Universal suffering

Universal suffering

I wonder at the direction political parties travel in their efforts to become something popular at any given moment. Democrats were once the party of segregation and slavery while Republicans, newly minted as a political force championed the freedom of the masses. Democrats sponsored and endorsed the bondage of blacks while Republicans sought to manifest the deliberate acceptance and process demanded by the Declaration of Independence and recognizing “all men are created equal”. Democrats were Ku Klux Klan members and associates while Republicans were staunch abolitionists.

Now we see things are 180 degrees apart from the original positions taken by party member and the parties themselves. Democrats declare themselves to be against slavery yet sponsor (continually) legislation keeping the non-Caucasian members of our society shackled to the government through entitlements and specialized social programs. This assures the people receiving the benefit of such socially engineered largesse don’t have to feel beholden to the newer form of “noblesse oblige” to uplift those they feel inferior. They protest they “are merely doing what they feel is right” so as to elevate the ego of the benefactor.

In response to the movement of the Democrats further left on the scale of self-righteous posturing they belittle and scorn the Republicans as mean and miserly by suggesting the black, brown, yellow, red and other blended primary colors should be allowed to grow and prosper without the government dole supporting them. Republicans seek to see their multi-hued brethren allowed the chance to grow, extend their economic reach and prosper based on the strength of their own backs, the reach of the own imaginations and the power of their own convictions.

Go figure.

Now, the political landscape has been adjusted, going back to Teddy Roosevelt, so that government is pre-eminent in its devotion to the loving care and demoralization of the common man and the invisible shackling of the individual to the state. No longer is the world to be a man or woman’s oyster to pry open and enjoy the benefits of culinary exceptionalism. No, the body of the mollusk must be prepped, cut, drowned in tomato puree or milk to become a chowder and as such a mere element rather than a meal unto itself. The dilution of the soup is decided by the chef, not the diner.
While the chowder is enjoyable and tasty for the moment, it isn’t the same as the original mollusk meant to be eaten. It’s different in appearance, constitution and delivery. It delivers sustenance and is acceptable until you want to savor the originality of the mollusk. There’s a different flavor to be enjoyed when you broil the oyster. It’s a different savoriness to be understood when served on the half-shell. But, it’s also a right of the individual to seek out the meal and enjoy it based on his or her personal culinary skills and or desires. Getting a watered down version of life dispensed from a serving line at a venue such as the a government soup kitchen assures you know no better.

When the state decides your needs, they also decide the bill of fare you’ll dine from. You have diminished choices and diminished chances to move beyond what they want to give you. Soon, without knowing it, the shackles tighten and you become subservient to your new master dropping the slop from the spoon onto your stainless steel tray.

It looks like somebody’s doing something nice for you but they control the diet you subsist on. They promise one thing such as freedom to choose and deliver something else as the only choices you can choose from.

Years ago, in a Civics Class (something apparently no longer taught) I was told the People’s Republic of China, a communist nation had the freedom to vote: Universal Suffrage. It was explained that America had Universal Suffrage as well, but with a difference.

In America, anybody of the age of majority could vote for whomever they chose. They had the right to select representatives based on their qualifications. The Chinese had the right to vote. But, they could vote for only those belonging to the Communist Party; not much of a choice, in fact NO choice whatsoever.

Now we see the Democrat Party for what it is: Creeping Socialism. Now we understand the Republican Party under its present “leadership” is no more than “skulking socialism”.

Politicians today have taken us from “Universal Suffrage” to the edge of “Universal Suffering”.

That’s not the way it’s supposed to be in America.
Thanks for listening

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