The Water Mocassin

The Water Moccasin

This blank page is causing me grave problems. I have an urge to simply get out a box of colored markers and scribble all over the massive expanse of polar whiteness and create something, anything other than the blankness assaulting my consciousness.

I just re-read the above sentence and realized I was describing politics in general: a gigantic white surface showing no true path until I start filling it with something of value. In a way it’s similar to politics and then; extrapolated outward to life in general. Nothing good comes about until I become involved. Maybe you need to look at the need to create your world through your involvement as opposed to taking a laissez-faire attitude of letting strangers decide your path.

Our republican democracy is allegedly based on the idea the citizen must participate actively in his government for that government to work. At least that’s the theory. Now we have a government developed by professional practitioners of governance and the American citizen seems to get lost in the process. We have professional governance of a nation by a small mass of humanity (?) [545 delegates in Senatorial, Representative, Supreme Court Justices and one idiot elected president] deciding the fate of over 300 million of their constituents. Add to that a bureaucracy consistent of millions of governmental drones servicing the plodding, doltish and non-responsive thing American government at all levels has become, and you have problem.

Every so often the government casts an ovum to attach itself to the governmental womb to await altruistic insemination by a new mass of squirmy little wigglers we know to be candidates for public office. The genetic qualities of the squigglers (a combination of squirmy and wigglers) are always suspect in that we don’t know of the viability of the provocateur seeking to fertilize the ovum. The genome is almost impossible to decode.
Look at Obama. The guy came out of nowhere and managed to use the self-servicing and self-constructive elements of political chicanery and deliberate obscuring of facts concerning the past so as to deduce the possibilities of the future. To be fair we must also add former Senator Scott Brown in his efforts to become a Senator from New Hampshire after living his life in Massachusetts (which chose him to replace Ted Kennedy after Kennedy was so kind as to remove himself from this mortal coil) is only qualified by New Hampshire’s constituency to hold office because his family’s paid property taxes on a vacation home for years. That’s a qualification? What’s he know about issues in New Hampshire?

Not much I’d say. The citizenry should challenge it based on truth as opposed to the duplicitous elements of fact over appearance of fact. Scott Brown is a citizen of convenience much like Obama. The past is a quagmire of concealed jeopardy for both the candidate/incumbent and the citizens electing a Water Moccasin thinking they’re getting a Garter Snake. As we’ve seen one can be a pet and the other a killer with a nasty, violently aggressive desire to fundamentally change your status from alive and healthy to mortally wounded and slowly dying.

You know, like the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

Just to make sure you understand I’m not attacking Obama alone, I assure you the development of Progressive politics has led to this problem in a most insidious way. Progressivism has moved forward in a slow and stealthy manner similar to a snake. It undulates and moves smoothly. It makes you feel secure because it doesn’t obviously intrude into your world until it can use your own reactions to help it get what it wants. Have you ever been sitting quietly in your yard as so many people have done across America, to be startled by the sight of a snake moving near you? What’s the first thing most people do?

They jump out of a natural repellent action to get away from the snake. This in turn can scare the snake so it becomes defensive and then sets itself into position to strike if you do. It can also lay passively watching you until it’s sure you won’t do anything and then continues on about its business.

That’s the normal snake of either poisonous capabilities or non-lethal qualities. In Progressivism, you always have the water moccasin. It always guards its territory and not only strikes out aggressively at interlopers but will pursue the intruder to strike it and kill it whether it can eat the prey or not. It must show who the boss is in the swamp.

If you doubt it, challenge the IRS. Check out the NSA, CIA, FBI and other agencies given authority to investigate whatever the government fears may endanger it. It’s from that knowledge you understand why you must become participant in the selection of government representatives as members of YOUR society and not one they created for themselves.

Thanks for listening

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