Depends on your point of view

Depends on your point of view

It seems there’s no really hard and fast definition of race anymore. We’ve finally hit the great frontier of equality where a white person can identify as any race they see fit as long as there’s a buck to be made (as in counterfeited) or an issue that can be obviated by lying and posturing as something you aren’t.

In the effort to gain big salaried bucks, some broad named Rachel Dolezal has masqueraded as a Black person while being the Spokane, Washington NAACP President. It seems a lot of deep tanning solution and some serious overexposure to a tanning bed are all that’s necessary to be a leader of the formerly greatest civil rights organization in America. I say formerly because the NAACP has been led down a not so primrose path by Ben Justice, Dolezal and many others. It’s now more a race baiting harpy ridden organization than the placid representative edifice of Lady Liberty seeking justice for all.

This NAACP scandal, traced and not drawn from the heavily forged efforts of the ethically challenged, Elizabeth Warren to misrepresent herself as a Native American Cherokee, is being ignored by the mainstream media for the most part. Warren used her lie to gain admission to University under Equal Opportunity standards and gained access to jobs, accolades and reputation building resume’ stanzas never really deserved. Warren gained elevation in academic, societal and political circles. This proves lying is a really necessary part of a politician’s” bag o’ tricks”.

Both Warren and Dolezal are trying to be something they aren’t: political powerhouses motivated from a position of integrity and honesty. Neither seems to possess either of these attributes. But, when you get to thinking about the matter, what politician does possess them?

Dolezal has “identified” as black. What if Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who posed as a Native American, continued to “identify” as Native American? Does that give them the right to make a living off of a lie? Does it give a person the right to benefit from social programs others died to acquire and that the charlatan has never earned by virtue of the discrimination others suffered? Fraud is a crime punishable by imprisonment. What quality held by these two liars keeps them from being tried before the bar of justice?

I must admit it all confuses me.

A Twit calling himself Godfrey Elfwick posted his thoughts saying he was born to white parents but believed he was black.
Cool. That sounds like Dolezal’s claim. Dolezal was outed by her Caucasian parents. Her mom ought to know best because she surely was the only one there at the actual time of conception, other than the father, and as I believe the mother is an honest person, it would seem her husband is the father. But, DNA could be the clincher.

But; back to little Godfrey. He identifies as (according to his Twitter post reported on The “Mirror” published in the United Kingdom) a: “genderqueer Muslim atheist’, and he wrote on Twitter:
“My name is Godfrey. I am #WrongSkin.” He continues.
“You may not have heard of that but it means I was born to white parents and have white skin but I identify as being black.
“It’s not a joke.
“It’s not OK to mock us.
“It’s not easy to live like this.
“Our struggle is your struggle.”

Whether this is a parody as some suggest or a statement issued by an actual person with a series of aberrational disorders capable of filling a DSM V, (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition) there is a growing propensity for nutcases to escape the Jimmy Carter Warehouse. That’s my silly way of saying liberalism has lost its way. The crazies are now running the asylum.

So where do we go from here. If Bruce Jenner can get his manhood clipped, turned inside out and had injections to create boobs on a boob; must we accept people as what they say they are as opposed to what we see they are.

Little Godfrey says 10 per cent of people were born in the wrong skin. He has no published basis for this statistical statement but what the heck: the guy looks white but says he’s black. Go figure.

So; as Twitter user @LuckySeven30 wrote: “If we are accepting of people switching genders we should also be accepting of people switching races.” This leads us to the dilemma of what is truth, how do we determine fact over fiction and where the hell are we headed as humans?

If a male can be in actuality female and is expected to be accepted as such; can a seemingly Caucasian person actually be black because he emotionally identifies with black people?

I guess it’s possible because of the irony of Barack Obama saying he’s a good president and as such closer to being a Jew than any prior president. It all Depends on your point of view and we know what Depends protect us from.

Thanks for listening

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