Goobernatorial debates

Goobernatorial debates

From what little I saw of the Goobernatorial Debates in Ruston Louisiana last night, I can honestly say a case of the “loosey-goosey” (Explosive Colonic Discharge) would have been more entertaining. Paint drying would have thrilled me more. At the very least, paint drying shows an overall differential from initial application to finished products. In this case nothing’s really changed.

They’re all still goobers.

This debate, again from what I saw of it, was without any danger of controversy. The candidates all wore dark suits. They all wore dark shoes. They all wore boring neckties and in general it was really, really hard to tell if any of them had an appreciable pulse. None of this came through to me. They all looked like the dearly departed propped up in front of the formerly used bank drive- thru teller window at the defunct and repurposed bank now a funeral home.


There was NO audience attendant. The press was held in a separate room, their video and audio feeds allegedly spotty and of little value. Louisiana Tech students were forced away from the room window-dressed as an acceptable venue for debate. They weren’t even allowed in the building. This was of course after prior debates where there were audiences available and the instantaneous element of audience reaction to the commentary offered by the candidates was interesting. This all carried a certain dearth of respectability as a forum for debate.

The press and many of the other three candidates blame David Vitter for the format used. They don’t think he can handle the possibly any of the “tough questions” to be asked. But it’s not possible to know how well the other candidates will respond to the possibly and potentially disruptive actions of combative and frankly planted opposition in audiences and crowds noted at other forums witnessed of late. #BlackLIvesMatter and other socially degraded political networks ginned up and plastered together by left-wing establishment operations funded by Soros and others come to mind.
It is regrettable that the left-wing has nothing more to attack Vitter on than a seven year old peccadillo his wife and family have gotten past and forgiven him for. As to the question of whether he committed a crime or not; I’d say it’s a moot point. No indictments have been forthcoming. “There’s nothing to see here folks. Move along”, comes to mind.

Vitter proclaimed, concerning the state budget fiasco; “Baton Rouge is broken and dysfunctional and there are no leaders there.” This is so obvious because the State of Louisiana has endured the personal political pursuits of an evidently absentee goobernor, Piyush “Bobby” Jindal as he worked his second job with the Republican National Committee as chief fund raiser and multi-state gadabout. It remains to be seen if any more politicians and/or goobernors choose to put party before populace.

It became evident Vitter’s opponents can spin fecal matter into silk thread as they all attacked the federal government’s deficit. You know, like any droid goobernor from Louisiana could ever affect any influence over the “big boys and girls“ in Congress. Nowadays a goobernor is lucky to get a word in edgewise unless he’s got a gig playing bass on the Fox News Channel. The big party mavens control the conversation and truth has little to do with party direction.

They all want special sessions of the legislature. They all want this because it makes it appear something will be accomplished. It’s true. Per-diem will spike for all those attending. New alliances and caucuses will be developed. The increase in late night rendezvous will climb and in general the public will be harangued as to just how badly the legislators are abused but suffer through it all because they care about their constituents and their plight.


Vitter wants to decrease the state vehicle fleet and its costs. Angelle wants to stop certain “dedicated” costs and remove suspect tax credits and incentives. Dardenne wants to de-incentivize certain programs as well cut the goobernor’s admistration staff (don’t kid yourself; this means he’ll replace those positions with other hacks and simply close some through attrition). Nothing changes.

It’s interesting the first thing Edwards wants to do is spend more on Medicaid through the seriously flawed and questionable Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) as he re-prioritize spending (?) Is this what he means by re-prioritizing spending from one poorly thought out budget abuse to another? But to Edwards’ credit, ALL of these guys want to expand Medicaid. Nobody said squat about increasing job availability of expanding the states productivity through tax credits to industry and to attract new industry. Nobody’s said squat about getting rid of the State Income Tax on Industry OR individuals.

So, in conclusion, I submit the “debate” of the goobers was slightly less satisfying than watching 25 year old re-runs of Family Feud. The format was un-interesting. The cast was slightly more titillating than a flu-bug and the knowledge of issues delivered was without comparison in the lack of clarity.

Thanks guys. I could have had more fun listening to my arteries harden.
Thanks for listening

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