‘Nuff said!

‘Nuff said!

I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out why it is that nobody ever looks Obama dead in his ugly mug and says: “That’s a lie”! I understand Political Correctness (PC) and scrape it off of my shoe as soon as I smell it. But, in an effort to at least appear PC, I could say: “That’s just not true!”

There are many ways to be wrong. You can have bad information. You can misinterpret information and draw an erroneous conclusion. You can be reactive and judgmental based on prejudices and having less than necessary information to make an informed policy statement. Or; you can be a damnable liar seeking to push forth an agenda proven to be a failure with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Iron Curtain from the Baltic through Siberia.

Guess which category I put Obama and most other politicians in.

There’s an old adage states: “The Boss may not always be right, but he’s always the Boss.” This is true. It’s also generally offered, even though I may agree with the aforementioned statement I don’t necessarily have to respect the guy or gal issues the policy simply because they lied better than another guy while chasing the job. People say you may disagree with Obama but he is the President and you MUST respect the Office he holds.

Benedict Arnold was a great American General during the Revolutionary War. He appeared heroic, stalwart, headstrong and led from the front. But, he was also a petty, egotistical, obdurate, obstinate prig (yes I spelled that right) demanding recognition of HIS sacrifice over all who sacrificed as much or more than his troops he felt beneath him. History shows Arnold was worthy of respect up until the moment he betrayed the garrison at West Point and endangered his compatriots, countrymen and country.

Now, we’ll admit the position of Army General normally is well worthy of respect. But, if a man or woman with that rank betrays the tenets and principles of the Constitution he/she vowed, pledged and swore to uphold to their death; are they automatically expected to be shown respect simply because they had a job at a specific level of employment? I don’t think so. Everybody knows Obama has denigrated the stature and respect factor of the presidency over the course of his administration; we should respect that presidency and him simply because he holds the job?

I say HELL NO!

We all know people holding high level positions who are too stupid to know how to tie their shoes. That’s why royals and upper echelon officers needed valets and lady’s maids to dress them so as to assure they looked professional and capable no matter how big a dumb bass he or she was. And that’s what we have in the modern politicians. They have “advisors”, they have “aides”, they have “consultants” telling them what, when and how to think so as to assure they appear as competent at all times. These politicians “consult” and pull their statistics from sources specifically aggregated to assure they reflect the agenda of the party the politician belongs to. Nobody ever asks the “loyal opposition” for their input, guidance or wisdom concerning policy and enactment of those policies.

There is no give and take unless it’s the party in power giving the other a party a ration of spit (sic) and the party NOT in power has to take it. This operational imperative definitely does not work toward the development of bipartisan fellowship in the name of good governance. It breeds distrust, anger, insult and drive for vengeance for slights, snubs, affronts and offences real and imagined.

Politics is at best akin to the oldest profession. The practitioners service the customers no matter the horror of the STD they transmit because the hooker has to get paid to maintain that allegedly service oriented industry. Where people say Prostitution is a “victimless” crime, it’s assured there are many victims from the development and virulent transmission of disease, to the families destroyed and the simple fact human sexuality is supposed to have a moral component to it.

Politics is supposed to have a moral component to it as well. But, some of the practitioners are whores and no better than those they’re related to on the street corners and in the back alleys of any town or city. There’s just more marble to back up against in Washington and other governmental bodies across the world.

So, just because Obama, or Hollande or Cameron says it’s the truth because they speak it doesn’t make it so.

Abraham Lincoln asked the question: “How many legs does a dog have if you call its tail a leg?” Answer: “Four. Just because you call a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.”

Wake up. ‘Nuff said.
Thanks for listening

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