Sex, Lies and Videotape

Sex, Lies and Videotape

Common Core has a way of bringing out the truth in politicians’ acts. This not so simple program designed and developed by elitist elements of the business world and supplemented by self-serving academicians has become one of the most divisive and polarizing issues to hit America in a long time. It’s also proven to be illuminating as it casts light into the shadowy depths of politicians’ lack of constancy and character.

Hypocrisy is a solidified and stratified element of a candidate’s political foundation. It’s a matter of men and women saying one thing while participating in activities diametrically oppositional to their spoken stance on particular issues. Sex, Lies and Videotape have caused the downfall of facades in both Vance McAllister’s Case and that of David Vitter.

While McAllister’s mistake was committed with a “close” friend, Vitter’s was alleged to have been committed with professional prostitutes. McAllister ran for election based on a platform of strong family values and his commitment to Christ and service to his potential constituents. He’s been outed as a man who’ll use any verbiage necessary to get what he wants; and his constituents need to be quiet and accept him for the hypocrite he showed himself to be. He only became a changed man after getting caught in the embrace of his best friend’s wife.

Convenient don’t you think?

David Vitter’s been castigated (some said he should have castrated) for an alleged dalliance with ladies of the evening. He confessed (sorta) to a “sin” he committed and said he was sorry. He behaved contritely and with humility while at the podium. He’s refused to answer to this in any more Q&As and only does the obvious left-wing bashing he’s required to perform when called upon. Vitter’s offense was something we were willing to look beyond because anybody can make a mistake. And as we’ve always been assured by children caught with their pants around their ankles and their hands sticky from the lubricity of their efforts, “This is the first time I’ve done it!” They really expect us to believe it.

McAllister has nothing to do with Common Core. He’s a man known to say anything, anytime, any way he needs to in order to get what he wants. He fibbed about his piety and devotion to God’s Ten Commandments. That’s the hypocrisy spoken of at the beginning of this. The issue is the way and manner a person will sell-out anybody stupid enough to believe in him in the first place.

Vitter’s the one ensnared in his net of hypocrisy concerning Common Core.

I met Vitter for the first time at a Town Hall meeting he was conducting in my hometown. He was conservative in his politics. He wailed away at the encroachment of big government into realms best controlled on a local level. He said he was a stalwart champion of the people. Yes. His cape was soiled but he’d seen the light and understood he must accept his placement in the town stocks until he could be forgiven. He was humbled.

And I (cynic that I am) accepted the idea of giving him a second chance. This would be because I believe a person, when struck upon his right cheek should turn his left cheek unto his assailant as Christ instructed. But I only have two cheeks and nobody, not Christ nor God the Father, ever said I couldn’t kick his butt if he tried to hit me a third time. That’s where I am today. It’s “butt kicking’ time”.

Vitter has regularly said he was against Common Core. “I am prepared to lead on these issues as Governor — to get our economy moving, hold the line on taxes, and protect our citizens from ObamaCare, the president’s insane environmental regulations, heavy-handed big government policies like ‘Common Core,’ and all the rest.” [Emphasis is mine]

So, just a few months ago, Vitter believed Common Core was a “heavy-handed big government” policy. Today, however, he “strongly supports” it.

Some say this is a policy shift. I’d say it’s no more than political opportunism spoken in opposition to a known political opponent: Bobby Jindal. Vitter forgets he’s NOT running against Jindal. Vitter also forgets his election as Governor is NOT guaranteed; at least NOT as he’s behaving now.

Vitter’s shown himself to be a true hypocrite and a REAL Washington insider. His command of “double-speak” is truly Orwellian. Vitter now says he strongly believes in Common Core standards. But he’s also for “local control of curriculum”. Vitter can’t have it both ways. He has to choose one position or the other: either he supports the national, standardized curriculum imposed by Common Core, or he supports local control of education. If he forgets the federal government controls “implementation” through the extortionist program of withholding the taxpayer’s own money unless they comply with Progressive governmental policies, he’s not ignorant: he’s stupid.

Now it Vitter’s shown once again he’s a man with no loyalty to his constituents. He answers questions with questions. He tells us he’s not read the standards fully but has faith the standards offered by Common Core are for the betterment of the students. He suggests they’re NOT meant to insinuate more and more governmental interference between you and your child’s education. He’s exposing the lubricity of his politics. He’s showing the slanted eyes of a viper seeking self-service by readying to strike so he gets what he wants; not what you need.

Sex, Lies and Videotape will be the downfall of these two because you can’t ask: “Do you believe me or your own lying eyes”; and get away with it forever.

Thanks for listening

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