Out of control

Out of control by Sarge

So; Obama first learned about the Veterans Affairs debacle in the news like everybody else; again. Obama is incompetent to be president.

This incompetent, ineffectual, no-experience-in-the-real-world dunce has no supervisory experience. He has only been required to learn enough to mimetically pass on the teachings of his heroes: Marx, Lenin, Alinsky and Mao. Sounds like a California law firm doesn’t it?

Now, Jay Carney says Obama knew nothing about the VA problem. I can believe that. And I can believe that because America’s warriors have been screwed by their government since 1776.

As America stood in defiance of another government seeking to tax and humiliate the American people, it was witnessed the purse-strings of government weren’t controlled or even visible to the people expected to produce the funds necessary to conduct war. Because of this shot and shell always took precedence over the heart, spirits and bodies of those charged with protecting American interests. It was always expected the average American citizen would love his country more than his safety and potentially that of his family.

This has always been true. The American government has always placed its politically motivated interests before those of us who risked it all to assure the same people and type of people remained in power to screw us over as often as has been necessary.

Washington’s men went shoeless and hungry at Valley Forge. The Continental Congress lived in their homes. Washington stayed at the homes and houses of supporters nearby. The men gathered around campfires in the wind and beneath small quarters in icy winds feeling their flesh freeze as hell froze over. But they were patriots unlike many of their contemporaries.

Scroll forward to just after World War I. Veterans were promised bonuses by Congress. The World War Adjusted Compensation Act of 1924 Congress awarded World War I (WWI) veterans bonuses in the form of certificates. They were not redeemable until 1945. WWI Vets demanded the immediate cash payment of their government issued certificates. Wright Patman, Texas’s 1st congressional district representative, introduced a bill in 1928 mandating the immediate payment of the bonus to World War I veterans. Patman was a WWI veteran.

The Wright Patman Bonus Bill passed in the House of Representatives on 15 June 1932. Quickly, the Bonus Army moved to the U.S. Capitol to pressure the U.S. Senate to pass it; but the bill was defeated by a vote of 62-18.

These veterans were resident in shanty towns called Hoovervilles in Washington D.C. and demonstrated loudly for what they saw as their rights to immediate recompense. Many of the demonstrators had no homes to return to because of the Depression. They stood their ground until 28 July, when they were ordered to be removed from government property. Washington D.C. police ordered the demonstrators to disband and were met with generalized resistance. The police opened fire on the demonstrators killing two veterans.

President Hoover, in response to the protests, ordered the veterans to disperse. When the veterans wouldn’t disperse Douglas McArthur attacked the veteran encampments with tear gas, shot and shell killing 55 and arresting 135. Tanks were called in with Patton in command. The cavalry charged. The infantry attacked with fixed bayonets and a gas producing uncontrolled vomiting was dispersed. They evicted the people and burned the camps and all of the protestors’ belongings in the world. The veterans fled to their largest camp and President Hoover ordered the assault stopped.

But Douglas McArthur wouldn’t stop and in disobedience to the President’s order attacked the veterans again because HE alone felt the protest was driven by Communists. McArthur was noted to be not only stupidly patrician in his attitudes but also believed he was beyond the people, and their representatives’, command. He was out of control.

Sound familiar?

It’s been America’s governmental history to ask anything of its citizens with the false promise of largesse and special consideration to follow the call to arms. It’s also been America’s governmental history to be duplicitous and disingenuous after the fact pleading empty government pockets and inability to assist. But, no politician ever suffers personally.

In 1932 they fired on American citizens who fought valiantly to defeat a world threat and in an ancillary fashion make a name for McArthur, Patton and their ilk. The government killed Americans citizens with machine guns, tanks and gas banned by the Geneva Convention.

Today the government kills with drones, rockets and covertly compiled lists of veterans chosen to NOT receive the treatment they deserve for having suffered wounds while in service of their nation.

Obama and every one of his predecessors should be ashamed of themselves for their lack of caring for the men and women who risked it all so those politicians could remain in power.
Thanks for listening


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