Milking the emotion

Milking the emotion

Debate in this time of ObamaCare and Progressive political movement is a matter of capitalizing on emotion. Hard topics like foreign policy points and fiscal responsibility are immediately diluted when emotion is poured into the mix.
Look at the way abortion, birth control and “reproductive rights” are pushed to the forefront of an issue should be decided between a woman and her doctor; unless of course it involves, rape, incest, the health of the woman and/or the rights of the father in the matter.
Now I ask: did you understand what was done? Rape, incest and a woman’s health are criminal and medical concerns being plumbed for the chance to inject emotion into debate. The possibility of a father’s dismissal from the process projects the possibility of a “family” being destroyed without the consent of one of the main participants in life’s creation.
The left wing uses psychology and Madison Avenue techniques to drive the discussion of an issue their way. The process’ power is noted when Beaurat Obama goes “off-teleprompter®” or his ear-bud malfunctions. The fool can’t think on his feet. His grasp on issues is so restricted he can’t win a self-sufficiency required debate.
Campaigns are expensive and the goal is to win. Money is consumed. Your message becomes stunted and damaged because precious dollars are wasted fighting emotion based lies, misdirection and subterfuge your opponent salts the debate with. Example: Harry Reid extols the “heartbreaking” consequences of the latest governmental shut-down he and his colleagues on the other side of the aisle are responsible for.
Do you know anybody is actually dying from this shut-down? How many are losing weight to the ravages of starvation brought about from Big Government maintaining their pay and privileges while they cut the working men and women’s pay that keeps Big Government afloat? Yes. People are unhappy. Their pay’s been cut. They’re required to work without pay (until a later time) amounting to no more than indentured servitude. (That, by the way is a form of slavery.) The government isn’t required to issue “back-pay” to anybody unless they pass a bill. They then use the bill to capitalize on the emotional impact of saving the common man they placed in jeopardy in the first place. It’s like; you maliciously slash a man with a knife then claim credit for saving his life because you called 911.
ObamaCare is designed to save the 15% of the nation too irresponsible to recognize they should prepare for future dangers any life may hold. Health issues and injuries come to mind first. The remaining 85% of the people affected by all of this are working men and women seeking to assure their futures by buying insurance against the time they may have a minor/major health issue arise. But it’s not the 15% will be paying the price for their irresponsibility: it’ll be Mom and Dad carrying their kids on their policies until they’re 25 years old.
Just when is somebody considered to be adult enough to handle their own affairs? It once was 18 years old. You could enter the military (still can), sign contracts and vote. I remember the joy of having my first voter registration card. It held a specific impact on me because I was in the Navy and felt my vote might have an impact on how long I’d have to stay in Vietnam. But the main point is I, like so many of my colleagues, was responsible for my own actions and my future. Trust me; being in a war-zone is an emotional issue you find hard to ignore if you’re personally involved. So, I have a problem giving an almighty damn what Harry Reid says with his bloviations, exaggerations and outright lies concerning this most recent of travesties executed against the American people.
It’s just a bloody shame Boehner and his retarded Republican Party associates can’t understand you fight this particular emotion based fire with the proven extinguisher of lies; the truth.
But then again those Republican jerks need to understand they must stop being a part of the lie in the first place.
Thanks for listening

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