Liars Poker

Liars Poker

In an act of stupendous desperation, Mary Landrieu has stomped heavily into a pile of Obama (chickens#it). She pulled the race card, though tattered and torn from her repertoire and slammed it onto the table like a kid playing “Battle” or “War”. You know the kid’s card game where the highest card dropped takes the hand and you power slam cards to the table when both cards match. It could also be looked at as a game of “Liar’s Poker”.

To say Miz Mary’s got the blues is to say the obvious. She has more issues than she can answer to but when all else fails, (as Uncle Saul Alinsky would say), direct attention from your failings. Claim the indignation you feel for the sins of others in the societal past at the top of your lungs so nobody can see you’re as guilty of the sin as anybody else. Blame your opponents for being what you’re guilty of. Obama does it all the time.
This is a standard political tactic. But, it makes the issue seem black and white. It’s white and black, red and yellow, Hispanic and Anglo and any other ethnic combination comes into conflict with others based on culture and the desire to have what the other enjoys. Apartheid is defined as: racial segregation specifically: a former policy of segregation and political and economic discrimination against non-European groups. But beyond this the term apartheid can mean a system of racial segregation and discrimination. The term can be used to describe a system of segregation or discrimination based on a factor other than race, such as ethnicity, religion, gender, etc. (Merriam Webster Dictionary 2014)

In spite of what race baiters like Landrieu, Sharpton, Jackson, Julian Bond and Louis Farrakhan say, there is no racial segregation of an institutional nature in America. There are no government sponsored ghettoes in America except those based on the Great Society Economics foisted on the American people and specifically those of color by Democrats. Housing projects cramming the disadvantaged into high-rise, rent and upward mobility controlled housing assuring everybody is “equal” in protracted poverty are all Democrat enabled structures. Poland’s Warsaw Ghetto had nothing on structures erected in Bedford Stuyvesant, Cabrini Green and Watts in the 1960s, 70s and early 80s. The population of these areas was multi-ethnic but created a cultural degradation of the human spirit because the developers didn’t account for industrial development alongside the warehousing and stagnation of people’s drive to succeed.
Education has been structured according to the pipe-dreams of liberal theorists having no practical experience in the delivery of education. They merely study education; not share it. The primary recipients of this theoretical educational largesse have always been the poor. The rule of thumb is; if the kids don’t learn it’s got to be because the system fails them. It couldn’t be the fact the system sets them up to fail with welfare, no personal responsibility demanded for performance or the lack thereof and the responsibility of parents to stay participant in their children’s lives after planting the seed of the little weed in the womb. All this shifts the human drive from the pursuit of personal excellence to one of slavish subsistence dependent on the state for their survival. The sense of entitlement becomes genetic.

This isn’t an issue of racism. It’s an issue of political interference in the actions and activities of culture identities. It’s the desire to control the culture (not through interaction and delivery of understanding of consequences for personal and cultural actions good or bad and the result of unexpected consequences for action taken/not taken) but through lies and illusions.

Progressives (Democrat and Republican), rather champion individual excel and progress properly through hard labors and the responsibility to exceed expectations of those in governance; seek to create equality by dropping all members of society to the lowest common denominator. This action is the result of the dominant political society directing the discussion and the way those directions are delivered in the form of partisan optics and public relations. The Media apologists are fully complicit in this program.

Mary Landrieu said what everybody knew. Racism exists in Louisiana. And Louisiana is a microcosm exemplifying the fact racism is a negative feature of the human race. It’s global. But it’s nowhere more gallingly evident than when an incumbent politician is scared out of her undies because the race she’s in is so desperately close.

Alinsky showed it and I believe it: those who scream racism loudest are those most deeply entrenched in it. Landrieu, Sharpton, Jackson and Louis Farrakhan prove the point.
Thanks for listening

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