Still Fightin’

Still fightin’

My new business card should read: “Sarge, fighting Republican duplicity and ignorance one stupid act after another!”

It’s a dead subject (at the moment) but Representative Kevin McCarthy’s idiotic statements about the House Select Committee’s Benghazi Special Committee shows just how insufferably stupid the Republican Party has become. I was recently advised there are 51 Republican Parties in America. There’s one Republican State Committee for each state and the Republican National Committee (RNC) in Washington.

This is the reason so many people no longer identify as Republican and say they’re Conservatives. The State Committees don’t have any effect on the RNC. Republicans are driven by partisan party politics. Conservatives are driven by principles; something House Republicans know little about today.
Now, there’s a quagmire of inevitability the Republicans must pull themselves from if they’re going to put one of their drones in the White House. Boehner is out. (Yeah, like anybody really believes that.) To paraphrase the late Yogi Berra: “he’s not out until he’s gone: for good”. That means until he escapes the ignominy of his poor performance as a Speaker of the House and disappears into a Ohio tavern, appearing as a specter on a stool at the end of his favorite bar, he’ll be pulling strings and jerking chains in the party until somebody in the party gets fed up with his ignorant duplicity.

Now, we have a major push for Paul Ryan to be Speaker. I guess this is because he’s got a reputation for being strong on economy as he’s Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. This means he oversees the tax-writing in this “great land o’ plenty taxes and truly poor use of them for the people”. How’s that work for you?

The Republicans want him as Speaker because he has name recognition, a highly sought after position as Chairman of Ways and Means and he’s photogenic. It seems logical Ryan should be selected by his party to lead it in the House. He’s a dutiful, loyal follower of John Boehner. Ryan knows how to look serious and he looked John Koskinen (IRS Commissioner) in the eye and told him he didn’t believe a word Koskinen said under oath.
That’s ballsy. But none of it indicates he’ll be better at leading the House GOP than Boehner, who was obstructionist concerning Conservative legislative efforts and capitulating because he was intimidated by Nancy Pelosi and in awe of Obama.

Boehner is a closet Progressive and I think Ryan may have the condo next door to Boehner.

Kevin McCarthy showed us his “true grit” with his earnest and “hard hitting” statement: “Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Because she’s untrustable. But no one would have known any of that had happened, had we not fought.”

You have to give the guy credit, he’s honest. But, he’s also slightly dumber than a box of rocks. His quite frankly stupid, ill-advised and destructive attempt at power-peddling turned into power-piddling. The effect of his whizzing on his personal shoes has splattered on the well-dressed cuffs of every Republican. He shot Trey Gowdy’s Special Committee in the butt and the party’s been hemorrhaging from where its integrity bifurcates with good sense. Now, that perception of integrity has been shunted off to the digestive tract showing it’s ready to be excreted.
Luckily we found out early McCarthy is too stupid to be a “Speaker”. Obviously he should have kept his mouth shut.

With people like Boehner, McCarthy and Ryan wanting “top-down” leadership demanding compliance with a flock mentality and requiring abject supplication toward the hierarchy following hidden agendas; this nation is in deep doo-doo and getting a unhealthy helping of socialism to chew on daily.

With Republican “friends” like these, who needs to worry about Democrats?
Thanks for listening

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“The Court”

“The Court”

This, like any form of commentary is a matter of personal opinion and as such is the moral equivalent of a rectum. Everybody has one and most all of them stink.

The Bill of Rights is a spectacular effort at defining governance and the protections from government and petty tyrants offered the individual. It is stellar in its impact and brilliant in its conception.

So what’s the problem?

We’re steadily assaulted by the Executive branch in their thinking they have specific powers never clearly enumerated in the specificity of the constitutional verbiage used. It’s left open to interpretation by the party overstepping their bounds. In other words, the lack of firmly defined principles in the past has created a crisis in American governance today.

The final arbiter of these problems between the representative legislature and the Executive is supposed to be the Supreme Court. “The Court” is supposed to decide the Constitutionality of any enacted law against the standards set within the Bill of Rights as written. The law is NOT supposed to be defined by the dogmatic harangue of any political party in obedience to its party leaders. It’s supposed to be balanced against the words written and the ideals understood. It’s my belief the Bill of Rights is a document of extreme clarity in its simplicity. It’s meant to protect the individual as a member of a society. It’s meant to define OUR culture as strictly American as opposed to a version of hyphenated, fragmented and potentially abusive ideologies at odds with the American Dream as envisioned by the “Founding Fathers”.

The Bill of Rights and its companion piece, the Constitution, was developed because the writers were only too familiar with the abuses suffered under the rule of the despotic and insensitive King George III. Despotism wasn’t an abstract notion for them. It was reality and they knew the processing of the avaricious nature of man was to subjugate his fellows purely from a stance of superior military numbers and injudicious legislative actions designed to serve the elite and maintain their posture and alleged superiority in fact and practice.

