideas”. It was accepted as the word of an unknown, unfathomably powerful entity responsible for the creation of the universe and all within it. People weren’t so cavalier as to believe they could cause the sun to NOT rise or set nor could they hope to travel through the air as the birds did.

People’s egos weren’t so inflated as they are now.

Now we have airplanes taking us aloft and into “the heavens” so we can see the tops of clouds. Now we have vessels allow us to sail BENEATH the seas and we try to speak with the denizens of the deep with echolocation and arcane vocalizations we don’t understand but hope they will. We’ve accepted the certainty of some scientific endeavors as being the certainty of ALL scientific endeavors. Now man’s ego is so inflated as to believe because he can understand the “how” of a process, he can replicate the process with continuing and certain results with the wave of his god-like hand.
We’ve travelled to the Moon and back and still can’t say with certainty why the Moon is there in the first place. We’ve walked on its surface but only proven to date we’re trespassers on a frontier we’re only novices at the exploration of it. We’re not benefactors in this endeavor; we’re polluters. We know how to gauge and quantify our sense of the passage of time but we do that based only on the points of reference we have that we admit are only an infinitesimally small element of the overall Universe. We don’t even know where the center of that Universe is. But, we believe we know all there is to know and may command all there is to be done in that Universe.

That’s pathetically egomaniacal isn’t it; to believe because we’re at the top of our earthly food-chain that we’re the top of ALL food-chains to be suspected and waiting to be realized?

Man has always contended with his need to appear and be accepted as God-like. This effort at rising to the heights of Olympian equality has seasoned our understanding of this majestic control of our personal destinies without the interference of any greater power. Because we can replicate ourselves by creating life through our mating rituals and we may take life away through killing our brothers, we see ourselves as equal in power to God. After all: “God giveth and God taketh away”.

But where man has created much can be wondered at, he can’t make the weather change on command. He’ can’t stop molten lava from burning away all in its path to move forward until the ash left behind fertilizes growth of new plant life to be risen from that ash. What man can destroy he may rebuild upon but he covers the natural with a mass of unnatural construct.

What man creates if finite, It has a beginning and an end it can’t deny. He can’t stop it from happening. He can’t prevent the natural result of his actions. And, it’s in that fact he proves he is NOT God. He is fallible and as such he is not omnipotent.

I don’t claim to have too many answers. But one thing I do know: with the continual blather man puts forth about “The Big Bang Theory” we can never answer the one question makes all the theories proffered impotent for their lack of an answer: Who, or what, lit the fuze?

Until you can answer that one, and prove your answer, look back to the first sentence. “We came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity”. To believe anything else is surely insane to some of us.

Einstein said: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity”. So is the idea of putting your faith in politicians, mere men and women like us, to have anything but their best interests in mind as they leave your control to “represent” you in faraway places like Washington D.C.

Thanks for listening

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The First Step

The First Step

“The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history. Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history. Before long the nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was. The world around it will forget even faster.

– – Milan Kundera (The Hayride 6-26-2015)

Well; the Supreme Court has issued some specific and overwhelmingly Progressive judgments between 6-25 and 6-26-2015. Obamacare doesn’t have to follow the “letter of the law” and Same-Sex marriage is allowable and enforceable in all 50 states. This seems less a matter of the will of the people than a pair of statements saying the State and the Government has NO responsibility to listen to the people and/or follow the mandates of those people.

They have the power. The majority of people have no say in the execution of that power. The loudest, meanest, most strident proclamations of organizers putting forth more and more disaffected people seeking only their viewpoint’s enforcement overwhelms the thoughts and wishes of those either too tired or TOO LAZY to stand and fight for what they believe in. We’re losing the exceptionality of being American because the very rights we say belong to all are being used to expunge the rights of others.

This whole nation is Dysfunctional. Dysfunctional is defined as: 1.not performing normally, as an organ or structure of the body; malfunctioning. 2.having a malfunctioning part or element:3. behaving or acting outside social norms

The people have no relationship with government. The government has taken the time over the years and shown a level of patience heretofore unrecognized as it whittles away at the foundation of American values and traditions. Over the past couple of days the government, led by a feckless Marxist subverting a Progressive Supreme Court and herding a compliant and self-serving Congress toward the brink of Socialist/Communist took-over.
Look at the quote above. It tells the way and manner in which a nation falls and dies. The quote pulls no punches.

