Some people noted I wasn’t publishing much lately. That’s true. I stopped because I go my nose out of joint and a major case of the chapped azz because some people decided I’m either no longer relevant and/or not worthy of being published because they refuse to pay $7 bucks a week for “award winning commentary”.

That’s cool. You don’t like what I have to say; don’t read it. If you don’t like my commentary and opinions; don’t bother with the by-line. If you want to keep your mind a wilderness of barren desolation; keep scanning the funnies and getting your political direction from the Daily Show.
I belong to a group dedicated to fighting government waste and the chicanery politicians are noted for. Each week they meet, greet, and eat with a never-ending queue of political wannabees and personally, mentally and (some) morally challenged individuals seeking public office. Some of the candidates are funny; others are tragically misinformed as to how vital they are to the survival of this state. I’m here to disabuse them of that thought process.

They all say they’ll change things after they’re elected. They all put it across that they’ll be the “one” driving government back to the position of being representative of the peoples’ wishes and work tirelessly for those same people. The fact is they’ll accomplish no more than the guy or gal they’re expecting and begging to replace.

These nitwits are running because they want the money and power associated with the particular rung on the ladder that’ll place them closer to their goal in the future. Money breeds power and more money breeds more power.

My absence from the publishing world (not that anybody cares) was predicated on the apparent reality very few people care about any opinion other than their own. I have a colleague whose self-esteem is defined by how many people he can intellectually bully and cow with bombastic and frankly ignorant, rude and bloviated ARGUMENTS he defines as debates. It’s boring, boorish and aggravating but it is emblematic of what’s happening in America. Political discourse is now cliché. The same obstructionist rhetoric is bandied about rather than get down to demanding simple, honestly defined issues: smaller government, decreased repetitive bureaucracy and a government controlled by 320 million citizens and not 545 elitist drones following dogmatic party hierarchies.

STUPID PEOPLE ARE AT THE HELM OF THIS SHIP OF STATE and the bilge rats are auditioning for the jobs above deck. That gives me no hope for our future.

The colleague is a man who has a never-ending drive to assure the planet he’s the only person knows how to direct this nation. He’s egotistical and narcissistic as can be seen; therefore he fits right in with the people he challenges. He, and they, knows only what they know and seek out no more information about their adversaries than is needed for them to justify their existence. Instead of bedazzling us with their brilliance they try to continually baffle us with their boo-shii.

This isn’t what government or this particular organization is supposed to be about. No one person defines conservatism. No one person defines and directs the course and path of conservative organizations. Nobody can afford to know only what they think is correct and not understand the positions of the opposition. Selective ignorance is a form of specific stupidity and moronic response to solving America’s problems. People who refuse to explore the writings, statements and strategies of their opponents, especially those opponents known to lie, cheat and prevaricate on a steady basis are too ignorant to control the direction of debate because they must perpetually “grandstand” to gain attention for themselves rather than point the spotlight at the “grandstanders” trying to turn us away from the true issues.

I suggest to the numb nuts trying to step into the supposed Valhalla they suggest the state house and the Capitol are, that they should examine their pasts, their presents and the potential future they say they’ll change before they get there.

After all; where there is a heaven it has to be recognized there is a Hell. And Hell has representatives here on Earth. Good luck people. As long as people like me are here you’re going to meet them up-close and personally.
Thanks for listening

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