Look at “your” president, (he ain’t MY president) and the Congress composed of millionaires and privileged characters believing they define YOUR rights and are better suited than you to decide your operative present and your proposed future. If you can’t see and recognize their egotistical, self-centered, self-possessed, self-aggrandizement; simply look at their acceptance of one of the most obvious forms of conflict of interest: they write their own paychecks as defined by laws they authored, passed and enforce without the permission of the people of the United States.
Can you do that?

“The Court” is supposed to take law as written and define its constitutionality as it applies to that one individual law. It must ask: “Does this law protect and serve the individual as a member of society?” NOT : how does this OPEN society to accept new and different concepts of “constitutionality”. “The Court” wasn’t meant to be the de facto rubber stamp approval offered for the duration of a politically dogmatic and thus, prejudiced party affiliation. These political affiliations can last decades because placement on “The Court” is for life. (That’s better than many marriages last.)

“The Court” has become a joke in the way it operates. Specific justices say they are the “best” at defining and “INTERPRETING” the Constitution. It’s my stance there should be NO interpretation of the Constitution but rather the application of interpreting the individual law under contest and controversy as it applies to the Constitution. It’s too easy for people (justices) to be influenced by personal interests and beliefs. They’re human. They’re prejudiced as are all people. Their rulings reflect those prejudices and thought processes.

In many cases the Declaration of Independence is mistaken as a Constitution driven addendum to the Bill of Rights. It states in the second paragraph: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness.”

As can be seen, “The Court” (in many cases) decides the constitutionality of any law based on the Declaration of Independence rather than a strict balancing act against the Bill of Rights. Is abortion a constitutional right? Is the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transsexual (LGBT) issue a matter of “constitutionality”? Is marriage defined in the Constitution of the Bill of Rights?

No. Nowhere do you find these issues defined in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. Therefore marriage as a social (secular) and/or religious contract is a matter of contract law; not specifically defined by the Bill of Rights. It IS developed under the Declaration of Independence where it says: “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Therefore, I suggest and believe these issues are NOT enforceable by law as constitutional or non–constitutional. They are a matter for the states to decide under the principles of contract law; not Federal law.

“The Court” continually sticks its collective noses in a septic tank and self-righteously proclaims the treatment of some groups stinks. That’s not their job.

“The Courts” job is to weigh enacted law against the Bill of Rights and its amendments. It’s not to produce reasons to be on the cover of Time Magazine.
Thanks for listening

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Some people noted I wasn’t publishing much lately. That’s true. I stopped because I go my nose out of joint and a major case of the chapped azz because some people decided I’m either no longer relevant and/or not worthy of being published because they refuse to pay $7 bucks a week for “award winning commentary”.

That’s cool. You don’t like what I have to say; don’t read it. If you don’t like my commentary and opinions; don’t bother with the by-line. If you want to keep your mind a wilderness of barren desolation; keep scanning the funnies and getting your political direction from the Daily Show.
I belong to a group dedicated to fighting government waste and the chicanery politicians are noted for. Each week they meet, greet, and eat with a never-ending queue of political wannabees and personally, mentally and (some) morally challenged individuals seeking public office. Some of the candidates are funny; others are tragically misinformed as to how vital they are to the survival of this state. I’m here to disabuse them of that thought process.

They all say they’ll change things after they’re elected. They all put it across that they’ll be the “one” driving government back to the position of being representative of the peoples’ wishes and work tirelessly for those same people. The fact is they’ll accomplish no more than the guy or gal they’re expecting and begging to replace.

These nitwits are running because they want the money and power associated with the particular rung on the ladder that’ll place them closer to their goal in the future. Money breeds power and more money breeds more power.

My absence from the publishing world (not that anybody cares) was predicated on the apparent reality very few people care about any opinion other than their own. I have a colleague whose self-esteem is defined by how many people he can intellectually bully and cow with bombastic and frankly ignorant, rude and bloviated ARGUMENTS he defines as debates. It’s boring, boorish and aggravating but it is emblematic of what’s happening in America. Political discourse is now cliché. The same obstructionist rhetoric is bandied about rather than get down to demanding simple, honestly defined issues: smaller government, decreased repetitive bureaucracy and a government controlled by 320 million citizens and not 545 elitist drones following dogmatic party hierarchies.

STUPID PEOPLE ARE AT THE HELM OF THIS SHIP OF STATE and the bilge rats are auditioning for the jobs above deck. That gives me no hope for our future.

The colleague is a man who has a never-ending drive to assure the planet he’s the only person knows how to direct this nation. He’s egotistical and narcissistic as can be seen; therefore he fits right in with the people he challenges. He, and they, knows only what they know and seek out no more information about their adversaries than is needed for them to justify their existence. Instead of bedazzling us with their brilliance they try to continually baffle us with their boo-shii.

This isn’t what government or this particular organization is supposed to be about. No one person defines conservatism. No one person defines and directs the course and path of conservative organizations. Nobody can afford to know only what they think is correct and not understand the positions of the opposition. Selective ignorance is a form of specific stupidity and moronic response to solving America’s problems. People who refuse to explore the writings, statements and strategies of their opponents, especially those opponents known to lie, cheat and prevaricate on a steady basis are too ignorant to control the direction of debate because they must perpetually “grandstand” to gain attention for themselves rather than point the spotlight at the “grandstanders” trying to turn us away from the true issues.