Obama has discredited America on numerous occasions as being NOT exceptional. He has derided us for our stances, some for good and some proven bad, as being without consequence other than he recognizes America as derisive, divisive and destructive. To this and him I say: SCREW YOU, YOU LOUSY BASTARD!

Your mother was a Communist raised by Marxists. You’ve been educated to the highest levels and been allowed the highest office in this land because of the largesse, generosity and charity of this nation and all it has to offer. And still your egotistical self-demands we kneel before the intellectual prognostications and divination we must all drop to the lowest common denominator so you can stand above us.
The first step in stopping your rotten self is for the American people to admit the following:

We admitted we were powerless over our government- that our lives have become unmanageable.

Our lives are becoming unmanageable because the government wants to manage any and all elements of it from how you eat, sleep and breathe, to who you may or may not associate with and accept as equals. Government has taken the course of defining YOUR personal values and demanding, by law, that you comply with the proper governmental point of view. To not do so will see you being excoriated, berated, denounced and rebuked as being racist, bigoted and discriminatory when they are the ones being racist, bigoted and discriminatory against you because they don’t like the way you feel; because they can’t have their way without controversy.

America has become the land of the of those who need to flee and the home of the of the politically correct and opportunistic but morally bereft knave. With activist courts seeking to displace the will of ALL of the people we see the future as being directed by the United Nations and other petulant and retarded authority believing the world should be governed by the loudest and most active minority simply because everybody wants the governors to shut-up, slip back into the shadows and quit disturbing the personal peace.

The price of this political correctness anchored to the loose and shifting sands on which it’s built will look like it’ll survive but the façade must fall when the foundation is undermined by the many and latest theory comes along to threaten the existence of each individual brick holding the next one in restraint.

We need to admit we’re powerless over our government- that our lives have become unmanageable and for that we are in danger.

We need to turn back to God.

Thanks for listening

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The nature of the beast

The nature of the beast

Hillary Clinton has done something in a near replicant fashion mimicking Obama. She’s started censoring the press as boldly as Goebbles ever did. She isn’t burning books or physically creating her personal version of Kristallnacht. But, she is holding the press so far distant “at arms’ length” would be a microscopic distance in comparison to how she’s trying to hide in plain sight.

David Martosko is a political reporter for The Daily Mail, a United Kingdom newspaper considered one of the premier news outlets in the world. I use it as a source for topics such as this. Martosko was barred/banned/excluded from three Hillary Clinton campaign events. Martosko was barred from covering Clinton events in Rochester and Concord, NH as well as the tired and disturbingly under-attended effort on Roosevelt Island in Manhattan
Hillary and her press team have gotten Hillary’s panties in a twist because the Daily Mail isn’t the slavish, slovenly news pup CBS, NBC, ABC, The New York Times and others have proven to be while covering the Obama Administration. These organizations have all but inundated the paper waste lands of the liberal desert with the gushing praise for Hillary. Their failure to cover her obvious missteps, blunders and evasions concerning everything from Benghazi to the questions concerning her selling her influence through her association with the Clinton Foundation is obvious. ”The Daily Mail” doesn’t play nice and they have a nasty sense of truth and justice politicians don’t always appreciate.

To say the “Mail” (as it’s known) is a dogged pursuant of truth, justice and actuality in political reportage, is an understatement. In England, where a Prime Minister’s administration and government can be toppled by the antics another Clinton once conducted, “The Mail” has been a Tesla Coil of journalistic reportage. The voltage showered on the corrupt is always impressive, illuminating and in the vast majority of cases, hair-raising for the subject being exposed.

Hillary and her micro-minded, integrity challenged minions can choose to answer questions from the media she chooses to recognize, but to outright ban and tell a correspondent “(you) need to leave” because you don’t like the print stamped on a sheet of news print is not only unkind, improper and unacceptable but as Martosko said when interviewed, “the Clinton campaign doesn’t get to choose who covers them.”

