Dancing on the brink

Dancing on the brink

With “negotiations” (really more American capitulations than anything else) with Iran being conducted by that scion of propaganda masquerading as a Secretary of State, John “Swifty Boat” Kerry, we find ourselves walking to the brink of armed conflict if not actual war in the Middle East. Well; we’re not actually walking toward the brink so much as we’re backing up, bent over and “twerking” our butts in hopes of merging our nuclear futures with a group of Islamic nutbags screaming: “DEATH TO AMERICA THE GREAT SATAN”! One bad step and you fall over the brink or the Ayatollah slams it to you with no mistake as to the consequences of such an action.

Where we were vocalizing noises to look like we’re led by a man understood the dangers of radical Islam, Obama’s willing to accept any deal regarding nuclear weapons development in Riyadh. He’d rather do this than say he has no other legacy other than claiming ObamaCare as a winner domestically and getting out of Iraq to only have it blow-up in his face as we speak. That’s got to suck.

It’s evident the man is stupid as well as duplicitous. He bathes in the power he’s not entitled to but has garnered because nobody has tried stopping him. That’s because so many Americans, good people, without the sense to recognize freedoms can be eroded and then outright flushed away by the power of liquid promises can understand that being tired doesn’t absolve you of the responsibility to maintain foundational precepts like the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Being cynical doesn’t allow us to forget so many cynics in the past arose to cast off the monarchic shadow holding them back from the freedoms they felt they deserved since the Magna Carta was signed. They fought a revolution to be free.

And now, we’re letting a petty socialist tyrant and his Congressional Progressive cohorts drift us toward that brink because a poor deal on nuclear weapons development is better than no deal when it can be revised by the press, the textbook publishers and the spin-meisters in the electronic media. We’ve come to accept the idea of being attacked from behind because they daily grease the pole we’re told we must enjoy because it’s been lubricated with lies, deceits and political chicanery daily.

Nuclear weapons aren’t something to play with at any time. Now we have a United States Navy Carrier Strike Group becoming operational in the Gulf of Aden. With roughly 7,500 personnel resident on an aircraft carrier, at least one guided missile cruiser, an active guided missile destroyer group and 65 to 70 attack fighter jets, ground support aircraft and supply ships associated; we’re armed to the teeth to draw a “line in the water” we expect Iranian Naval supply ships to not cross if they’re carrying arms to insurgent forces in Yemen. Obama is too stupid to understand you can’t draw a line in water.

How will we know if those ships carry arms? You have to stop, then board and inspect the cargo to be sure they aren’t. This would be an act of war to the Iranians. As the Aircraft Carrier carries nuclear weapons as a matter of course this would be stupid on the part of the Iranians but understanding their religious zealotry and drive to visit THEIR Heaven’s Whorehouses we can project just how bloody this can become.
Obama’s tough talk is designed to gull the American populace into believing he has the resolve to contradict Iran efforts to gain nuclear supremacy in the region. So far he’s given in more than ever dreamed of by prior presidents. Obama doesn’t have the cojones to actually stand against the Ayatollah Khamenei and his relgio/fascist thugs running a fundamentalist theocracy hating anything and anybody stands up to them. They have no respect for a moral coward such as Obama and his hand-puppet Kerry either.

Yes, we’ve got Kerry twerking on the brink of disaster and all Obama can think to do is speed up the music on a turntable with a broken needle.

It won’t take much to push this over the brink.
Thanks for listening

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