I suggest to the numb nuts trying to step into the supposed Valhalla they suggest the state house and the Capitol are, that they should examine their pasts, their presents and the potential future they say they’ll change before they get there.

After all; where there is a heaven it has to be recognized there is a Hell. And Hell has representatives here on Earth. Good luck people. As long as people like me are here you’re going to meet them up-close and personally.
Thanks for listening

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The quandary

The quandary

I find myself in a quandary. I can’t decide which is more important: the saving of hundreds of thousands of Christian refugees looking to escape ISIS in the Middle East or recognizing the fact the migration leaves open the chance for radical Islamists to infiltrate western nations freely and deliver their mayhem with impunity.
My problem comes from the fact I agree with George Santayana. I’ve quoted him so many times I almost feel it necessary to erect a monument to him based solely on the truth he spoke. “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. We’re in the position of needing to remember our history and repeat a severe injustice or remaining safe from an enemy structured and designed to use a nation’s charity and mercy as elements of our own destruction. (Sounds like the political landscape in America right now doesn’t it? But, we’ll leave that for another day.)
The repetition of the injustice is to be noted in the MV St. Louis affair in 1939. The MS St. Louis was a German ocean liner seeking to deliver 908 Jews to the safety of nations away from Adolf Hitler’s demonic overthrow of societal sanity in Germany. The ship was denied the chance to dock in Cuba, THE UNITED STATES and Canada. It’s believed nearly a quarter of the refugees (between 277 and 363 souls died in concentration camps.
The rejection of these people was based solely on the efforts of anti-Semitic bigots in Cuba. It was their desire to prevent the admission of these people, even on a temporary basis, until they could enter America under their visas, unless they could profit from the process to the tune of a half-million dollars; a substantial amount of money now recognized to be in the millions of dollars today.
It’s a fact the political expediency and cowardice of Canada and the United States was responsible for the deaths of those arrested and confined in Sobibor and Auschwitz. These people were business people, civilians seeking to avoid the looming prospect of genocide after Kristallnacht (The Night of Broken Glass) when rioting Nazis destroyed the property of Jews across Germany. These refugees knew their days were numbered if they remained in Germany as sanity ran from the consciences of the German people. These refugees didn’t offer theories about the current political atmosphere; they witnessed and suffered the indignities and the terrorism and the murder of their brethren at the hands of madmen. We’ve all witnessed the genocidal criminality of ISIS.
The Middle Eastern Christians are in the same boat (to torture a metaphor). They run from public decapitations and hangings and stonings of people at the hands of fundamentalist Islamist zealots. These zealots use the corpses as photo-ops to drive their point home to the “infidels” they seek to enslave or eradicate. They use the terror of their actions to run people to stampede speeds to avoid their children being forced to convert to the fundamentalist’s way of interpreting the Qu’ran or placing them into forced servitude as sex-slaves and workers to be taxed to death before beatings and murder ensue.
Since I started thinking about all of this the Eastern European Nations are trying to cautiously open the floodgates of humanity pressurizing their borders. These nations are slowing the immigration with bureaucracy and policy procedurals taking time to complete. The United States is doing what it does best: throw money at the problem in hopes somebody else can be convinced to balm our conscience.
And, I can understand the position America takes. We have a monumental problem with illegal immigration across our southern border. The porosity of that invisible line is as striking as the desert vista defining the landmass. The present administration, as morally, intellectually and competency challenged as it is, created a major problem the importation of immigrants from the Middle East could only make worse. Where we fear radical Islamists are pouring across the southern border in a state of human liquefaction approaching a tsunamic level; the allowance of MORE immigrants to enter America could produce an army of covert insurgents ready to spread terror in the Homeland as we’ve never known it before.
I fear for our safety. If we sacrifice our conscience, we sacrifice our humanity. If we open our arms to welcome a segment of humanity seeking mercy and deliverance from a fate equivalent to death, we also open the gates for murderers and terroristic fundamentalist Islamists to produce their “snuff films” on American soil.
I don’t relish America’s leaders’ need to make a decision on our safety. I also don’t trust the present administration to give a goat or an ass in trade for our safety. I believe the present administration’s cowardice is prevalent and their ability to stand against tyranny is non-existent. The only tyranny this administration understands is their personal drive to place a tyrannical boot on the American people’s neck.
We’re seeing the repetition of history almost daily. Where Hitler coiled like an insane Rattlesnake striking and killing whatever it attacked; ISIS is the Cobra rising erect to a position to strike all sane people not bending to the terror of its presence.
Will we recoil in terror or beat the damned snake to death in the dust it wants to turn the whole world into in time?
It’s up to us to decide our fate and it should be easy.
Thanks for listening

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Loyalty Pledges

Loyalty Pledges

“I Pledge Allegiance to the Republican/Democrat Party One party under guard without liberty of thought and with injustice for all”. (The New Pledge of Political Allegiance)

This should be the pledge signed by all people seeking to replace the Presidential administration presently in place, in America.
Really; is this what America has come to when a candidate MUST acquiesce to the will of an illegitimate ideology really no better than their opposition’s? Candidates can’t be chosen by the people? They must be chosen by specific people “caucussing” (sic) in smoke filled rooms and back-corridors of the house of ill-repute commonly known as the Halls o’ Congress and the DNC/RNC offices?

