The season bores on

The season bores on

Our political season drags on. The candidates have crawled from the protective harbors of self-respect their mothers deposited them in as eggs. Like little turtles and tortoises blinking reflexively into the sunlight they wander toward the surf trying to become influential in an ocean far larger than they imagined. They’ve all of the appearances of their mothers and fathers: a shell appearing similar to mom and dad’s, an ability to retract their arms, legs and heads into the shell for protection and the natural coloration could serve them in good stead while swimming about in search of sustenance.

But, even though they appear capable of emulating those came before them; they’re weak. Simply because they look the part doesn’t mean they can survive. They’re small. They have little strength and less sense. But, they sally forth believing they can survive based on no more than their instinct for survival. They don’t understand what a shark is; that it can swallow them whole and excrete them after digestion. They don’t know what a gull is; swooping down from above, grabbing them in their powerful clutch and dismembering them before dropping them as so much slime to the windshield of some unsuspecting land-lubber watching carelessly from the same beach the little turtle is trying to escape.

Scott McKay of THE HAYRIDE said: “Hollis wasn’t showing any better than five percent in any poll, and a lot of people were speculating that what he was really doing was trying to build name recognition for a future run. That speculation held that Hollis would stick around long enough so he could broker a deal to get some considerations from Cassidy in return for an endorsement”.

Therefore it appears Mr. Hollis has taken into account and realized wasting money isn’t a really good idea; at least not at the moment. It appears he’s made contact with the powers that be in a more public venue but it’s done no specific good beyond the recognition of his courageous attempt to enter the sea and show he has the strength to swim with the big boys.

Hollis showed his party loyalty and may be hoping he’ll enjoy the quid pro quo any good shield bearing, sword falling cannon fodder can hope for from the Cassidy camp as Cassidy appears to be the up-and-coming Antony to Mary Landrieu’s Cleopatra. We can only hope Obama keeps throwing vipers for Ms. Mary to catch so as to assure the Senate moves to the right way of thinking.

Hollis has obediently followed “Reagan’s Law” and in so doing not taken any pot-shots at other Republican candidates, his probable endorsement of Cassidy is expected. While not outwardly against any other candidate, an endorsement is an indictment pointed at another by indicating the unworthiness of the one in favor of the political reality of the other. That political reality being Cassidy is an accepted main-stream Republican knows how to succeed on the “big-stage” while Hollis is doing that sword-carrying thing. This is understood best when considering Roger Villere’s assertion: “…Paul ran a positive campaign, talking about his ideas and plans for the future without resorting to attacking his fellow Republicans. He knows our ultimate goal – defeating Mary Landrieu and retiring Harry Reid as Majority Leader – can only be achieved with a united Republican Party. “We look forward to working with Paul in the future to win elections and advance conservative solutions to the issues facing our state.” (THE HAYRIDE 7-14-2014)

Good party members always accept the leadership and political acumen of their betters and act accordingly. It would seem Mr. Hollis as so many of the up-and-coming politicos have found out over the years; it pays to go along so you may, in the future, get along.
So in the spirit of recognizing business as usual at the dog park I leave you to this quote from one of my favorite Native American sages: “Political parties were invented by dogs. They are structured according to an abundance of self-serving principles. They are butt-sniffings elevated to the rank of recognizable ceremonial apostasy from principled action”. Meshe Mehtug-Nipmuc Sachem Wannabee
Thanks for listening

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