Origami pigeons

Origami pigeons

This election cycle is about as interesting as watching paint dry. So many candidates are doing no more than they’ve ever done with the exception of Trump. They’re all involved with the same pat promises, the same trite clichés and the same disdain for the American voting public as exemplified by Clinton.

Their gestures carry the emotional impact of a marionette at the command of a six-year-old. Power punctuation flowing from pointing fingers and vapid open-arm gestures designed to appear as inclusive of everybody in the audience, are about as sincere as a used-car salesman trying to sell a smoking engine as a mosquito control option. It’s apparent the mosquitoes are less aggravating. The open throat, button-down collars and the rolled up shirt sleeves are allegedly emblematic of candidates of the people, by the people and for the people. Those symbols are supposed to suggest a person ready to roll up their sleeves, get to work and immediately solve America’s problems in the first hundred days in office.

It’s a shame there are 535 men, women and idiots in Congress and nine Supreme Court Justices laying in ambush, ready for the chance to advance personal agendas and ideals having nothing to do with justice and representation of the people. These 544 people are representatives of the state and as such think more and more often of their ascension to the Olympian heights as members of that state.

The Constitution means nothing anymore. According to the intelligentsia the Constitution is a “living document” and as such is open to interpretation and modification by Executive fiat and Appellate and Supreme Court rulings designed to uphold and support the directionality of political breezes. It’s a matter of debate as to whether this is the current of political breezes or simply the methane exhaust of flatulent dogmatic oratory issued by politically insignificant cockroaches.

I’ll go with the latter description.

Clinton is still expecting a coronation in spite of the fact Bernie Sanders, Socialist (read proto-Communist-in-waiting) is gaining on her in the polls and gaining greater attendance at his pressers and campaign events. Billary (for the truth her campaign is a profane tactical faux-pas directed by both Bill and Hilary) Clinton believes because she said it, she believes it and that settles it; we’re all supposed to shut-up, Kowtow to her and go along with any and all lies exiting her butt is manna to nourish the masses.

If you take into account the peanut gallery inhabited by such luminaries as George Pataki, Jim Gilmore, Linseed Graham; Rick Perry (who’s alleged to be in financial trouble campaign-wise), Rick Santorum (who was resoundingly rejected last election cycle); Mark Everson, Jack Fellure and Andy Martin ( all people NOBODY ever heard of and little care to hear from them) and wrap them all in grape leaves they’d lack the political substance to be acceptable to the general voting populace as a light snack. What they bring to the political banquet is negligible at best. But, there they are dropping the replicant “world’s greatest potato salad” on the table to then be forgotten because everybody gets burned out on the carbohydrate overload. We’re fed up with so many political hacks wanting a stipend from a government for doing what the founding fathers did out of principle and for free.

The campaigns are stale, trite and less than stellar in their presentation; except for Trump. And he’s the only reason to pay attention to this cycle at all.

As a candidate and potentially as our representative before the disunited nations of the world, I find him so much less worthy of the presidency. He’s loud, bombastic, argumentative, a dilettante, a huckster; self-absorbed and self-possessed. It’s debatable whether he has the American ideal in first place in his efforts or his desire to rule the world before he shuffles off of this mortal coil.

The real interest is whether or not the other candidates will look beyond his full-throated roar of self-righteous anger proclaiming him to be in tune with the thoughts of the people; and make that outrage their own. Will they hear the truth Trump speaks and use their understanding of statesmanship to better America (and therefore the world) by changing their stance from self-aggrandizing political hacks? Will they become Constitutional diplomates showing their adeptness at solving America’s problems with respect to “liberty and justice for all”?

So far, it’s been pretty calm. The next step is for the feeding frenzy such as displayed between Rand Paul and Chris Christie and exemplifying their violation of Reagan’s 11th Commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican”. All they do is fertilize the turf the opposition will build a foundation upon to fight the Conservative cause.

Watch closely. All of this is unfolding like a poorly constructive Origami swan soon to look like a pigeon with mites staggering around looking for bird feed rather than a majestic Bald Eagle in flight.

Thanks for listening

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