I’m not wild about Donald Trump. I think that’s clear. Any person noted for bombast, controversy and insult isn’t somebody I want representing me in the highest office in the land. Where he comes to look like an ass, it drags me along in harness with him as an American. Statesmanship takes intelligence, strength of character and a certain measure of aplomb not bordering on a sense of insanity controlled only by political hubris.
The Republican National Committee is requiring Trump sign–off on a “loyalty Pledge” saying he won’t form a third party to run for the presidency. Trump wants to test that integrity and see if the party will follow the “will of the people” seemingly indicated in the nationwide polls.

This third party effort would immediately send a broadside into the Republican Party. It would produce a huge hole in the party’s ability to present a solid, intelligent and cohesive element of proposed governance. It would show the total weakness of the ideals and dogma of the party.

A Third Party formation would allow, through the apparent schism in the party, the transfer of votes away from the Republicans. It would destroy that party; possibly for all time. Hilarity Clinton (or worse, Joke Biden) could win election and continue the Obama legacy of hate, divisiveness and exclusion of any and all NOT seeing it the Socialist/Democrat Party way.

Trump has stormed the political stage over the years and presented himself as a know-it-all always saying he knew better than anybody else what was good for this nation and its people. Whether you agree with him or not he’s a political “rock-star” among a galaxy of dogmatically polluted black holes. He’s managed to enliven the campaign with his brash, loud and frankly clownish manner. He’s proposed building a wall on the southern border to prevent illegal immigration.

Where that wall would inspire and energize employment in the construction field, it would be incredibly expensive. But, it also brings to mind another wall built by a repressive and dictatorial government in Berlin, Germany in the 1960s. There is no Yin without Yang. There is a balance to be struck in all things or chaos will reign and fall on the people of America like the pollutant known as Acid Rain. Acid rain corrodes the veneer of what it touches and ultimately makes the finish of the object discolored and unrecognizable as it was once meant to be seen.

The Loyalty Oath is something despots use to determine who is and who isn’t loyally walking in the dung polluted path of their lead horses. No matter the party, Democrat or Republican, the ideology must be served or the agendas of the hierarchies will fail. And, failure of the ideologies is what Trump’s pursuing apparently. He wants to win and is willing to shake the rotted fruit from the tree before harvest. He wants to see if he can cross-pollinate a newer, hardier fruit grafted from his thinking; and his alone.

Trump is being summoned to kneel before the altar of regimented, stolid and deadlocked political party dogma. He follows nobody. He sees himself as the American Caesar ready to cross the Potomac as a metaphorical Rubicon. He doesn’t seem to care what the Republican Party says.
But, in that lack of caring, how can we be sure he cares about the American people and their wishes? After all; he’s made it clear this is more about him than anything or anybody else.

Possibly he’s a nice guy. But that’s the way Obama was portrayed during his campaigns and we see the Hell we’ve been delivered to in a thorn lined hand-basket in that instance.

Neither the Republicans nor “The Donald” have a monopoly on chutzpah. They do have a firm grasp on how despotic Communists dictatorships build walls (between nations and the people composing them) with the signage of loyalty oaths.
Thanks for listening

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Bear baiting

Bear baiting

The Trump vs. Ramos exchange was interesting. I must admit it’s personally confusing because both men got exactly what they wanted. It’s confusing because I’m not sure how I really feel about it all.

In the first place Ramos was explosively interventionist with Trump. Ramos took the floor and attacked with questions directed toward a specific point Trump has built his campaign upon: Illegal Immigration. Where I applaud the power and courage of the Chihuahua attacking the Bear before him in the ring; I have to wonder if anybody else felt this wasn’t so much an effort to ask questions to develop what’s news worthy, so much as it was about creating the news and having it seen as worthy.

According to Wikipedia, Univision is an “American Spanish language broadcast television network that is owned by Univision Communications …aimed at Hispanic Americans in the United States. It has the largest audience of Spanish-language television viewers in the world, according to Nielsen Media Research.”

Jorge Ramos is the news anchor for this network and as such has an audience numbered in the millions world-wide. As such it’s his direct responsibility to see ratings are up. This assures advertising dollars keep flowing into Univision’s coffers. That’s the job; that’s the fact.
Where I have a problem is in the fact I applaud Ramos asking the hard questions many people of Hispanic origin are asking. Those questions may affect them or their families. The problem is in the sense of decorum (something I view with great skepticism) being violated.
Ramos has shown himself to be combative, argumentative and abrupt at best. Trump can be described as being of the same ilk. The problem? I don’t the party I should be rooting for.

