Barnum’s doppleganger

Barnum’s doppelganger

He’s an American showman and businessman known for his promotions of both self and business. He’s an author, philanthropist, and now a politician. He’s a showman by personal choice and all the gilding shall make nothing else of him. His personal aim is to make money. He’s bombastic, curt, combative, argumentative and willing to attack any and all who disagree with him. He uses his personal wealth as not only the spectacular asset having billions of dollars can prove to be, but also as a cudgel or war club to bludgeon his opposition into submission if possible and to political and business death if need be.

I speak of Donald Trump. But, if you go to the Wikipedia site concerning P.T. Barnum, you find the first three sentences of this effort paraphrase Barnum’s history. The parallels are interesting when it comes to Trump’s candidacy. The over-the-top self-promotion, the ability to draw a crowd based on no more than the power of personality and the ability to flood an audience with the effects of advertising, self-promotion and sheer will-power, with no apology for his actions and statements no matter how phantasmagorical the images are derived from the act, defines both men.

Barnum said it was his goal to “to put money in his own coffers”. In a world where money is power it allows for us to understand that the equation of “money attracts power and power attracts more money” then Trump’s pursuits are evident and as such transparent when inspected closely. It’s been this column’s intent and history to expose what should be recognized in the character (or lack of it) makes politicians tick and pursue what they see as Holy Grail to be found and exploited.

Egomaniacs pursue power and dominion over whatever they feel would benefit from their overly inflated self-perception. In their narrow little minds (and noted to be a constituent element of the mettle in their spine) they see themselves as the only ones know what’s good for you, your people, your state government, welfare, national policy and the world as a whole.

Don’t believe it? Check out Beaurat Obama, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-Un and any other nutcase ruling a people by mistake or design of the cabal promotes them. This includes Federation Council/Duma (Russia), Supreme People’s Assembly (North Korea) or American Political Party (Left OR Right Wing).

Trump is not the anomaly so many say he is. There have always been loudmouths and hucksters recognizing the wants, needs and thoughts of their audiences and then exploiting them for their personal gain. Snake oil is peddled to this day as seen in weight-loss claims and products as well as presidential campaign rhetoric and posturing to attract votes. It’s an act and as such entertaining and novel until you see it so often it becomes pedestrian, time-worn, hackneyed and insulting in the fact the peddler really believes he can keep the wool firmly nailed down and over your eyes.
It’s true; Trump is saying things many people have been thinking for a long time. He’s pounced on the obvious dissatisfaction the American people have for slick-sleeved politicians cranked out by unresponsive machines feigning an artificial intelligence really no more than a rote recitation of party dogma. The egregious actions and infamous scandals of a group of people considering themselves to be above the rest of us by class and finances are no longer seen as acceptable by the mainstream voter.

So, Trump is capitalizing on the unrest in the nation and specifically in the Conservative elements of the Republican Party. Many consider him a breath of fresh air. A breath of fresh air is relative. If you’re in a swamp sucking in swamp gas and methane the discharge from steel plant could seem acceptably freshened.

But, make no mistake he’s no different than those he challenges. His bravado is based on his wallet and his knowledge of world politics, diplomacy and statesmanship are non-existent. He’s as subtle as a sledge hammer on an inflamed toe. He’s a stalking horse challenging a hedge row and not understanding you can’t just pound your way through anything in search of an answer. A stalking horse is a figure that tests a concept with someone or mounts a challenge against someone on behalf of an anonymous third party. If the idea proves viable or popular, the anonymous figure can then declare its interest and advance the concept with little risk of failure. If the concept fails, the anonymous party will not be tainted by association with the failed concept and can either drop the idea completely or bide its time and wait until a better moment for launching an attack. (Wikipedia 2015)

Obama has been a Stalking Horse for George Soros and other Fascists. Trump is one for God knows who.
The Republican Party needs to understand the disfavor and dissatisfaction expressed by the rank and file. No longer can the hierarchy claim full, complete and absolute understanding of what this nation wants, needs or deserves. Trump has pointed this out with his aggressive manner and unpleasant manner of presentation.

He has a value as the immature boy stating plainly the king wears no clothes. He states the obvious and he does it in full throat. But that doesn’t qualify him as leader of a nation. It doesn’t qualify him as a commander of respect and esteem on the national and world stages. Having a big mouth, supplemented by a fat wallet only means you can be a destroyer if you feel the pique of rejection by the party and the system as you fight it hammer and tong.

Trump, the diversion; Trump the showman; Trump the provocateur is no more than the brightest and most startlingly brilliant flash to ever escape the pan. But his allure and the attention he draws to himself belies what he says he wants to accomplish: represent the American people.
Make no mistake; Trump is in it for himself and no other; just like most every other politician.

Thanks for listening

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