About Sarge

In the sense of biographical information, I’m a 59 year old Native American. I’m a Vietnam veteran as well as a retired Law Enforcement Officer (West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office – 28 years credited service). I have two sons. After years of Street Patrol duties along with a Supervisory Position I was privileged to be promoted to the rank of Sergeant Major.

The column was started after I was assigned to the West Baton Rouge Parish School system as a School Resource Officer. It was an active enforcement position being given the opportunity to explain the consequences of a person’s actions even though it might be minimized as “boy/girls will be…”

The duties required interaction in the education realm as well as our efforts to mentor at-risk and not at-risk teenagers. It’s proven to be a valuable experience offering me insights into the problems specific to elementary, middle and high school students as well as the teaching staff. This has allowed me to explain issues in a layman’s terms, phraseology helping the citizens in West Baton Rouge better understand the problems and controversy possible in this venue. This successful program is still in operation and it’s my privilege to say I was a small part of its success over the years.


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