Ramos is a journalistic bulldog. He bites into a story and shakes it until he gets out of it what he’s after. I’ve seen the man (Ramos) attack the issue directly, but that means he has to confront the messenger delivering the issue. That’s the way it goes. This isn’t a matter of Political Correctness (PC) so much as it’s about conducting a news conference in a decorous and controlled manner so the greatest number of the Press may ask questions they want answered.

Ramos didn’t care about any of his colleagues in the room. He was showboating and driving to be the MOST apparent member of the Press available. His ego appears to have the same proportion of egotism Trump displays. As such he demonstrated his belief ONLY HIS questions needed to be answered. It’s here we see the CREATION of news as opposed to reporting it with objectivity. Ramos lured Trump into the trap and the bar slammed down on Trump like a wayward Mink.

Please make no mistake concerning my confusion; it’s purely momentary. Trump is a bloviating, belligerent, argumentative guy. I like that in a politician. But he’s also self-serving under the guise of wanting to be a public servant. Enter Ramos. It’s damned near a mirror image with Salsa to add “the heat”. I’m not wild about either of them.

The issue is the violation of decorum or politeness as it’s otherwise known. PC would be where a politician caters to the limited number of like-minded members of a prejudiced media outlet. They’ll seek to laud the candidate to advance an agenda, or conversely, attack a candidate to advance the agenda of party (meaning any interested person) or political dogma they believe in or are paid to advance.

Trump hit the political stage with the explosive introduction of the cannon complement of the 1812 Overture. His abrupt, direct, angry and sometimes insulting attitude toward reporters (specifically Megan Kelly asking a logical and pointed question about Trumps apparent, possibly chauvinist and misogynistic treatment of women who disagree with him) pushed him into showing his aggravation and rejection of anybody challenges him, his agenda or his personality. This results in big news, big ratings and bigger and fatter poll ratings for Trump.

Enter Jorge Ramos, a man cut from the same cloth but tailored by a Hispanic design with a sense of Latin haut couture. They’re the same man from different backgrounds.

Trump can dish it, but refuses to dine on the same fare he drops on the table. He expects raves from the people dining and allows no criticism from them. It’s “shut-up and eat what’s on your plate or you’ll get no more from me”! Ramos is the Oliver Twist to Trump’s Bumble at the workhouse. The outrage shown was metered to match the indignity the billionaire candidate felt for being challenged.

It all has a sense of showmanship I refuse to ignore. I don’t know if Trump is for real. I don’t know that Ramos is either because they both profit substantially from this high drama played on a prairie stage. No matter what; the public must be aware of the horse nuggets and cow pies they may be stepping in if they’re not careful. I despise Ramos’ driving the news at his will, but I also see the same petty posturing by Trump.

It appears they deserve each other.

Is it a stalwart pursuit of the truth as Ramos wants us to believe it is, or is it a petulant pique displayed by a dilettantish prima donna as we see in Trump?

It beats the hell out of me but it’s GREAT Theater no matter how absurd. And I detest the absurdity of politicians believe we’re too stupid to see it’s all a performance on a grand scale..
Thanks for listening

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Anchor babies/Human shields

Anchor babies/Human shields

Well, here we are. I warned you it was coming soon. The cannibals in the Republican Party are attacking each other.

The Republican Party is formulating a battle plan to diminish the challenge their most dangerous enemy has presented for them. They’re trying like hell to figure out just what it will take to diminish the power and destructive might of forces they refuse to recognize in an opponent. And, thus we see the Republican Party’s need to coalesce behind battle-plans allowing them to progress beyond their present status of perpetual “also-ran”.
The main problem with this tactical development is their drive not to overcome Hillary Clinton but Donald Trump or any of the other droids seeking to maintain a liberal, socialist leaning nation where the middle class pays for everything, and the “poor” and “disadvantaged” have no responsibility to produce for themselves or the common good. This act shows how stupid the Republican Party hierarchy is right now. The hierarchy is too idiotic to recognize if they adopted his combativeness while fiercely addressing issues the Democrats shrink from; they could better control the narrative Trump has stolen from them in their rejection of the American people’s ideal.

They’d rather be “one –size fits none” than tailor-made for the ideals of the Constitution.

I’m no fan of The Donald. But Trump, for all of his blather, bombast and bullspit (sic) has vocalized what many people feel is the truth: Political Correctness (PC) is dishonesty in action and it’s destructive in practice. It hides personal, political agendas and there’s no illumination possible because of the “Black hole” of carefully crafted words disguising the truth of the debate. PC casts shadows on truth. It darkens perception by diverting attention to the act of PC as opposed to dealing with the issues to be addressed.

Take this controversy concerning “ANCHOR BABIES”. The term was coined to denote the Constitutional dilemma of children being born of people illegally entered and residing in America. The definition is a child “anchors” the parents in the United States because the child was born in America and becomes a native born citizen of the United States under the principle defined in the 14th Amendment. The theory is nobody wants to destroy a family by deporting the parents even though the child IS a citizen. The 14th Amendment was designed and passed to assure slaves maintained their citizenship post-Civil War.

