Bear baiting

Bear baiting

The Trump vs. Ramos exchange was interesting. I must admit it’s personally confusing because both men got exactly what they wanted. It’s confusing because I’m not sure how I really feel about it all.

In the first place Ramos was explosively interventionist with Trump. Ramos took the floor and attacked with questions directed toward a specific point Trump has built his campaign upon: Illegal Immigration. Where I applaud the power and courage of the Chihuahua attacking the Bear before him in the ring; I have to wonder if anybody else felt this wasn’t so much an effort to ask questions to develop what’s news worthy, so much as it was about creating the news and having it seen as worthy.

According to Wikipedia, Univision is an “American Spanish language broadcast television network that is owned by Univision Communications …aimed at Hispanic Americans in the United States. It has the largest audience of Spanish-language television viewers in the world, according to Nielsen Media Research.”

Jorge Ramos is the news anchor for this network and as such has an audience numbered in the millions world-wide. As such it’s his direct responsibility to see ratings are up. This assures advertising dollars keep flowing into Univision’s coffers. That’s the job; that’s the fact.
Where I have a problem is in the fact I applaud Ramos asking the hard questions many people of Hispanic origin are asking. Those questions may affect them or their families. The problem is in the sense of decorum (something I view with great skepticism) being violated.
Ramos has shown himself to be combative, argumentative and abrupt at best. Trump can be described as being of the same ilk. The problem? I don’t the party I should be rooting for.

Ramos is a journalistic bulldog. He bites into a story and shakes it until he gets out of it what he’s after. I’ve seen the man (Ramos) attack the issue directly, but that means he has to confront the messenger delivering the issue. That’s the way it goes. This isn’t a matter of Political Correctness (PC) so much as it’s about conducting a news conference in a decorous and controlled manner so the greatest number of the Press may ask questions they want answered.

Ramos didn’t care about any of his colleagues in the room. He was showboating and driving to be the MOST apparent member of the Press available. His ego appears to have the same proportion of egotism Trump displays. As such he demonstrated his belief ONLY HIS questions needed to be answered. It’s here we see the CREATION of news as opposed to reporting it with objectivity. Ramos lured Trump into the trap and the bar slammed down on Trump like a wayward Mink.

Please make no mistake concerning my confusion; it’s purely momentary. Trump is a bloviating, belligerent, argumentative guy. I like that in a politician. But he’s also self-serving under the guise of wanting to be a public servant. Enter Ramos. It’s damned near a mirror image with Salsa to add “the heat”. I’m not wild about either of them.

The issue is the violation of decorum or politeness as it’s otherwise known. PC would be where a politician caters to the limited number of like-minded members of a prejudiced media outlet. They’ll seek to laud the candidate to advance an agenda, or conversely, attack a candidate to advance the agenda of party (meaning any interested person) or political dogma they believe in or are paid to advance.

Trump hit the political stage with the explosive introduction of the cannon complement of the 1812 Overture. His abrupt, direct, angry and sometimes insulting attitude toward reporters (specifically Megan Kelly asking a logical and pointed question about Trumps apparent, possibly chauvinist and misogynistic treatment of women who disagree with him) pushed him into showing his aggravation and rejection of anybody challenges him, his agenda or his personality. This results in big news, big ratings and bigger and fatter poll ratings for Trump.

Enter Jorge Ramos, a man cut from the same cloth but tailored by a Hispanic design with a sense of Latin haut couture. They’re the same man from different backgrounds.

Trump can dish it, but refuses to dine on the same fare he drops on the table. He expects raves from the people dining and allows no criticism from them. It’s “shut-up and eat what’s on your plate or you’ll get no more from me”! Ramos is the Oliver Twist to Trump’s Bumble at the workhouse. The outrage shown was metered to match the indignity the billionaire candidate felt for being challenged.

It all has a sense of showmanship I refuse to ignore. I don’t know if Trump is for real. I don’t know that Ramos is either because they both profit substantially from this high drama played on a prairie stage. No matter what; the public must be aware of the horse nuggets and cow pies they may be stepping in if they’re not careful. I despise Ramos’ driving the news at his will, but I also see the same petty posturing by Trump.

It appears they deserve each other.

Is it a stalwart pursuit of the truth as Ramos wants us to believe it is, or is it a petulant pique displayed by a dilettantish prima donna as we see in Trump?

It beats the hell out of me but it’s GREAT Theater no matter how absurd. And I detest the absurdity of politicians believe we’re too stupid to see it’s all a performance on a grand scale..
Thanks for listening

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