Too much to lose

Too much to lose

Lately it’s been observed some of the allegedly conservative; locally heavy-weight wannabe, political shakers and movers are sniping at each other. They’re also nibbling at the conservative based organizations trying to move civic awareness toward a more financially responsible board of directors in Washington.

Because they think of themselves as shakers and movers they forget vituperative, personal attacks have the same effect on a political scene as earthquakes in a metropolitan area. It shakes things up and make things interesting (to say the least) but at the same time it dislodges the structure of buildings from their foundations and draw attention to the facts few people in the building want to admit: the building is in danger of falling because its integrity has been obviously abused and the foundation may be cracking and deforming because of the dynamics of the one temblor.

One man started the assault by highlighting an organization’s faux-pas. He suggested the entire basis of the organization was injured by this self-inflicted wound to the butt of its existence because a spokesman for the group did something ill-advised and since corrected. The mea culpa of the group was humbly issued and the organization moves onward in its efforts to highlight those thinking along the same lines with them.

The other man was attacked in an unflattering manner and has chosen to take it personally. In his efforts to gain parity and cuff the cub this particular bear is prepared to respond with claws extended and attack the alleged history and peccadilloes of the cub in a personal manner.
It’s about to get ugly. In that ugliness there’s no gain for the people associated with these two. Some will see the cub as having merely noted what is true as he sees it. The bear is pulling out court records and is set on publicizing them to the personal embarrassment of the cub. No good can come from this.

As we’ve been moving metaphors and postulating about different things we’ll try one more and suggest the bigger man started bullying the little guy and the little guy has a roll of quarters in his fist and doesn’t like being threatened or insulted and will fight back as he sees necessary. While it could be interesting to watch, it distracts us from examining local issues. It’s always more fun to watch a school yard fight than to develop strategies making things better for ourselves and others in the political sense. Blood lust holds a terrible fascination for us.
But, it doesn’t solve problems or move the cause forward.

Years ago two people formerly associated with a Tea Party group displayed their anger and hatred for each other in the auditorium we know as “social media”. They hurled insult after affront after slur after abuse at each other while all in the public knew what organization they’d belonged to and how they were once “shakers and movers” in that organization. But, the two combatants made fools of themselves for their childishness and damaged to integrity of the cause with such behavior.

That’s what’s happening now. The Conservative Cause may be damaged (whether slight or great) because of the personal angers and slights of two men I always respected for what I perceived as being sincere in their efforts to not only be entrepreneurs but more importantly to do their best to further a cause of action necessary to redirect the course of this nation’s trajectory.

We should be uniting; not dividing. We should be accentuating our strengths; not displaying our weaknesses. We should be coming together with a common idea and set of ideals to make this nation what it once was: the greatest nation on the planet.

Get your heads out of your collective butts and get them back in the game. There are too many issues of importance beyond the petty squabbles of two displeased and unhappy men looking to air each other’s personality and character flaws in public.

There’s too much to lose because we’re watching this petty melodrama when we should be working together to heal our nation.
Thanks for listening

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