PC says: “These are bad, bad people who would hurt a family”.

Unfortunately, the controversy concerning the term leads us away from noting the frailty of the 14th Amendment and the destructive element of people looking to abuse the honorable intent of the Amendment. They’re trying to use it as a tool to remove illegal aliens from responsibility for their criminal actions conducted with malice aforethought. While everybody’s attention is directed to the “inhumane” treatment of “anchor babies”, they refuse to address the fact the mother crossed the border with the direct intent to violate the laws of the United States.

In this nation we impound the goods and money developed from the illegal actions of criminals. We address the fact these material possessions ARE a result of illegal actions and a fundamental element of criminal law is that NO individual, corporation or group shall profit from criminal acts in violation of standing, stated law. You don’t make millions of dollars from selling drugs and upon conviction for these crimes in court keep the ill-gotten gains. The state impounds the goods and profits.

In this case being discussed, the ill-gotten gain is citizenship and that citizenship of an infant is designed to keep the parents in this country because the child has “rights”. Where this is interesting (as it applies to developing a strategy) is in the fact a principle exists in legal understanding. This is called the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree.

The “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree” doctrine is an offspring of the Exclusionary Rule. The Exclusionary rule is a legal principle in the United States which holds that evidence collected or analyzed in violation of the defendant’s constitutional rights is sometimes inadmissible for a criminal prosecution in a court of law. (“The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree”.)

It’s interesting the principle of the “Poisonous Tree” is used to restrain the improper activities of the Police but isn’t used to combat the criminal efforts of illegal aliens to secure their residence in America through their conspiracy to bypass the spirit of a law. Should the conspiratorial efforts of a person be rewarded because the ill-gotten gains and benefits of the criminal activity are transferred to an “innocent” infant?

I wonder. Mostly I wonder why the so-called “legal experts” almost never argue for the benefit of people forced to support those violating the spirit of law and address the outright rape of the society directed to support them. Law is theory based on moral imperative. It is supposed to be based on ethical standards known, understood and shared by society. But law is subjective and the passions of the debate teams arguing the finer points shade the understanding.

I don’t want to hurt a kid; but I don’t want to have his/her parents profit from a vastly expanding Welfare State seeking to create a complex of socialist inspired crap I must pay for. So many people say the state will be hurting the innocent child. But, I’d say that it’s the parent that’s endangering the child by consciously USING the kid as a Human Shield designed (since before the child’s birth) to protect the parent from deportation. Therein exists the immorality of the process.

Screw the Democrat and Republican Parties and their particular brands of self-serving Political Correctness removing us from dealing with the real problems in America.

Thanks for listening

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Origami pigeons

Origami pigeons

This election cycle is about as interesting as watching paint dry. So many candidates are doing no more than they’ve ever done with the exception of Trump. They’re all involved with the same pat promises, the same trite clichés and the same disdain for the American voting public as exemplified by Clinton.

Their gestures carry the emotional impact of a marionette at the command of a six-year-old. Power punctuation flowing from pointing fingers and vapid open-arm gestures designed to appear as inclusive of everybody in the audience, are about as sincere as a used-car salesman trying to sell a smoking engine as a mosquito control option. It’s apparent the mosquitoes are less aggravating. The open throat, button-down collars and the rolled up shirt sleeves are allegedly emblematic of candidates of the people, by the people and for the people. Those symbols are supposed to suggest a person ready to roll up their sleeves, get to work and immediately solve America’s problems in the first hundred days in office.

It’s a shame there are 535 men, women and idiots in Congress and nine Supreme Court Justices laying in ambush, ready for the chance to advance personal agendas and ideals having nothing to do with justice and representation of the people. These 544 people are representatives of the state and as such think more and more often of their ascension to the Olympian heights as members of that state.

The Constitution means nothing anymore. According to the intelligentsia the Constitution is a “living document” and as such is open to interpretation and modification by Executive fiat and Appellate and Supreme Court rulings designed to uphold and support the directionality of political breezes. It’s a matter of debate as to whether this is the current of political breezes or simply the methane exhaust of flatulent dogmatic oratory issued by politically insignificant cockroaches.

I’ll go with the latter description.

Clinton is still expecting a coronation in spite of the fact Bernie Sanders, Socialist (read proto-Communist-in-waiting) is gaining on her in the polls and gaining greater attendance at his pressers and campaign events. Billary (for the truth her campaign is a profane tactical faux-pas directed by both Bill and Hilary) Clinton believes because she said it, she believes it and that settles it; we’re all supposed to shut-up, Kowtow to her and go along with any and all lies exiting her butt is manna to nourish the masses.