As Daniel Patrick Moynihan said: ”You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.” Those facts are to be discovered and presented by a free/unconstrained/unrestrained press putting the facts before the people so they may decide for themselves what’s best for them.
But we live in a real world where “truth, justice and the American way” have been subverted by a press corps more interested in becoming the power behind the throne than reporting the rulers sitting on (and the prospective successor) are not only unclothed in their personal duplicity and lack of personal integrity but are covered with festering pustules; and the throne is termite ridden and unsound to carry the weight it must. America‘s become a place where the lies, duplicity, double-dealing done and told by two-faced hacks can cheat and lie their way to the highest political position in the land and arguably in the world (before Obama).

Martosko said, “I find that unacceptable and offensive.” So do we. It’s unacceptable, rude, insulting and destructive of the trust an informed citizenry must have with its governing bodies and individuals. That citizenry expects to be given the truth and then decide how their nation shall proceed on the world stage.

Obama and Hillary have proven they can and will subvert the power of the press to inform the world. They’ve by subverted and co-opted the media making them willing members of an arcane and dangerous cabal looking to control our perceptions and thus our direction of where this nation and world should be heading. If Obama and now Hillary Clinton can subvert and censor subvert the press and remove its righteous power to honestly educate; how can we trust her to give ANY power to the people?

What’s your thinking about de facto slavery masquerading as democracy?
Thanks for listening

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Depends on your point of view

Depends on your point of view

It seems there’s no really hard and fast definition of race anymore. We’ve finally hit the great frontier of equality where a white person can identify as any race they see fit as long as there’s a buck to be made (as in counterfeited) or an issue that can be obviated by lying and posturing as something you aren’t.

In the effort to gain big salaried bucks, some broad named Rachel Dolezal has masqueraded as a Black person while being the Spokane, Washington NAACP President. It seems a lot of deep tanning solution and some serious overexposure to a tanning bed are all that’s necessary to be a leader of the formerly greatest civil rights organization in America. I say formerly because the NAACP has been led down a not so primrose path by Ben Justice, Dolezal and many others. It’s now more a race baiting harpy ridden organization than the placid representative edifice of Lady Liberty seeking justice for all.

This NAACP scandal, traced and not drawn from the heavily forged efforts of the ethically challenged, Elizabeth Warren to misrepresent herself as a Native American Cherokee, is being ignored by the mainstream media for the most part. Warren used her lie to gain admission to University under Equal Opportunity standards and gained access to jobs, accolades and reputation building resume’ stanzas never really deserved. Warren gained elevation in academic, societal and political circles. This proves lying is a really necessary part of a politician’s” bag o’ tricks”.

Both Warren and Dolezal are trying to be something they aren’t: political powerhouses motivated from a position of integrity and honesty. Neither seems to possess either of these attributes. But, when you get to thinking about the matter, what politician does possess them?

Dolezal has “identified” as black. What if Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who posed as a Native American, continued to “identify” as Native American? Does that give them the right to make a living off of a lie? Does it give a person the right to benefit from social programs others died to acquire and that the charlatan has never earned by virtue of the discrimination others suffered? Fraud is a crime punishable by imprisonment. What quality held by these two liars keeps them from being tried before the bar of justice?

I must admit it all confuses me.

A Twit calling himself Godfrey Elfwick posted his thoughts saying he was born to white parents but believed he was black.
Cool. That sounds like Dolezal’s claim. Dolezal was outed by her Caucasian parents. Her mom ought to know best because she surely was the only one there at the actual time of conception, other than the father, and as I believe the mother is an honest person, it would seem her husband is the father. But, DNA could be the clincher.

But; back to little Godfrey. He identifies as (according to his Twitter post reported on The “Mirror” published in the United Kingdom) a: “genderqueer Muslim atheist’, and he wrote on Twitter:
“My name is Godfrey. I am #WrongSkin.” He continues.
“You may not have heard of that but it means I was born to white parents and have white skin but I identify as being black.
“It’s not a joke.
“It’s not OK to mock us.
“It’s not easy to live like this.
“Our struggle is your struggle.”

Whether this is a parody as some suggest or a statement issued by an actual person with a series of aberrational disorders capable of filling a DSM V, (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition) there is a growing propensity for nutcases to escape the Jimmy Carter Warehouse. That’s my silly way of saying liberalism has lost its way. The crazies are now running the asylum.

