Loyalty Pledges

Loyalty Pledges

“I Pledge Allegiance to the Republican/Democrat Party One party under guard without liberty of thought and with injustice for all”. (The New Pledge of Political Allegiance)

This should be the pledge signed by all people seeking to replace the Presidential administration presently in place, in America.
Really; is this what America has come to when a candidate MUST acquiesce to the will of an illegitimate ideology really no better than their opposition’s? Candidates can’t be chosen by the people? They must be chosen by specific people “caucussing” (sic) in smoke filled rooms and back-corridors of the house of ill-repute commonly known as the Halls o’ Congress and the DNC/RNC offices?

I’m not wild about Donald Trump. I think that’s clear. Any person noted for bombast, controversy and insult isn’t somebody I want representing me in the highest office in the land. Where he comes to look like an ass, it drags me along in harness with him as an American. Statesmanship takes intelligence, strength of character and a certain measure of aplomb not bordering on a sense of insanity controlled only by political hubris.
The Republican National Committee is requiring Trump sign–off on a “loyalty Pledge” saying he won’t form a third party to run for the presidency. Trump wants to test that integrity and see if the party will follow the “will of the people” seemingly indicated in the nationwide polls.

This third party effort would immediately send a broadside into the Republican Party. It would produce a huge hole in the party’s ability to present a solid, intelligent and cohesive element of proposed governance. It would show the total weakness of the ideals and dogma of the party.

A Third Party formation would allow, through the apparent schism in the party, the transfer of votes away from the Republicans. It would destroy that party; possibly for all time. Hilarity Clinton (or worse, Joke Biden) could win election and continue the Obama legacy of hate, divisiveness and exclusion of any and all NOT seeing it the Socialist/Democrat Party way.

Trump has stormed the political stage over the years and presented himself as a know-it-all always saying he knew better than anybody else what was good for this nation and its people. Whether you agree with him or not he’s a political “rock-star” among a galaxy of dogmatically polluted black holes. He’s managed to enliven the campaign with his brash, loud and frankly clownish manner. He’s proposed building a wall on the southern border to prevent illegal immigration.

Where that wall would inspire and energize employment in the construction field, it would be incredibly expensive. But, it also brings to mind another wall built by a repressive and dictatorial government in Berlin, Germany in the 1960s. There is no Yin without Yang. There is a balance to be struck in all things or chaos will reign and fall on the people of America like the pollutant known as Acid Rain. Acid rain corrodes the veneer of what it touches and ultimately makes the finish of the object discolored and unrecognizable as it was once meant to be seen.

The Loyalty Oath is something despots use to determine who is and who isn’t loyally walking in the dung polluted path of their lead horses. No matter the party, Democrat or Republican, the ideology must be served or the agendas of the hierarchies will fail. And, failure of the ideologies is what Trump’s pursuing apparently. He wants to win and is willing to shake the rotted fruit from the tree before harvest. He wants to see if he can cross-pollinate a newer, hardier fruit grafted from his thinking; and his alone.

Trump is being summoned to kneel before the altar of regimented, stolid and deadlocked political party dogma. He follows nobody. He sees himself as the American Caesar ready to cross the Potomac as a metaphorical Rubicon. He doesn’t seem to care what the Republican Party says.
But, in that lack of caring, how can we be sure he cares about the American people and their wishes? After all; he’s made it clear this is more about him than anything or anybody else.

Possibly he’s a nice guy. But that’s the way Obama was portrayed during his campaigns and we see the Hell we’ve been delivered to in a thorn lined hand-basket in that instance.

Neither the Republicans nor “The Donald” have a monopoly on chutzpah. They do have a firm grasp on how despotic Communists dictatorships build walls (between nations and the people composing them) with the signage of loyalty oaths.
Thanks for listening

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