The quandary

The quandary

I find myself in a quandary. I can’t decide which is more important: the saving of hundreds of thousands of Christian refugees looking to escape ISIS in the Middle East or recognizing the fact the migration leaves open the chance for radical Islamists to infiltrate western nations freely and deliver their mayhem with impunity.
My problem comes from the fact I agree with George Santayana. I’ve quoted him so many times I almost feel it necessary to erect a monument to him based solely on the truth he spoke. “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. We’re in the position of needing to remember our history and repeat a severe injustice or remaining safe from an enemy structured and designed to use a nation’s charity and mercy as elements of our own destruction. (Sounds like the political landscape in America right now doesn’t it? But, we’ll leave that for another day.)
The repetition of the injustice is to be noted in the MV St. Louis affair in 1939. The MS St. Louis was a German ocean liner seeking to deliver 908 Jews to the safety of nations away from Adolf Hitler’s demonic overthrow of societal sanity in Germany. The ship was denied the chance to dock in Cuba, THE UNITED STATES and Canada. It’s believed nearly a quarter of the refugees (between 277 and 363 souls died in concentration camps.
The rejection of these people was based solely on the efforts of anti-Semitic bigots in Cuba. It was their desire to prevent the admission of these people, even on a temporary basis, until they could enter America under their visas, unless they could profit from the process to the tune of a half-million dollars; a substantial amount of money now recognized to be in the millions of dollars today.
It’s a fact the political expediency and cowardice of Canada and the United States was responsible for the deaths of those arrested and confined in Sobibor and Auschwitz. These people were business people, civilians seeking to avoid the looming prospect of genocide after Kristallnacht (The Night of Broken Glass) when rioting Nazis destroyed the property of Jews across Germany. These refugees knew their days were numbered if they remained in Germany as sanity ran from the consciences of the German people. These refugees didn’t offer theories about the current political atmosphere; they witnessed and suffered the indignities and the terrorism and the murder of their brethren at the hands of madmen. We’ve all witnessed the genocidal criminality of ISIS.
The Middle Eastern Christians are in the same boat (to torture a metaphor). They run from public decapitations and hangings and stonings of people at the hands of fundamentalist Islamist zealots. These zealots use the corpses as photo-ops to drive their point home to the “infidels” they seek to enslave or eradicate. They use the terror of their actions to run people to stampede speeds to avoid their children being forced to convert to the fundamentalist’s way of interpreting the Qu’ran or placing them into forced servitude as sex-slaves and workers to be taxed to death before beatings and murder ensue.
Since I started thinking about all of this the Eastern European Nations are trying to cautiously open the floodgates of humanity pressurizing their borders. These nations are slowing the immigration with bureaucracy and policy procedurals taking time to complete. The United States is doing what it does best: throw money at the problem in hopes somebody else can be convinced to balm our conscience.
And, I can understand the position America takes. We have a monumental problem with illegal immigration across our southern border. The porosity of that invisible line is as striking as the desert vista defining the landmass. The present administration, as morally, intellectually and competency challenged as it is, created a major problem the importation of immigrants from the Middle East could only make worse. Where we fear radical Islamists are pouring across the southern border in a state of human liquefaction approaching a tsunamic level; the allowance of MORE immigrants to enter America could produce an army of covert insurgents ready to spread terror in the Homeland as we’ve never known it before.
I fear for our safety. If we sacrifice our conscience, we sacrifice our humanity. If we open our arms to welcome a segment of humanity seeking mercy and deliverance from a fate equivalent to death, we also open the gates for murderers and terroristic fundamentalist Islamists to produce their “snuff films” on American soil.
I don’t relish America’s leaders’ need to make a decision on our safety. I also don’t trust the present administration to give a goat or an ass in trade for our safety. I believe the present administration’s cowardice is prevalent and their ability to stand against tyranny is non-existent. The only tyranny this administration understands is their personal drive to place a tyrannical boot on the American people’s neck.
We’re seeing the repetition of history almost daily. Where Hitler coiled like an insane Rattlesnake striking and killing whatever it attacked; ISIS is the Cobra rising erect to a position to strike all sane people not bending to the terror of its presence.
Will we recoil in terror or beat the damned snake to death in the dust it wants to turn the whole world into in time?
It’s up to us to decide our fate and it should be easy.
Thanks for listening

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