So where do we go from here. If Bruce Jenner can get his manhood clipped, turned inside out and had injections to create boobs on a boob; must we accept people as what they say they are as opposed to what we see they are.

Little Godfrey says 10 per cent of people were born in the wrong skin. He has no published basis for this statistical statement but what the heck: the guy looks white but says he’s black. Go figure.

So; as Twitter user @LuckySeven30 wrote: “If we are accepting of people switching genders we should also be accepting of people switching races.” This leads us to the dilemma of what is truth, how do we determine fact over fiction and where the hell are we headed as humans?

If a male can be in actuality female and is expected to be accepted as such; can a seemingly Caucasian person actually be black because he emotionally identifies with black people?

I guess it’s possible because of the irony of Barack Obama saying he’s a good president and as such closer to being a Jew than any prior president. It all Depends on your point of view and we know what Depends protect us from.

Thanks for listening

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Enemies foreign and domestic

Enemies foreign and domestic

I awoke this morning to the sure and present knowledge I’ve been letting you down the last few weeks. I’ve not been publishing because of my efforts to complete a home remodel to a level where I can move into the house and slowly finish the work on my own.
The walls have been removed and the floor torn up and replaced. The floorplan is optimal in the sense of being more open, airy and pleasant to inhabit because you can see throughout the kitchen, dining room and general areas making for a more well-lit and spacious feel to the room. It’s not so claustrophobic. It’s not so shadowed and concealing. You can’t hide.

But you surely can live comfortably and openly. And that’s what home is all about; living well and comfortably by your standards.
We live in America. It was built on the sweat of our ancestors’ brows and the strength of their backs bowed to their labors and belief in the benefits of hard work, clean hearts and minds directed toward a higher power to guide them in their efforts. They had the strength and power of morals developed from a Judeo-Christian ethic and traditions. They knew their place in the cosmos and didn’t challenge it.
Now it seems little of this ethic continues onward.

We have a generation of malcontented, shiftless, poorly directed sycophants living off of the scraps thrown them by a government seeking to keep itself in power with the acts of throwing loaves and building circuses to entertain and distract the people. The government is a parasite beholden to these sycophants as long as they can remain elected. The government caters to the lazy and the malcontented so as to assure the same playbook is used game after game after game. The results are those shown to be similar in all cases: the same people lose time after time.
Those people would be us.

America has lost its drive for excellence it seems. The symbiotic relationship between a people and their rulers has always existed. Symbiosis is where organisms live in an interdependent relationship like a Shark and a Remora, the hitchhiker eating microorganisms from the skin of the shark. The shark is cleaned and the remora is fed. It’s appeared to be beneficial until the point where one seeks to use the other more greedily.
American government has overloaded the symbiotic relationship with its greed. Government, though appearing benign and controlled, is actual a tumor swiftly becoming metastatic, spreading like a disease interfering with the health and welfare of the host.

Government has put regulations and procedures in place to control business, society and individuals so as to assure CONTROL is maintained for the government under the guise of democratic theory. It’s ironic that the definition of DEMOCRATIC is: the whole body of eligible citizens remain the sovereign power but political power is exercised indirectly through elected representatives; this is called a representative democracy.
Take a look at what’s going on around you in America, your state and local government. Does that look like democracy? Does it appear you’re being represented by those people in Washington? Does it not seem ironic that the primary progenitors of this MISREPRESENTATION carry the name of the Democrat Party? Is a snake not best camouflaged to be unseen right out in the open through the use of its power to blend in and not be obvious?
Now we find it doesn’t matter whether you claim to be Democrat or Republican; you’re a politician and that means self-aggrandizement is the driving element of your career. We have NO term limits. We have no controls over a government extant in a locale far away and we rarely see our representatives until they want something of us. We can’t freely go to where a government representative lives and make him feel the heat of our discontent. They write laws to absolve themselves from controls by WE THE PEOPLE.

So what’s this got to do with my house? Nothing, other than I live there and I control what goes on there. I control the look, the feel and the continuity of my lifestyle and life. I stand ready to defend it and myself from all enemies foreign and domestic.

When will you say the same and behave the same way where it concerns your country?
Thanks for listening

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