Speedy Gonzales Syndrome

Speedy Gonzales Syndrome

Senator David Vitter’s effort to challenge the “Sanctuary Cities” in Louisiana, as well as other states, was killed violently in the Senate. In a 54-45 vote against the legislation the Democrats (and some stupid Republicans) have decided “Sanctuary Cities” are more important than the safety and security of the residents of those specific cities.

Vitter pushed the legislation since a San Francisco woman was allegedly murdered by a man in this country illegally. It was determined the suspect was a repeat illegal entry offender with a long criminal record and multiple prior deportations. The legislation would have also denied such cities some federal funds.

Marjorie Esman of the Louisiana ACLU said: “A lawsuit to challenge an illegal detainer is by definition not a frivolous lawsuit. If somebody is detained illegally, their rights are being violated and they need somebody to come to their defense.” She went further in stating: “Local law enforcement aren’t trained in the nuances of immigration law and if (sic) often happens that people are detained illegally because somebody, some local law enforcement person thinks that they should be detained when in fact they shouldn’t be there may be very good legitimate legal reasons why somebody’s in this country.” Copyright 2015 WVUE.

I remember the Mariel Boat Lift taking place between April 15 and October 31, 1980. It was a dramatic and traumatic event in American history. Castro announced anyone wanting to leave Cuba could do so. It was found a number of the refugees released from Cuban jails and mental health facilities had severe psychological issues as well as some having been involved in extensive criminal activities. As many as 125,000 Cubans made the journey to Florida.

Having worked in Law Enforcement during this era, I noted something interesting about people’s attitudes toward these migrants. Americans opened their arms in welcome. They opened their wallets at the same time. They opened their mouths to sing a chorus exalting the magnanimity of American culture to better the lives of all of these “unfortunate refugees”.

The only thing I didn’t witness was the opening of people’s minds as it concerned this invasion of people entering this country with no documentation, no witnesses to their character and no understanding of the foundations of their moral development and conduct. We had nothing but a tsunami of human beings unloaded on the Floridian shores like a dam burst.

Where it comes to people’s perceptions of illegal immigration, most people view immigrants through the prism offered us in LOONEY TUNES ® cartoons. I call it the Speedy Gonzales Syndrome.

Sadly, people think overwhelmingly all Latin Americans are as cute and righteous as Speedy Gonzales the cartoon character mouse regularly pursued by Felix – “El Pussy Gato”. With the hilarious manner Speedy always thwarts Felix in the cat’s efforts to eat the heroic mouse we’re entertained. But, in the minds of our children watching this crap, we’ve seen they can be indoctrinated to accept the idea any and all immigrants are harmless, heroic and in need of entry into our way of life. Some of these people are violent criminals and as such should be corralled and confined for the safety of the people living in the area.

“Sanctuary Cities” offer refuge and safety from deportation simply because they say they’re oppressed. Every criminal Castro forced through that Mariel Pipeline felt he was oppressed because he was imprisoned in Cuba. Every criminal I’ve ever met felt he was entitled to commit the act got him busted and imprisoned. And, it was a too harsh imprisonment and, it was a mean system didn’t understand the stresses led them to their committing the crime.

The damned system is always at fault in their eyes.

Well, the system is at fault. The system has been defined in laws controverted by local politically avaricious and power-hungry people seeking to swell their voter rolls beneficially. The system says states and cities can contradict the laws because of their personal interpretation of the Tenth Amendment.

Nobody is willing to accept this issue must be addressed individually. Each person MUST be evaluated according to the specific circumstances presented. It is wrong to say all persons of any race are somehow criminally involved. But, it is STUPID to believe NONE of them can be criminals. Unfortunately the ACLU was born and developed to counteract governmental wrongdoing for people without hope of affording proper legal counsel. It is patently wrong to assume ALL governmental actions are unrighteous and thus suspect or worthy of challenge. Sanctuary Cities say the government can never be right simply because of perceived and interpreted allegations of institutional racism.

Yes; by all means review the reasons given for detention. Yes; be sure the rights of the individual are safeguarded. But, equally important is the right of the innocent citizen to know illegally/undocumented aliens are in their midst and that those who have criminal histories or are repeat offenders after deportation are detained, indicted, tried and convicted to be later imprisoned.

The only people having rights are NOT the damned criminals. WE have rights too and one of those rights is to know we’re safe in our homes and lives.
Thanks for listening

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