If you take into account the peanut gallery inhabited by such luminaries as George Pataki, Jim Gilmore, Linseed Graham; Rick Perry (who’s alleged to be in financial trouble campaign-wise), Rick Santorum (who was resoundingly rejected last election cycle); Mark Everson, Jack Fellure and Andy Martin ( all people NOBODY ever heard of and little care to hear from them) and wrap them all in grape leaves they’d lack the political substance to be acceptable to the general voting populace as a light snack. What they bring to the political banquet is negligible at best. But, there they are dropping the replicant “world’s greatest potato salad” on the table to then be forgotten because everybody gets burned out on the carbohydrate overload. We’re fed up with so many political hacks wanting a stipend from a government for doing what the founding fathers did out of principle and for free.

The campaigns are stale, trite and less than stellar in their presentation; except for Trump. And he’s the only reason to pay attention to this cycle at all.

As a candidate and potentially as our representative before the disunited nations of the world, I find him so much less worthy of the presidency. He’s loud, bombastic, argumentative, a dilettante, a huckster; self-absorbed and self-possessed. It’s debatable whether he has the American ideal in first place in his efforts or his desire to rule the world before he shuffles off of this mortal coil.

The real interest is whether or not the other candidates will look beyond his full-throated roar of self-righteous anger proclaiming him to be in tune with the thoughts of the people; and make that outrage their own. Will they hear the truth Trump speaks and use their understanding of statesmanship to better America (and therefore the world) by changing their stance from self-aggrandizing political hacks? Will they become Constitutional diplomates showing their adeptness at solving America’s problems with respect to “liberty and justice for all”?

So far, it’s been pretty calm. The next step is for the feeding frenzy such as displayed between Rand Paul and Chris Christie and exemplifying their violation of Reagan’s 11th Commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican”. All they do is fertilize the turf the opposition will build a foundation upon to fight the Conservative cause.

Watch closely. All of this is unfolding like a poorly constructive Origami swan soon to look like a pigeon with mites staggering around looking for bird feed rather than a majestic Bald Eagle in flight.

Thanks for listening

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Picking at scabs

Picking at scabs

Okay; so the Confederate Battle Flag is something offends some people and they want it banned. There are protestors demanding the monuments to Civil War commanders and participants be torn down and removed from the sight of those whose ancestors were subjugated to chains. This should be ranked up there with Book Burning, Forced Labor and eradication by race, religion or place of birth. It, in many ways, harkens back to when old Adolph goose stepped his way across Europe. Should we destroy the monuments and edifices devoted to those killed at Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen and Sobibor?

This is the supreme balancing act to come. If you’ll deny the monuments to one group’s heroes, you must by the simple balance of Yin vs. Yang, remove the statues and monuments dedicated to those fought on the Union side. Those proclaiming Southern Heritage say the war was an act of Northern Aggression seeking to secure the supremacy of the Federal government over the rights of the states assured under the 10th Amendment. Should we tear down the flag of the United States because some diehard Confederate finds the past to be painful?

The southerners feel aggrieved. They feel today’s troubles result from the Union exerting heavy-handed post-war policies meant to punish and whip the Confederates back into alignment with the then victorious Union. Shall we tear down every monument to those who “wantonly” killed southerners simply because they wanted to be self-governing as defined by the 10th Amendment?

I’m from New England. If you tore down all of the monuments across that area, there’d be a well-defined desolation and dearth of any monuments. You can’t go anywhere in that area you don’t find a memorial to some dead guy or guys died far from home and for ideals found sufficiently important to risk their mortality. This doesn’t even account for all of the memorials to servicemen and women died in conflicts since Lincoln allegedly chained us to a federal government claiming more and more dominion over our personal rights and liberties. Should we tear down those memorials because somebody hates war and feels the monuments glorify the evil of war?

You can’t change history. And, as George Santayana’s old adage goes; “those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” One of the dangers of this adage and the fact it puts across is people don’t ever see themselves as being the next Hitler. They never see themselves as being despotic and oppressive. They don’t see the children of former slaves of any color, nationality or race can change the societal positioning to a point where they may enslave, subjugate and enchain another group. They fail to recognize slavery is a societal element practiced by the stronger of the two entities: the victor enslaves the vanquished. Members of the same race have always enslaved their opponents after conquest and the result is no less evil than another race enslaving a different race.

Slavery is conducted by the powerful over those less powerful. It can be racial, religious or governmental as THE State commands obedience to the dogma of those alleging to hold governance over (when really they want to rule) those people based only on their self-serving want and without right.

We’re a highly refined and intellectually based people. That doesn’t make us smart. We apply our emotion to our issues and drive home the past pain suffered by our ancestors as though that trial and travail is ours to have been suffered. People seek reparations today for crimes committed over a hundred years ago. It’s at that point the sense of entitlement takes a dump on the righteous desire to experience equality. By seeking the practical self-aggrandizement of monetary gain over the righteous demand for that equality, the protagonists cheapen the cause they say is righteous.
This issue of trying to deny history and the monuments making us remember our past injustices and pursuits of principles drove men and women to suffer a great conflict, is being pursued not out of a desire for truth and honest discussion, but moreso as a springboard for the politically adept to push agendas we may or may not believe in.

This entire debate and the demands for one group’s rights to honor over those of the opposition is a disease growing unchecked on the body politic. Where the danger comes in is the body politic is encased in our national “skin”. The debate causes wounds needing to heal.

