Enemies foreign and domestic

Enemies foreign and domestic

I awoke this morning to the sure and present knowledge I’ve been letting you down the last few weeks. I’ve not been publishing because of my efforts to complete a home remodel to a level where I can move into the house and slowly finish the work on my own.
The walls have been removed and the floor torn up and replaced. The floorplan is optimal in the sense of being more open, airy and pleasant to inhabit because you can see throughout the kitchen, dining room and general areas making for a more well-lit and spacious feel to the room. It’s not so claustrophobic. It’s not so shadowed and concealing. You can’t hide.

But you surely can live comfortably and openly. And that’s what home is all about; living well and comfortably by your standards.
We live in America. It was built on the sweat of our ancestors’ brows and the strength of their backs bowed to their labors and belief in the benefits of hard work, clean hearts and minds directed toward a higher power to guide them in their efforts. They had the strength and power of morals developed from a Judeo-Christian ethic and traditions. They knew their place in the cosmos and didn’t challenge it.
Now it seems little of this ethic continues onward.

We have a generation of malcontented, shiftless, poorly directed sycophants living off of the scraps thrown them by a government seeking to keep itself in power with the acts of throwing loaves and building circuses to entertain and distract the people. The government is a parasite beholden to these sycophants as long as they can remain elected. The government caters to the lazy and the malcontented so as to assure the same playbook is used game after game after game. The results are those shown to be similar in all cases: the same people lose time after time.
Those people would be us.

America has lost its drive for excellence it seems. The symbiotic relationship between a people and their rulers has always existed. Symbiosis is where organisms live in an interdependent relationship like a Shark and a Remora, the hitchhiker eating microorganisms from the skin of the shark. The shark is cleaned and the remora is fed. It’s appeared to be beneficial until the point where one seeks to use the other more greedily.
American government has overloaded the symbiotic relationship with its greed. Government, though appearing benign and controlled, is actual a tumor swiftly becoming metastatic, spreading like a disease interfering with the health and welfare of the host.

Government has put regulations and procedures in place to control business, society and individuals so as to assure CONTROL is maintained for the government under the guise of democratic theory. It’s ironic that the definition of DEMOCRATIC is: the whole body of eligible citizens remain the sovereign power but political power is exercised indirectly through elected representatives; this is called a representative democracy.
Take a look at what’s going on around you in America, your state and local government. Does that look like democracy? Does it appear you’re being represented by those people in Washington? Does it not seem ironic that the primary progenitors of this MISREPRESENTATION carry the name of the Democrat Party? Is a snake not best camouflaged to be unseen right out in the open through the use of its power to blend in and not be obvious?
Now we find it doesn’t matter whether you claim to be Democrat or Republican; you’re a politician and that means self-aggrandizement is the driving element of your career. We have NO term limits. We have no controls over a government extant in a locale far away and we rarely see our representatives until they want something of us. We can’t freely go to where a government representative lives and make him feel the heat of our discontent. They write laws to absolve themselves from controls by WE THE PEOPLE.

So what’s this got to do with my house? Nothing, other than I live there and I control what goes on there. I control the look, the feel and the continuity of my lifestyle and life. I stand ready to defend it and myself from all enemies foreign and domestic.

When will you say the same and behave the same way where it concerns your country?
Thanks for listening

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