But people keep picking the scabs of our past injuries so they’ll never heal and the resultant sepsis could kill the patient in body, mind and spirit because of the lack of patience causing the pursuit of a false cure.

Let’s quit picking the scab.
Thanks for listening

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Barnum’s doppleganger

Barnum’s doppelganger

He’s an American showman and businessman known for his promotions of both self and business. He’s an author, philanthropist, and now a politician. He’s a showman by personal choice and all the gilding shall make nothing else of him. His personal aim is to make money. He’s bombastic, curt, combative, argumentative and willing to attack any and all who disagree with him. He uses his personal wealth as not only the spectacular asset having billions of dollars can prove to be, but also as a cudgel or war club to bludgeon his opposition into submission if possible and to political and business death if need be.

I speak of Donald Trump. But, if you go to the Wikipedia site concerning P.T. Barnum, you find the first three sentences of this effort paraphrase Barnum’s history. The parallels are interesting when it comes to Trump’s candidacy. The over-the-top self-promotion, the ability to draw a crowd based on no more than the power of personality and the ability to flood an audience with the effects of advertising, self-promotion and sheer will-power, with no apology for his actions and statements no matter how phantasmagorical the images are derived from the act, defines both men.

Barnum said it was his goal to “to put money in his own coffers”. In a world where money is power it allows for us to understand that the equation of “money attracts power and power attracts more money” then Trump’s pursuits are evident and as such transparent when inspected closely. It’s been this column’s intent and history to expose what should be recognized in the character (or lack of it) makes politicians tick and pursue what they see as Holy Grail to be found and exploited.

Egomaniacs pursue power and dominion over whatever they feel would benefit from their overly inflated self-perception. In their narrow little minds (and noted to be a constituent element of the mettle in their spine) they see themselves as the only ones know what’s good for you, your people, your state government, welfare, national policy and the world as a whole.

Don’t believe it? Check out Beaurat Obama, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-Un and any other nutcase ruling a people by mistake or design of the cabal promotes them. This includes Federation Council/Duma (Russia), Supreme People’s Assembly (North Korea) or American Political Party (Left OR Right Wing).

Trump is not the anomaly so many say he is. There have always been loudmouths and hucksters recognizing the wants, needs and thoughts of their audiences and then exploiting them for their personal gain. Snake oil is peddled to this day as seen in weight-loss claims and products as well as presidential campaign rhetoric and posturing to attract votes. It’s an act and as such entertaining and novel until you see it so often it becomes pedestrian, time-worn, hackneyed and insulting in the fact the peddler really believes he can keep the wool firmly nailed down and over your eyes.
It’s true; Trump is saying things many people have been thinking for a long time. He’s pounced on the obvious dissatisfaction the American people have for slick-sleeved politicians cranked out by unresponsive machines feigning an artificial intelligence really no more than a rote recitation of party dogma. The egregious actions and infamous scandals of a group of people considering themselves to be above the rest of us by class and finances are no longer seen as acceptable by the mainstream voter.

So, Trump is capitalizing on the unrest in the nation and specifically in the Conservative elements of the Republican Party. Many consider him a breath of fresh air. A breath of fresh air is relative. If you’re in a swamp sucking in swamp gas and methane the discharge from steel plant could seem acceptably freshened.

But, make no mistake he’s no different than those he challenges. His bravado is based on his wallet and his knowledge of world politics, diplomacy and statesmanship are non-existent. He’s as subtle as a sledge hammer on an inflamed toe. He’s a stalking horse challenging a hedge row and not understanding you can’t just pound your way through anything in search of an answer. A stalking horse is a figure that tests a concept with someone or mounts a challenge against someone on behalf of an anonymous third party. If the idea proves viable or popular, the anonymous figure can then declare its interest and advance the concept with little risk of failure. If the concept fails, the anonymous party will not be tainted by association with the failed concept and can either drop the idea completely or bide its time and wait until a better moment for launching an attack. (Wikipedia 2015)

Obama has been a Stalking Horse for George Soros and other Fascists. Trump is one for God knows who.
The Republican Party needs to understand the disfavor and dissatisfaction expressed by the rank and file. No longer can the hierarchy claim full, complete and absolute understanding of what this nation wants, needs or deserves. Trump has pointed this out with his aggressive manner and unpleasant manner of presentation.

He has a value as the immature boy stating plainly the king wears no clothes. He states the obvious and he does it in full throat. But that doesn’t qualify him as leader of a nation. It doesn’t qualify him as a commander of respect and esteem on the national and world stages. Having a big mouth, supplemented by a fat wallet only means you can be a destroyer if you feel the pique of rejection by the party and the system as you fight it hammer and tong.

Trump, the diversion; Trump the showman; Trump the provocateur is no more than the brightest and most startlingly brilliant flash to ever escape the pan. But his allure and the attention he draws to himself belies what he says he wants to accomplish: represent the American people.
Make no mistake; Trump is in it for himself and no other; just like most every other politician.

Thanks for listening

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